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The 11.11.11 – A day that comes in every century and The Tramp that heard in every step on the earth. .. …

The 11.11.11 – A day that comes in every century and The Tramp that heard in every step on the earth…

In short, this is the day that comes in every century and mostly once in a life span of a human being.

The Tramp is the sound that originates from the steps of a human being.

Most interestingly, this two joins hand in hand in a programme of Chuadanga Sahitto Parishad in 11th November 2011 on a cultural programme especially based on literature and more precisely on the eve of the publication of 1000th edition of the PadoDhoni (Foot Sound or Tramp)-a weekly publication of Sahitto parishad where promising literature-friendly people recite or read their own writing. No matter this is short story, or poem or poetry of any kind, PadoDhoni is one of the ideal places to publish in chuadanga.

In the arena of literature, this is especially a very rare and unprecedented incident that a local literature based publication overcome the landmark of 1000th edition by leaving 999th weekly edition behind. As per the observation of the organizer, the 1000th edition coincides with the date of 11.11.11 though PadoDhoni was not able to print on regular basis in the past due to some unavoidable circumstances.

Let’s have the glimpses over the programme that held in the yard of Sahitto Parishad.

The programme was started with the song of a Rabindranth Tagore’s Aguner Porosh Moni…with the presence of some high lighted person from local perspective…like The Member of Parliament and the President of Chuadanga Awami League, Solaiman Haque Joarder Selun, The district commissioner (DC) of Chuadanga, Volanath Dey, The Managing Director of Keru and Co ltd., Mr Sudorshon, The President of Sahitto Parishad  Mr. Banwari Lal Bagla, The Pourosova Meyor, Riazul haque Joarder Toton ,…. and the representation from writers, singers, reciters, poets of different professions of chuadanga.  Journalists from Local and national Leading dailies and TVs were also present at this time of juncture. If we consider, this was the example of perfect communal harmony where people of different religions like hindu, muslims, and even Marowaris were present. Every one had a thirst of literature only.

This is noteworthy that the program was started by kindling a candle by the chief guest Solaiman Haque Joarder Selun. Though this was a Friday, a Muslim weekly holiday, the programme was running without any difficulties as usual. A prayer (Namaj) break during the weekly Jumma prayer leads the local gathering to the mosques adjacent to the Sahitto Parishad. There was no problem of running cultural programme and religious activities, and even political activities side by side as we know this was the 39th anniversary of Jubo league that was observed by Chuadanga Awami league by a procession that moved around the city through the road beside the Sahitto parishad.  Another noteworthy thing was the presence of women and girl both as an audience and as the writer to perform.

A day long programme can not portrait within small scope. Here is a try to bring the description person wise.

Solaiman Haque Joarder: MP and President of Chuadanga Awami League: Inaugurates the programme by kindling candle. Delivered his speech in favor of non-fundamental Bangladesh and had to leave due to the 39th anniversary of Jubo league, a wing of his party. He was the chief guest of the programme.
Volanath Dey: DC, Chuadanga: The smiling and witty person sat side by side of the MP and delivered his witty speech that makes the audience jubilant and smile. And he left the audience after his speech.

Hamidul Haque Munshi, Organizer: Delivers speech of the history of Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad.

Zahidul Islam, Executive Director, RESWO: Inaugural speech was given as the secretary of Sahitto parishad. Later he had recited his own writing rime. And found his presence till the very last moment of the programme as an organizer.

Sudorshon, Managing Director, Keru: delivered a wise speech that can brand himself as the Poet, not a person of a factory indeed!

Muhit Sir, ex-lecturer: A man of knowledge of chuadanga delivers valuable speech regarding the programme and remains till the end. He was the ex lecturer of Chuadanga Govt College. He can be branded as the man of book collector and reader with his vast collection of books.

Siddique Sir: Ex Principal of Chuadanga Govt. College: Delivers his speech.

Moktar Ali Sir: Teacher: Delivers his comic writing Tel (Oil) that got the most attention of the audience due to his exceptional comedy like voice and superb presentation and writing skill. A line of his comedy writing was as the following….Tel Marle noble o pawa jai…at least shantir ta to bote e…!!!  That means…IF you apply oil, the noble prize can be achieved…at least the one that is for peach!!!

Paresh Kanti Saha, Retired Govt. Employee: Joined this programme from Magura. He was the animal Veterinary doctor. Beyond his identity, he was an organizer of Chaudanga Sahitto Parishad in the past.

Kajal Mahmud, Lawer: He is an organizer of Chaudanga Sahitto Parishad. He had recited a poem.

Moriom Shely: Journalist of Boishakhi TV and Daily Jaijaidin: Recited children poems and emphasized on the writing of poetry for kids.

Monowara Kushi, Teacher: The only recitation of the programme in the local dialogue accent of Bangla.

Saiful Islam Pinu: Chief Editor of Daily MathaBhanga: Delivers his witty speech

Sardar Al Amin: Publisher and Editor of Daily MathaBhanga: Delivers his witty speech.

