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The First Bangladeshi stage plays in Shanti Niketan, Kolkoata, India

The first Bangladeshi stage play was held in 26th august 2011 in MandhuSudhon Mancho in an international drama festival titled as “Purbo-Poshchim theatre festival 2011” organized by a theatre group, named as Purbo-Poshchim. The stage play was the 6th production of PrangonE More, a bangladeshi origin theatre group, that was presented as the inaugural screening of the Play “Sesh’r kobita” based on the noble “Sesh’r kobita” written by Rabindranath tagore. A 9 day-long Drama festival had been held with the only play of Rabindranath from 22nd august 2011 to 30th august 2011 in Fine of academy, Rabindra sadan, Madhusadan moncho, Minarva theatre, and Girish mancho with the assistance of Indian cultural department. Some dramas including The sacrifice, directed by American epic actors workshop Dr. Farli Richmond based on the Rabindranath tagore’s Bisorjon, Jitra, Directed by Chang JanaPrakal ChanDrang, production of MoradKomai Thetre community of Thailand based on the play ChitranGoda of Rabindranath tagore, and other presentation from the leading theatre groups from Mubai, Vupal, Tripura, Kolkata of India had been presented here. After the stage show, Sunil Gangapaddhai, a famous Bengali writer, awarded and given Uttorio to Ononto Hira and the Director Nuna Afroj. Another stage show of SheshR kobita was held in Shanti Niketon in 27th august 2011 in another drama festival in Lipika Mancho on the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore. This is Noteworthy that this is the first stage play of any Bangladeshi the

ShantiNiketonE prothom

ShantiNiketonE prothom

atre group held in Shanti Niketan, India.

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