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Floating vegetable cultivation in Najipur, an upazila of Pirojpur district of Bangladesh.

The farmers of the marshy region of Nazirpur Upazila, district of Pirojpur, got wide success in seed production and cultivation of agriculture product through floating vegetable cultivation (Bengali: ভাসমান সবজি চাষ) with local technology totally in the unusable land submerged under water. This procedure of the production of more productive seedling and vegetable cultivation had become popular gradually by using the local made organic fertilizer in spite of chemical fertilizer with floating vegetable cultivation.

The floating vegetable cultivation of seedling and commercial cultivation is done in the low land areas of pirojpur like Dewolbari, Dobra, Malikhali, MugharJhore of Dirgha union, KolarDoyania, Dirgha, Boitha Katha, Kholni, Meda, Sachia, Pakuria, GaoKhali, PadmoDubi, Bill Dumuria and in the unused land of other villages.

This type of cultivation is known as floating cultivation as the cultivation is entirely floating on the water. The marshy region of Nazirpur became well-known by one name in entire Bangladesh only due to this floating cultivation. This is known that the above mentioned 3 unions are submerged under water in most of the time of the year as this area is within a marshy region of Bangladesh. As a result, there is no crops cultivation is possible in this land naturally. This land is left as a fallow land with full of water-hyacinth, Dulali Ban, Sheoyla (water born plants), and Grass year after year. In order to get rid of this situation, the farmers of these areas collectively had taken initiatives in 2 decades back for a try to cultivate crops by making numbers of Kandi (Ridge) by putrefying natural water born water-hyacinth, Dulali Ban, Sheoyla and succeeded in their attempt. And now this become a part of the history of success to cultivate on water as floating cultivation for over populated country where millions of people living below extreme poverty line.

najirpur a shobji cash

najirpur a shobji cash

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