Kobi Helal: Born Poet: The born poet who is marked as the Helal Giti recites his poem—Valo Ra Valo Nei (The good are not remaining good)

Ahad Ali Sarker: Poet of Rhymes: The man of Rhymes who writes rhymes everyday on the local newspaper- The Daily MathaBhanga, recites own writing

Johirul Islam, Trainer of Wave Foundation: Reads his own short stories to the audience.

Banowari Lal Bagla, President of Sahitta Parishad: The marwari businessman cum literaturer delivers calculative speech to the audience.

Richard Rahman, Trainer, CDF: An organizer of Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad recites his poem.

Golam Kabir Mukul: Poet: Unmatchable poet of Chuadanga whose instance in every line of his writing Makes him incomparable especially in Chuadanga. He recites his poem of rhythm.

Adil: Singer: Sing a song to the crowds

Robin:Singer: Sing songs to the crowds with his extra ordinary voice.

Young Writers: Promising young writers recited their own poetry, literature, short stories, rhymes, and popular poems of renowned writers.

The programme was concluded with the declaration of the organizer of Sahitta Parishad after the sun-sets.

History of Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad:

***Note: However the information is weaving here to draw the history of this organization by rewriting an article of Hamidul Haque Munshi, Founding President of Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad. This article was published in the 1000th publication of PadaDhani.

The History of Sahitta Parishad
There were 3 literature based organizations-Onushilon Somiti led by M Ibrahim, Usha Sahitta Bashar led by Shafiuddin, MuktoBani Sahitta o Songskriti Basar led by Hamidul Haque Munshi (Secretary in a president less organization) were available before the date of 20th November 1977. The Onushilon Somiti, and the Usha Sahitta Bashar were arranged literature based meeting in the yard of their houses. And their activities were limited to publishing of few literature based publication annually. There were more involvement of aged writer in Onushilon Somiti and Usha Sahitta Bashar. The activities of these two organizations were driven by remembering the traditional concept of the literature. The MuktoBani Sahitta o Songskriti Basar was the organization of philanthropic, literature lover, and enterprising youth. Beyond the practice of literature, there were try for free thoughts by arranging various stage-play, cultural programme, competition for recitation and literature etc. Under the banner of this organization. There was a bold entrepreneurship of competition for love letters writing, publishing books with selected love letters by this organization itself.  Such activities of entrepreneurship are rare not only in the country but also in the arena of the world literature. Hamidul Haque Munshi was the worker of this organization; he was acted as the secretary of this organization though there was no president of the organization. A number of more than 50 publications were edited from this organization.

He had taken the initiative to organize all the literature based organization under a platform as per the need and called a seminar. The draft of the birth of Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad was made in 18th November 1977 in the yard of Shafiuddin house. The formal inauguration of Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad was made in 20th November 1977 in Sremanto Town Hall of MuktaBani Sahitta o Songskriti Basar by a function presided by Hamidul Haque Munshi. Kalyan Mitra, Dramatist and the president of Kushtia sahitta parishad was inaugurated the function. The renowned poet and literaturer of Kushtia including the high officials of the then administration were present in that function.

The role played by the MuktaBani Sahitta and Sanskriti Basar, Onushilon Somiti, and Usha Sahitta Bashar individually before the birth of Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad, this was reinforced under the banner of the Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad. The PadaDhani (The Tramp) is the perfect symbol of this reinforcement.  The PadaDhani is the name of the weekly literature based programme of Sahitta parishad. At the beginning, the literature based meeting was held only on Friday.

Later PadaDhani was published as the magazine or as the publication with the writings that read in the literature based programme.  After publishing the PadaDhani as the literature based magazine, the weekly programme of Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad was identified as the name of PadaDhani that reaches the landmark of 1000th Literature programme.

Perhaps there are no instances of arranging literature programe under the umbrella of one organization even in Dhaka in the history of Bengali literature that makes possible by an organization-Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad. “The Tramp (The PadaDhani) would be glorious with the foot steps of Literaturer” -this is the earnest desire of Hamdul Haque Munshi, the Founder of Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad, Chuadanga, Bangladesh.

Remembrance: The late Mabud Mallik was the active organizer and poet of Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad who left the world in last year.

No progrmme is beyond the criticism. And the 1000th edition of PadaDhani is no difference. This can be said with the language of Poet Helal, Known as Helal Giti, “After the liberation everyone was the supporter of Awami League. At present we are observing this in Sahitta Parishad too….That is also good…new ray of light may kindle…and every one would be delighted”. There was a space crisis for sitting as the rush to the program was huge in number. However, The notable Dissimilitude was the absence of Sardar Ali Hossain, an organizer of Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad, and Ekbal Athar Taj, Ex-president of Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad who was resigned from his post recently due to the veto form the member of Sahitta Parishad for his controversial role, Razib Ahmed, renowned writer of chuadanga due to his work pressure after Eid-Ul-Adha as the program was after the Eid-Ul-Adha 2011 on the 11.11.11.


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