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Tale of a Tale (Roopkotha)

Tale of a Tale (Roopkotha)
This is the story of just 6 years child Wasik Farhan Roopkotha (Bengali: ওয়াসিক ফারহান রুপকথা). His nick name is Roopkotha (the Bengali word means Tale). In his early age, he had learned the knowledge of Computer programming, Project tools, and the works of System Administrator etc. The world news agency authorities mark this child as the youngest programmer of the world. The baby is the daughter of Wasim Farhan and Cynthia Farheen Risha couple.
He was born in 27th January 2006 at Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
This iconic child attracts the international media like New York herald Tribune (, California Observer, Estate News, Children Post, various international online portals etc. Even he got the recognition from Bangladesh association of software services (BASIS) that results him to get the unprecedented reception by BASIS. Six years old Roopkotha, resident of Gulshan in Dhaka city, showed his programming skill prior to the reception given by BASIS. Moreover, He got the noteworthy coverage in almost all the leading newspaper, news portal of Bangladesh like Daily Star, Amar Desh, financial express, Daily Sun etc.

His knowledge is widen but not limited to Windows installation, Oracle installation, Disk clean-up, De-fragmentation, virus scanning, downloading various software and installing by himself.
Moreover his computer knowledge includes typing with faster speed, Windows XP, Microsoft word, power point, adobe Photoshop, flash and so on. He is equal expert in Games like Prince of Persia, Terminator 3, Age of Mythology, Age of Empire, Sonic-knuckles (all sonic series), Hercules and Air Conflicts and 700+ other games. He knows how to change the games character from one game to another game by using emulator.

He is also wide to visit various social site like Facebook, MySpace and so on.
He also can develop software using various emulator such as project64 1.7, dolphin, Game Cube, Nintendo 64, Game boy Advance, Virtual Boy, DeSmuME and Computer Emulators

It was known that Ripley’s Believe It or Not, informed the baby’s parents that the UK based Ripley’ will include Roopkotha in its new book, which comes out in September, 2012.
Everyday the baby spends more than 12 hours with computer.
He took IT lesson from none.
And he can do complex programming with utmost skill.
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