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Nature of Kumarkhali, Kustia Series-1

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Kumarkhali (Bengali: কুমারখালি) is an Upazila of Kushtia (Bengali: কুষ্টিয়া) District in the Division of Khulna, Bangladesh. It is famous for the Shelaidaha area, where the poet Rabindranath Tagore spent a considerable time of his youth. The graveyard of the famous saint Lalon Shah also is in Kumarkhali.

Naming: Various notions have been found behind the naming of Kumarkhali. The name is believed to originate from a person, named Komor shah, or the name of Kumar river, or Oak bird etc. As per the veterian history writer, Khondokar Abdul halim, the name of Kumarkhali was Tulsi gram (village) at the time of Choitonno deb. Later Murhid khuli kha appointed Komorkhuli kha as a collectorate to collect revenue from this area during his rulling. As per his name, this area is name Kumarkhali. Kumarkhali is considered as the cultural capital of Kustia.

Quick Facts Of KumarKhali:

  • Area-265.89 sq km
  • Population-3151318
  • Density-1152
  • Electoral area-78-Kustia-4 (Kumarkhali and Khoksa upazilla)
  • Union-11 UP
  • Mouza-187
  • Govt Hospital-01
  • Health center/Clinic-13
  • Post office-12
  • River-04
  • Market-28
  • Bank-12
  • Coordinates: 23°51′15.12″N, 89°14′30.12″E

Notable Area:

  • Kuthi bari of Rabindranath tagore
  • Graveyard of Baul samrat Lalan Shah,
  • Residence of Literateur Mir mosarrof hossain
  • Kangal kuthir of Kangal Horinath majumdar
  • Bulbul Textile
  • Eastern textile
  • Gorai-Madhumati River

Notable person:

SL Name of the Legend Birth location Birth and Death Year Contribution Prize Comments
1 Lalon Fakir Believed to born at Chapra-Varda village of Kumarkhali thana Birth: 1774 Approx. Death: 1890 Famous for his baul song worldwide
2 Kangal Horynath Majumdar Kumarkhali Birth: 1833 Death: 1896 Social revolutionary, Baul poet, writer of Bijoy basanta, a famous book of bengali literature
3 Mohini mohon chakrabarty Elongi village of Kumarkhali Birth: 1838 Death: 1921 Service holder and businessman, Made a cloth mill, named as Chakrabarty and sons
4 Gagan Harkara Believed to born at Goborkhali Kosba village of Shilaidah Birth: 1845 Approx. Death: 1910 Expert in song despite being a post man and peon. Rabindranath tagore wrote national anthem following the style and music of his written song – Ami kothai pabo taarE, Amar moner manus je rE”
5 Mir mosarrof hossain Lahini para village of Kumarkhali thana Birth: 1847Death: 1911 Bisahd Sindhu, a famous bengali literature
6 Jotindranath mukhopaddhai alias Bagha jatin Koya village of Kumarkhali thana Birth: 1879Death:1915 This Sodeshi leader planned for armed struggle for freeing the country from British
7 Dr. Kazi Motahar hossain Lokkhipur village of Kumarkhali upazila Birth: 1837Death:1981 Literateur, Educationalist, Musician, Chase player Bangla academy prize in 1966, Independence (Sadhinota) prize in 1979
8 Mahmuda khatun siddiqa Pabna, but father residence at Niyamotbaria village of Kumarkhali upazila Birth: 1906 Death: 1977 First woman writer of poetry in sonnet and prose style among muslim bengali women Bangla academy prize in 1967, EkushE prize in 1977
9 Akbar hossain Koya village of Kumarkhali upazila Birth: 1917 Death: 1981 Popular novelist, famous books-Obanchito, ki paini, natun prithibi


Nature of Kumarkhali, Kustia Series-1

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