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The Hawker of Love, The Hawker of patriotism…..

The Hawker of Love, The Hawker of patriotism….. (ভালোবাসার ফেরিওয়ালা, ফেরিওয়ালা দেশপ্রেমের…..)
Our true love to all Bangladeshi national residing all over the world on the occasion of the great Victory Day-The 16th December 2013

This time we brought different way of honoring people carrying our national pride, The national flag, and selling to the passer by on the busy street.

We salute the Hawkers for holding the true spirit of the freedom.

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The photos were taken in different part of Dhaka on 13th and 15th December 2013

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Cheers! To Victory Day. Tribute! to Freedom Fighters.

Cheers! To Victory Day (Bengali: বিজয় দিবস). Tribute! to Freedom Fighters.
The twin-words Literature and freedom is the two side of a coin. The Literature sings the song of freedom. And the freedom explores itself in the mirror of literature. At present such a transitional time came into the life of our nation when the literature and the freedom bring more flavors to the life. And the term became more subjective. The people, even divided into various opinions and paths, progress forward with the symbol of victory yet.The warrior of the literature with pen is not backyard at all. This litterateur class makes forward the spirit of independent Bangladesh still as like as the war fight in the battle field of the independence. As this class present in every phase of well thought, the litterateur holds the spirit of free thoughts as well. So, the world in the light of literature is more bright and enlightened.

The stand of the literature based organization of Bangladesh is still enlightened as like before as a fertile place of progressive thoughts. As the well thoughts were victorious here before and so will be expected in the future too. As a keen worker of literature practice, the members of Literature based organization hold the spirit of freedom in its own blood vessel along with the dedication toward literature practice. So, various literature based organizations throughout Bangladesh arranged special arrangement on the eve of the victory day like before.

Few enlightened person lives behind all arrangement. These persons enlighten all other people by kindling silently. Behind the arrangement of such activities, few people are there to contribute money, labor or thought silently. The contribution of this people should be remembered with gratitude as usual.

At the length, a neutral tribute to each of the contribution dedicated toward the making of the existence of independent Bangladesh.

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