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Wasfia Nazreen, A Bangladeshi born mount rider, reaches the mountain peak of the Mount Kilimanjaro

Wasfia Nazreen (Bengali: ওয়াসফিয়া নাজরিন), A Bangladeshi born mount rider, reaches the mountain peak of the Mount Kilimanjaro. This is the highest peak of Africa with a height of 19341 feet. She reached the peak in Sunday morning after a successive climbing for 6 days. Wasfia has been on a riding mission in the peak of 7 mountains in 7 continents of the world. In the second stage of her mission, she had ride in this mountain of Tanzania. She will be the first Bangladeshi if she succeeded in this mission. And she will get the nod of the world. And the flag of independent Bangladesh will be flying with motion in the peak of 7 mountains of 7 continents of the world. In this mission, she has to ride 113102 feet of height of the mountains in 7 continents altogether. In the meantime, the temperature of two continents is very low where there is no inhabitant of human being. The dream of Wasfia is to reach the target with confidence. No doubt, her dream is extremely difficult to achieve and full of excitement and thrilling. The death threat remains too. The realistic barrier is not less at all. She had been facing various obstacles from the very beginning of the mission. But she is successful on way to fulfill her dream. After climbing down from the peak of Kilimanjaro, she had been in front of BBC in last Monday. She expressed her experiences to BBC. She said that there were 6 more ways to climb Kilimanjaro and she had chosen the most difficult one to climb. This time there was no snow falls expected in this mountain. But there was a snow fall while her riding. This was a challenge for her to climb the peak by diffusing the cool stone of Ice.
She had started off the country in 3rd July 2011 in order to conquer the peak of her first choice of mission list. The name of the peak is Mount Albrose which is adjacent to the border of Russian-Georgia. The southern side of the mountain had been closed due to the terrorist threat possibilities since February. But this side is the main way to climb the mountain. She had climbed from northern side as the southern way had been closed. This way is more difficult. Wasfia and her team mates had tried in 10th July for climbing. But she had restricted herself due to the bad weather.  She had succeeded to climb 300 meter of the mountain in 12th July. She was forced to come back due to the bad weather and fixed time limitation. She will climb the remaining 300 meter depend on the situation of the weather.  The highest peak of South Africa is Ekon Kaguai with a height of 22841 feet. She will climb this peak in next December. The highest peak of North America is Dinali or Mekingly Mountain in Alaska with a height of 20320 feet. She will climb this mountain in next year.
Wasfia had faced difficulties in order to continue the expenditure. She had sold her mothers ornaments. Even she had sold her land that she got as an heir of her father. This was the primary support of her journey. But in one stage, she got financial assistance from Mutual Trust Bank and Renata Limited, Bangladeshi own companies in all of a sudden. She had called for the support for her mission to the all state owned companies. The flag of Bangladesh will be waved on the top peak of all continents of the world if she will be succeeded in her attempt. She had told in an interview with BBC that she will not come back from her mission target even if the mission takes a time of decade.
In an interview in last Monday with BBC regarding the objective of the Mission, She had told that Bangladesh completes 40th year of her independence.  Her objective is to circulate the news of the 40th year of independence of Bangladesh, and the progress of women in 40 years. She wants to prove that even the women of Bangladesh can climb the peak of the mountain. In a satellite message in Europe by quoting the speech of Wasfia said that the young generation of the country has to move straight forward by keeping the martyrs of the liberation war ahead. This is the time for the recognition of Bangladesh for the world. Bangladesh will move ahead more and more.

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