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Magic growth liquid fertilizer can bring a revolution in agricultural sector in a country like Bangladesh in agricultural production

Magic growth liquid fertilizer can bring a revolution in agricultural sector in a country like Bangladesh in agricultural production. The production is increased by 10 to 15% with this fertilizer. On the other hand, the usage of Urea is decreased up to 50% in the land. The inventor of Magic Growth fertilizer, Mr Arif Hossain, Agriculturist claimed, The GOVT of Bangladesh can save an amount of 17 core of dollar by ensuring the usage of this fertilizer. This fertilizer is to apply thorough spray. Around 1 lack 18 thousand hectare of land has been used in all over the country for the cultivation of rice during the season of Aush, Amon, Boro altogether. There will be a save of 6 Kg Urea for per Bigha (20 Kathas) if the usage of magic growth fertilizer is ensured. Thus there will be a saving of 5 lack and 31 thousand of Urea in a year whose market value is more than 1700 crore. On the other hand, if there is more production of 30 Kg rice for per Bigha, the production of rice will be increased to 26 lack ton whose market value is more than 4 thousand crore. This is known that 30 to 40 KGs of Urea has been applied for per Bighas for the farmer’s level in normal rice cultivation. If magic fertilizer is applied through spray, the usage of Urea fertilizer will be dropped to 10 to 15 Kg. This procedure is equal effective even in the coastal area. As the cultivation of rice become less profitable in the coastal area due to the Brackishness, and where there is no expected outcome for the salt endurance varieties, The Magic growth fertilizer brings the ray of light to the farmers.
The inventor of magic Growth fertilizer, Mr Arif Khan, got positive result while working on the technology stem Cutting and Sprout cutting for the production of Potato seed during 1994-96 by applying Sepro technology on the potato seed as an experiment. The Magic Growth fertilizer has come to this level after a continuous work for many days Later a wide success have been achieved after applying Magic growth fertilizer in Paddy field. Of Course there was a primary idea that the production of rice will be increased little if the Magic growth fertilizer is used as the additional doge. From the experience of a farmer, Iqbal hossan panna, This is known that His rice seed saved from cold injury with the usage of Magic growth fertilizer. Moreover, the production of rice is increased by applying the fertilizer in main filed production. And the usage of Urea is decreased. After this outcome, he had researched on this subject widely in farmer’s level in various part of the country. In every aspect, the effectiveness of magic growth fertilizer on the rice field is extremely well. There will be 8 advantages with the usage of Magic growth fertilizer-
1.Ensured the healthy and strong production of rice seed
2. There will be no harm of cold injury on the seed of rice
3. The seed of the rice is grown-up rapidly with the usage of this fertilizer
4.The seed of the rice is grown-up in rice -field as strong and healthily
5.The effective tender increased in number rapidly
6. There is no disturbance of diseases and bugs in the crop
7. More grain in the stem
8. The color of the ice is good and the growth of the rice is more and the unsubstantial of rice is less
Arif Khan told, he had invented this liquid fertilizer with 13 mineral items  and this provides the farmers a hope. As this fertilizer, invented with a prolong research for 13 years,  is working like magic, he had kept the name of the fertilizer as the Magic Growth. This fertilizer is also effective in the production of rice in salty soil. As per my knowledge, there is no research anywhere in the world including Bangladesh to produce more rice using Folier Feeding technique in ordinary soil or in salty soil.

This fertilizer is used in the village of MalTho, of Kopilmuni union, of PaikeGacha upazila, of Khulna district by a village farmer Islam Gazi on BRI 47 Rice. He added. Magic growth had been applied in 5 kathas of 1 bigha 7 kathas of land. The magic growth fertilizer is applied on top of the leaf of the paddy for 3 times during the whole season of Boro by spray. This is applied for first time 35 days after the seeding for the first time. And 14 days later for the second time and for the 3rd time 10 days later. This is found that The natural growth of the paddy has been increased with the usage of Magic growth fertilizer. The yellowish paddy turns to green. The tender of the rice has come out naturally. The production is natural on which the magic growth is applied. On the other hand, there was a saving of 15 kg of Urea for per Bighas of land. Almost all the paddy was died in the area where this fertilizer is not used. The tender has come out is small in length and the portion of Unsubstantial rice is more. That means there was a production fall around 90% in the salty land where magic growth fertilizer has not been applied. Noteworthy that Mr. Arif hossain khan, The inventor of magic growth fertilizer is a deputy director of BADC. And Now he is working in Pabna, a district of Bangladesh.

Magic growth liquid fertilizer

Magic growth liquid fertilizer

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