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Amir Hossain, An agro-mechanical scientist of Bangladesh invented various Machines.

He is a man of invention. He has invented various agriculture related machinery with his own interest and effort by winning his limitation from the perspective of education. At last he has got the recognition from the authorities of international concern for his innovation. Yes, all the above lines are dedicated to draw a face like Amir hossain (Bengali: আমির হোসেন), a innovative scientist of Bogra, a northern district of Bangladesh.
Amir hossain, an aggro-mechanical inventor, is awarded for his creative contribution in food and agricultural production with the award of food and agriculture-2011. The award is given in Sirdap auditorium, Dhaka. This award is arranged by Grameen Jibon Jatrar Ishtayittoshil Unnayan ar jonno procharavijan, CSRL, GROW, and international organization OXFAM altogether. A number of 10 agro scientists and 5 farmers are awarded for the contribution in food and agricultural sector. The famous son of Bogra and inventor, Mr Amir hossain is the owner of a workshop, named, Mrs. Rahim engineering workshop, has got the award in between 13th September 2011 to 15th September 2011.

This environment conscious scientist invented the following with his unmatchable invention power to ease the work of the farmers.
• Maize crushing machine,
• Rice cruising machine,
• Ripper machine for rice cutting,
• Potato grading machine,
• Seed sowing machine,
• Fish feed machine,
• Poultry feed machine,
• Guti Urea manufacturing machine,
• Noodle (Semai) manufacturing machine,
• Juice manufacturing machine,
• Crops crushing machine,
• Maize breaking machine,
• Brick breaking machine,
• Brick manufacturing Auto machine,
• Jute scale separation machine
He has been on research to invent the vehicle using Air power, Irrigation system using air power, Rich flower machine from Kachaba.
As a recognition, Amir hossain is awarded Reverse engineering award for BUET (Bangngladesh university of engineering and technology), and certificate from GTJET on agriculture training.

Update of Amir Hossain on August, 31, 2014:

Watch video of Amir Hossain, inventor of fuel-less car and his invention

Update of Amir Hossain on December, 05, 2014:
On the latest development, Amir hossain invented Palanquin or Palki (পালকি).

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