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Fund for Bangladesh (, the first funding website in Bangladesh with hundreds of funding opportunities

Bangladesh is a country of enormous opportunity for development.  With its huge number of population within a very small area of land, Bangladesh showed true commitment for development and promise for further development. Despite there were different challenges against the development, Bangladesh has progressed in different development indicators over the years. In this development, there were enormous contributions from Government and Non-Government organizations of home and abroad. By managing and feeding its huge population, Bangladesh showed true progress since its independence in 1971 from Pakistan after a bloodshed for 9 months.

From the very beginning of its journey as an independent country, Government of different developed countries and countries of Middle East stand behind Bangladesh with handful and heart full assistance. This assistance remains still and will be continued over the years, we can hope.

Bangladesh has been trying to overcome a transition period which will help to reach further development challenges. In this journey, different development partners and developed countries will play a strategic role. Different Government and Non-Government organizations of Bangladesh and other countries will play active role in this journey.

In this effort, FundForBangladesh aims to contribute through providing information related to funding, award and different development need gradually over the years. At present, this site brings up to date information of different donors of versatile categories. This site will also bring many more resources required by development organizations in near future.

The following list gives the expression of the effort of FundForBangladesh within just few months since inception.

Fund for Bangladesh (FB) is acknowledging the courtesy of the donor listed (or to be listed) below:



























Latest update of the List:
18th, September, 2019

The list will be gradually expanded as and when new opportunity knocks. At present this site considers funding / opportunities applicable for Bangladesh and Bangladeshi GO/NGO organizations. This is also noteworthy that most of the opportunities listed in the above list are not applicable for Bangladesh alone. Most of the opportunities are also applicable for other countries of the world. So, this site helps other counties and their development effort as well.

1. Please note that all advertisement of this site are given by the domain provider. They don’t have any relation with the advertiser. They are appearing automatically as a cost of the ‘free’ domain!
2. Please be aware about receiving/applying funds as they will not take any responsibility for any consequences of any stage of funding. This is merely a informative site for the fund-raiser.
3. Please do not confuse with any texts, graphics or serials used in this site as these do not have any other meaning, from any sense.
4. All the credit goes to the donors for texts of each donor calls.


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Largest Website link collection of Bangladesh!

Largest Website link collection of Bangladesh!

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Facebook pageFrom the Heart of Bangladesh, a name of future teacher creating milestone for online education in Bangladesh

The Bengali word sikkhok (শিক্ষক) sketches a very familiar figure of a male or a female with a chalk piece in hand, a black board behind and rows of student in front. Some spectacles with sharp look may give better and additional sketch of our beloved teacher read as Sikkhok. Whatever dress they wear or whatever way they talk, teacher is teacher. Is there anybody who did not have any impact on his/her life from a teacher in any time of his/her life? Yes, a teacher has a great impact on the life of student life long. And there is no alternative of teacher as well.

If the paragraph can be ended here, may people can be contended with pleasure by flashing back some of the memory of their life of the past. But technology changes the world. Windows does not mean collection of windows of the house, rather windows gives the first impression of the product of World giant Software Company, Microsoft. Perhaps the days are not far beyond when we can visualize a site as Sikkhok or teacher. Never mind, this online teacher may become the teacher of the human teacher in near future too. In this revolution, if we can refer the name of Khan Academy (by salman khan) as the pioneer worldwide, then we have to name (by Ragib hasan ) as one of the greatest milestone toward the journey of online education in Bangladesh.

Actually no great work can be unnoticed. The creature of is not also unnoticed by the world community. The site was recognized by two prestigious concerns like Google, market leader in search engine technology and the bobs, great observer of innovative websites. Interestingly two market leaders of different sectors recognized as the best. Google recognized by Google rise award 2013 and the Bobs recognized by the bobs user award 2013.

Google was verified 800 projects worldwide for award from which 30 projects were chosen for final selection for prestigious award for 18 countries. For entire Asia, only 2 projects were chosen for award for the first time. is the one of them.

Google recognized by saying the following-
The project aims to provide free online education and high-quality courses in Bengali language to rural and disadvantaged students in Bangladesh and India. They bring together educators and researchers from all over the world for to create content in Bengali language on both basic and advanced topics, to develop a model for ultra-low-cost online education for students in the developing world and to serve as an open, free, and cheaper alternative to traditional educational institutions.”

Google adds more by the following-

This year we’re delighted to give awards to 30 new organizations from 18 different countries. Combined they will reach more than 90,000 children in 2013, helping inspire and teach the scientists and engineers of the future.

To paraphrase an old saying, from small seeds, great things can grow. The recipients of the 2013 RISE Awards have already made a difference. Connecting with other like-minded organizations will help spread valuable and practical expertise, and spark opportunities for global collaboration and expansion.”

Visitor may visit the following link to know more (2013 Asia Pacific Recipients segments)- was started its journey by august, 2012 by investing just as low as USD 15. In this time of juncture, covered more than 25 courses in which more than 20,000 students got registered. More than 3000 students visit for online classes every day in this site.

The above statistics is changing every day dramatically. And an online teacher has been creating its pathway to replace the concept of traditional class, teacher, and students and so on.

Moreover, got the recognition from the bobs by providing User Winner Award. The Bobs awards websites in 14 languages that champion the open exchange of ideas and freedom of expression. When the annual awards launched in 2004, blogs were just beginning to establish themselves as a new type of media and the Bobs aimed to show that this new form of communication was worthy of being taken seriously and to point to the excellent example of work being done online to foster dialogue across language barriers.

The Bobs represent one of Deutsche Welle’s ongoing efforts to contribute to promoting freedom of expression and the upholding of human rights on the internet and around the world.

The link of the result can be accessed from the following link-

The man behind all above is Ragib Hasan. He can be reached through his another web site and his mail id

His research group-Secrete Lab can be found at where research is going on mobile security, cloud security, big data security, and data provenance. He founded another site called, to teach computer science. Mr. Ragib hasan is working at University of Albama at Bermingham in computer science department as assistant professor since 2011. The subject of his research is computer security and cloud computing.

He had started his career at BUET after completing his graduation in Computer department by the year of 2003. He had joined at University of Illinoi at urbana Champaign in US. He had completed his masters by the year of 2005 and PHD by the year of 2009. He was selected for computer innovation fellowship in a competition of national science foundation competition. He had worked as fellow in Johns Hopkins University for two years. He has been working in bangla Wikipedia since 2006. Moreover he has been working in wiki media as a founding member.

Course list of can be accessed from the following link:

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Facebook pageFrom the Heart of Bangladesh

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