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F R Sarkar – First Bangladeshi to participate in zero gravity flight.

F R Sarkar.
He is the first Bangladeshi Bengali who experiences the weightlessness of the space.
F R Sarkar (Bengali:এফ আর সরকার), post-graduate of Dhaka University in political science, wants to turn his house (located in Enayetpur) into an astronomical museum. This is the reason he left the roof of his house open so that the sky can be visible clearly. The yard is full of green grass and the boundary wall is full with the images of universe.
This was happened in 24th may 2008. He experiences the Gravitation G (Zero G) by riding a space shuttle about 32 thousand feet above the earth. Every element of the world fells toward the center. The unit value of this is about 9.81. The gravitational acceleration is the acceleration of an element by which it fells into the earth. This value of moon is one sixth of the earth and one third of the earth in Mars. He experiences zero gravitational force and the gravitation of moon and mars. He dreams of making an Observatory and space agency in Bangladesh.
The adds the following to describe Mr. F. R Sarker.
“He is the general secretary of Bangladesh Astronomical society participated in a zero gravity Flight to Experience ZERO Gravity Simulation aboard G-Force One, a Boeing 727 Aircraft operated by Zero Gravity Corporation, USA, Which took off from McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada on 24th May 2008. It flew for about 90 minutes and made about 15 parabolic flights which created zero gravity or weightlessness for about 30 seconds in each parabola allowing all the passengers remaining inside the aircraft to float like birds. It also created 1/6-G for Moon and 1/3-G for Mars to anticipate how men will feel when they visit moon and mars in future.
Earlier, Zero-G Flight ( was used only for the training purposes of the Astronauts of NASA but recently US administration has allowed zero gravity corporation, a private firm, to arrange it for the public who are enthusiastic for space. Eminent Astrophysicist, Stephen Hawking participated in zero gravity flight on 26th April, 2007. Mr sarkar is the first person from Bangladesh to participate in zero gravity flight. He is very excited with this adventurous flight and remarked that his zero gravity flight is “A small step for Bangladesh to enter into the arena of space flight.” He hopes that younger generation of Bangladesh will be encouraged by his zero gravity flight to study space science which is going to be the most vital subject in near future.
It may be mentioned here that Mr. Sarker is the publisher/editor of “Mohakash songbad” a space related Internet Bengali weekly Magazine which is widely read by the Bengali speaking people around the world ( He is the board director/coordinator of world space week association,(, Member of space Education and Awareness working group of Asia-pacific space regional space agency forum ( and Chair of Bangladesh Node, for international Astronomical Union for celebration of International year of Astronomy-2009 ( etc.
He attends International space related conferences including United Nations Committee on the peaceful uses of outer space (Un.COPUOS), in Vienna ( He is engaged in Astronomy and space research activities for over 35 years. Mr. Sarker professionally is a businessman. He hails from Enayetpur, A village of Sirajganj district where he has built up “Mohakash Bhaban” a space museum and established Enayetpur as the renowned space village in the world. He regularly arranges celebration of world space week in his village which is attended by thousands of students and space enthusiasts of the locality.”
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