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Making a Hospital, a school and a Moktab by a Bangladeshi rickshaw puller Joinal Abedin

Making a Hospital, a school and a Moktab by a Bangladeshi rickshaw puller Joinal Abedin
Actually any exceptional entrepreneurship should not be unnoticed. Either this effort comes from a billion dollar company owner or from a person whose daily livelihood comes from the earning of driving Rickshaw*, the effort should be acclaimed heart-fully.

Here is the story of Rickshaw puller Joinal Abedin (Bengali: জয়নাল আবেদীন). He belongs to the village of Tanhasadia, Poranganj union, Mymensingh Sadar Upazila, Mymensingh district, a northern district of Bangladesh. His father Md. Abdul Gani was a landless farmer. He is the eldest one among the 10 offspring of his father where 4 of them were sons and 6 of them were daughters.

He is at the age of 60+. Still this aged person has to lead his live through rickshaw pulling in the severe cold of the winter, in the rain of the monsoon, or even in the hot sun of the summer. When this person is suffering from the pain of living with poverty in Dhaka, his entrepreneurship of setting a school, a hospital, and a Moktob by his own initiative going on in his native village of Mymensingh. The person who is not capable of reading due to illiteracy and the person who is not even in a position to bear the expenses of his own treatment due to poverty, he runs a school up to standard III and a hospital with VI beds.

The success of this person originated from the determination of setting a hospital as his father deprived from the treatment that leaded him to death. His savings over the 20 years of just BDT 1 lack 84 thousand (USD 2500) by hard labor of rickshaw pulling was the only money for his dream to make true in the year 2001.

Later A leading national newspaper of Bangladesh like Prothom Alo along with other kind hearted person of the society extended their hand to this initiative by making a fund as the Prothom Alo Trust/Momtaj Hospital, Account No. 2071007959, Dhaka Bank, Karwan bazar branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

*Info about Rickshaw: a man driven 3 whiller local made vehicles that carries passenger on rent for short distance. This vehicle is popular throughout Bangladesh except Rangamati. As this is the lone district of Bangladesh where there is no rickshaw due to the hilly area. This vehicle is the only living source of millions of poor people of Bangladesh. Though at present some vehicle like 3 whiller auto rickshaw with electricity charge came into the road of Bangladesh, there is no real substitute of Rickshaw yet. As this vehicle is only the low cost, less maintenance, and environment friendly vehicle in the road of Bangladesh.

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