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The life of Amir Hamja shows intelligence pays still

This is the story of Amir Hamja (Bengali: আমির হামজা) who was born in the village of Birgaon (Bengali:বীরগাঁও) of Nabinagar (Bengali:নবীনগরে) in Brahmanbaria (Bengali:ব্রাহ্মণবাড়িয়া), district in Bangladesh. He had studied just up to higher secondary and later he had joined in Jagannath College in history which he had not completed. Instead of studying, he decided to go to Saudi Arabia with the cost of Tk. 1 lack 10 thousand with working visa. He got a job in a mega shop, ‘Food Basket’ there as a service man with a salary of just 600 real. He had learned to bake with the help of a Filipino, Carlos and his British Manager. He was there in this job for 9 months till the closure of the mall. Later he had switched his job to ‘Swiss Cake’ with a salary of 1400 real followed by a successful interview. Hamja became the chief chef of the Cake section of this mall where 4 workers worked under him. With self initiative again, he started learning the work of preparing sweets with the assistance of a Syrian, Mahmud.  He learned to prepare bread likewise. His owner had chosen him to become the in-charge of pastry section in absence of the chef. His fortune started to grow gradually.

He got the authority to bring someone from his country as assistant. He brought his sister husband. Within 2 years, he became the chief chef of ‘Jiant Store’ and his salary increased to 3000 real. He was a man of hard labor and wanted to utilize his free time. He approached to another shop to work as a part timer side by side of his job.

He was successful as well in his attempt and got the part-time job with the salary of 200 real per day for 3 hours along with his job. In the mean time, he visited to his native land, Bangladesh and worked in ‘Sumi’s hot cake’ for 9 days. And he made a self survey in Mr Baker, Coopers, California to understand the feasibility of opening his own business in Bangladesh.

In 2011, he decided to return to Bangladesh to establish his own business with a capital of Tk. 30 lack in hand despite he had a decent income there. He had taken a small shop in the gate of Bashundhara and established his factory in Tongi. Success started to follow him despite there were challenges at the initial stage. His business started to grow and expanded to 5 shops in Dhaka; Al Arabian (Bengali: আল আরাবিয়ান)-Uttara (3), Bashundara (1), Shanti Nagar (1). He sells food like Pastry, Cake, Donar, Bakalava and 50 more items. He is the main chef of his business. At least, 45 persons have been working with him. He pays salary of Tk. 2.5 lack per month and spends Tk. 9 / 10 lack for food ingredient, and Tk. 2.15 lack for show room maintenance and rent.  The story of the life of Hamja shows intelligence pays as pays for many more of our surrounding.

Amir Hamja

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