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Arianna Ayesha Afsar Ari, a Bangladeshi descent became Miss California and featured in Punjabi movie

Not much back, Arianna Ayesha Afsar Ari (Bengali: আরিয়ানা আয়েশা আফসার আরি) was born in October 22nd, 1991 in San Diego, California, United States of America. She brought up there. She studied in California, Los Angeles and graduated from Westview High School.

She was identified as ‘Outstanding Teen’ for California in 2005 from the age of just 14. She won the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in 2009. She won the ‘Miss California’ title in 2010 leaving many contestants behind. Later, she stayed in the top 10 list in the Miss America competition in 2011. Before participating in Miss California and Miss America competition, she was the semi finalist of American Idol 8 competition in 2009.

This is all about a Bangladeshi descent girl staying in United States of America. Music is one of the things which interest this girls. So, she studied on Musicology. She had sung a song called, ‘Trade hearts’ with her classmate, Andrew Cedar in 2013. Another song, ‘I can’t make you love me’ of Bonnie Raitt was released in 2013 which became popular by the music lovers. She was the lead vocal in Walt Disney’s “Make Your Mark of the World’ campaign.

Apart from this, she acted in a Punjabi comedy film, ‘Mauj Mastiyan (Taste of Love)’, where she acted for the character of ‘Dolly’ in 2014. She also got the opportunity in acting in American TV series, ‘OMG! EMT! and unusual suspect’. She also became the model of a Jewelry company, ‘Sasa’.

Moreover, An EP (Extended play in which more than one song produced but not exactly can’t be termed as Album) is released from world-renowned music production, TEK. She is currently acting in the role of ‘Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton’ in the Chicago production of Hamilton.




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Samira Amin, A Bangladeshi descent became model for world renowned, hair color product Garniar

Samira Amin (Bengali: সামিরা আমিন), A Bangladeshi descent who became the first Bangladeshi model of Olia Hair Color commercial of Garniar, Canada. The 30 seconds long campaign of the product said about the product is that ‘Canada’s best new home hair color’. The commercial showed that she is using this hair color which make her hair soft and shiny.

She is the daughter of Salma Bani, a Bangladeshi writer. She has been serving as Marketing Manager of Palmoliv, Toronto. She had completed her MBA from Schulich School of Business of Canada.



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Shahira Barry, A Bangladeshi origin attracts the attraction of the world media and the eyes of the Hugh Hefner at the age of just 21

Shahira Barry (Bengali: শাহিরা বেরী), A Bangladeshi origin Irish sensation attracts the attraction of the world media with her own merit and sparking beauty at the age of just 21. And gradually she is advancing to cement her place in the world modeling. Even she caught the eyes of Hugh Hefner (86), the legendary of Playboy magazine. Even though she was bold enough to say by indicating the over age of Huge Heffner, “I’m definitely not interested in any man older than my mum or older than my granny or granddad would be if they were still alive

The busty babe has already been compared to Kim Kardashian.

Shahira was set to jet to LA for a meeting with the Playboy team but said she won’t be going nude for the shoot.

She was straight forward to say, “I wouldn’t be up for that so soon in my career. Where would you go after that? I would do implied nude, but I don’t want full frontal.”

Interested visitors may learn about her from the following link:

Shahira Barry
YouTube channel: ‘MissShahira’
Twitter: Twitter@ShahiraBarry
Direct Booking: Email:

You can read more in the following link:


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