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Victory is not seen, heard the story of the victory…By Mir Mahfuj Alam

Victory is not seen, heard the story of the victory…

This article can be started with the word of ‘i’. I have not seen the victory, but heard the story of victory. A thought came into the mind that i am not the only one. Many of us like me, residing in this part of bangle or in the other part of bangle, had not seen the victory. They have heard the saying of the victory, seen the history of the victory, realized the victory as the victorious. The victory is the victory. Why does so much of rampage  with this victory? The Alexander had conquered the world, so did Toimur, or the mighty powers empowered with the blessing of the technologies of the world are doing so at present. They don’t have the rampage. Why does we?

Our victory is not the victory of the people of a small region alone-Nor the first victory of the world. The winner of the decades came with the vehicle of victory. That victory or the present victory is sharpening with the arms. Literally our victory may not be an exception too. What is not there in this victory like the war for 9 months, arms fight, sacrifice of millions of people, probably more sacrifice of the dignity of women in number? All the ingredient of the victory remains in this victory. What is the difference in this victory then?

The war pron nation fights the battle for the shake of keeping commercial interest at present. The small soul of the nation fights to preserve its existence. This was done so as to overrun the world, to keep the world under own foot. Or the crusade was fought with the difference from religion to religion. But was there anyone who fought his fight to preserve the dignity of own mum like language? Those who fought to establish the first state in world map for the people of a certain language? The answer is known to all. No, there is no nation in the world history who fought his battle for the shake of his own language! Those who fought against the people of same faith of religion to establish the right of talking in own mother tongue. We are that brave nation who fought for the language. Since we know to preserve the dignity of own language, we know to preserve the dignity of other language as well. So people of other languages can speak in their own language, can write in their own language, and even can read in their own language. Even they can peep straight into the technology in technological evaluation. No matter, whether s/he is speaking sawtal (Santal) or other language. The hand of this nation is extended to them with utmost affection.

They have started realizing the justification of the war at present against whom we fought, so does the UNESCO, organization of the souls of the nations. So, the acknowledgement was delivered. The 21st February of our nation became for all-for the world humanity. It is enlightened as the symbol of freedom for all the people of different language speaking people.

The technology that tightened the people with strong roof, Our Bangla did not stumble even in that. Some brave of this part of bangle and that part of other bangle keeps the sound walking of bangla. Let it be the windows of Microsoft, or the Latest Mobile of the present, Where is not bangla? Even the Bangla language fixes his spot in the website, URL or in Unicode. This is heard that this language is gone into the space too. My mum like Bangla is not tired of walking for thousand years, forward yet to the space. The day may not be so distant when the signal of the space will be broadcasted in bangla; Even will be received in bangla. Probably any signal send in bangla may reach to the intelligent alien of other planet. Any Bangladeshi or Bengali young chap may reach to the space. S/he will step on the chest of the moon and sing, Oh! My soil of own country, put my head on you. (Oh Amar Desh’r mati, Tomar porE thekai Matha- Rabindranath Tagore)

The walking started by Rabindranath, or Najrul, or Our Jibananda Dus, or the bangla enrich by Lalon to various unknown poets; that bangla never stopped its walk. Probably it stands stopped, or any incident of the history departed itself. But it is stopped anymore. It runs its usual speed. This journey may flow in two tides. Let it be for few more days. This will turned into unique way after reaching in the estuary of the Sea.

A thing can not leave to make anyone excited. That is our national anthem. The country is divided into various parts. Even though the formula of the unification is still remain intact. Oh my bangle of gold, i love you, written by Rabindranath Tagore (Amar Sonar Bangla, Ami tomai valobashi) is sung by the people of this part of bangle everyday as national anthem, the people of the other bangle still sings, The people and the mind..(Jono Gono Mon O). This is a matter of thought that Hundred crore people along with the crores of other part of bangle sing this song. Moreover, this is heard in the recent days that the national anthem of Sree Lanka is also written by Rabindranath Tagore. The song was reached to Sri lanka, land of Raban (Character of Hindu religion myth) with the hand of his any followers.

Or The Ever valiant head (Chiro unnoto momo shir) Kazi Najrul Islam still remain the symbol as the voice of all the deprived and fighting spirit. The protesting people of both the bangle raise their voice with the saying – Break down the iron made door of the jail (Karar oi Louho Kopat, Venge felo-Kazi Najrul Islam). Fresh and New research has been started in the world arena too about him. Probably his saying is true that though he born in this country (sub-continent), he is for the entire nation, for the entire world.

The main secrete behind the stability of a country is its economical power. Everything seems to be useless if there is no economical freedom. The country becomes freedom with the war struggle of 7 crore bangalis. The number of the population reaches to 15 crore and still there is no famine here. The brave farmers of this small country have been making the arrangement of providing food to the mouth of all with their hard labor. In greater expect this is said that there is no famine even with the presence of huge population of the country. An international organization like Goldman Sackman also predicted the economic development of this country is comparable with the rapid forwarded economy like India and Brazil. This bangalis do not know to stop, even with the stumble. The food less  7 core bangalis turned into 15 crores and still no feminine got the dream of making nuclear power plant, or sending space shuttle to the space. Or once dreamed Laptop has been manufactured in this country itself. The bangalis did not stop by making Motor cycle, Fridge, Air Conditioner etc, but they move forward to making vehicle side by side ship building. The bottomless nation did not stop by repairing its bottom-Moves far forward. A country of cyclone and flood, Bangladesh is leading the world in Micro-Credit or Small Loan. Dr. Yunus of this part of Bangle side by side Omarta Sen of the other part of bangle gives the world the signal that we too can! Or few more personalities or organizations from here are also knocking the door of Noble from this Bangladesh too. The example of We also Can is our Garments Industry. The garment girls become the master of new dream by weaving thread after threads in the mean time. If we speak about development, we ought to say regarding pharmaceuticals and ceramic industry. And the word that is noteworthy is the victory of our sports person. The country whose national sport is Kabadi, they achieved the capability of playing the war of Cricket. And think that the women of the second largest Muslim country of the world beat America to get one Day status in recent past. If the male Musa Ibrahim can touch the mile stone by waving the flag of bangles in the highest peak of Everest, the female Wasfia did not move less at all. She is moving with the challenge of winning the highest 7 peaks of 7 continents.

This writing was started with the Victory. To write-up the victory memorials of the victory that i have not seen. The new generation whose birth is after the liberation of freedom is puzzled. Every one is claiming the achievement of the freedom as own by the shrewd tricks of politics. The so-called demanders of the right history are also divided into various parties and opinions. Sometimes certain persons or certain parties want to hijack the freedom that we got with the sacrifice of millions of people and with the sacrifice of thousands of women’s dignity. As the declaration of Freedom is the utmost truth of the history, the truth is the tactical organizational capability of taking the demand of the deprived people of one region to War as well. This is a matter of sorrow that we are move less with the conception that ALL CREDIT IS OURS. There is no prediction of moving backward or movement. We, who did not see the liberation war are still optimistic, but holding the spirit of the liberation war in vessel-Every Single day.

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Bijoy dekhini Bijoy ar kotha sunechi by Mir Mahfuj Alam_24 November 2011_Final

Bijoy dekhini Bijoy ar kotha sunechi by Mir Mahfuj Alam_24 November 2011_Final

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