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Magic on Street! Magician on Fire!

Some pictures can speak more than the text. This year we will bring such photos to satisfy the thirst of the visitors.
Here is the effort to draw such activities.
A hearty thanks to the photo contributor.

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Magic on Street! Magician on Fire!

This was the afternoon of a sunny day of the summer in Bangladesh when a country magician was showing his magic to enchant his audience on the street beside the rail track. This magician tried to attract the attention of the audience so that he can get an earning through his performance. As the sun moves to dusk, he had been displaying his performance. All of a sudden, he took out some snakes of unusual size that persuades even the housewife of the rich family to stand to see his performance. Our camera saves the moment for the eternal…
The photos were taken from a street of KumarKhali, Kushtia, a district of Bangladesh in the mid May of 2012.

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