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Nusrat Ishtiaque Jahan Mim, an architect cum lecturer of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) has been awarded for her innovative project on low-cost housing model design

Housing is a global need. Bangladesh as a country of home of 166,280,712 (July 2014 est.) people within just a land area of  143,998 Square KM., the need of housing remains immense challenge here. The reality is realized here in an invention of Nusrat Ishtiaque Jahan Mim, an architect cum lecturer of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Her brainchild, a project titled, ‘Adaptable Portable: Modular housing for urban poor, Dhaka, Bangladesh’ has won global recognition. She has been awarded for USD 15,000 for her innovative project which ranked 2nd in the Holcim -“Next Generation”, 2014 competition organized by Holcim International. The Holcim Awards competition in which ideas were sought for tomorrow in the “Next Generation” category for participants up to 30 years of age from Asia pacific countries. This is the first time when a Bangladeshi contestant was awarded in the category of Next Generation in International Holcim awards for sustainable construction competition, 2014.

The project, invented by Nusrat Jahan (Bengali: নুসরাত জাহান), is summarized as the following by the jury of the competition-
“…Taking on the challenge of how to house the urban poor, the project proposes a modular system of dwelling units for marginalized neighborhoods in the rapidly-growing city of Dhaka. The dwellings can easily adapt to the changing needs of their inhabitants and either grow or reduce according to the size of the family at a certain point in time. Moreover, the units can be dismantled when slum dwellers are evicted and reassembled in a new location. Made of bamboo and recycled materials, the dwelling’s modular components and panels are sufficiently light to be easily transported…”

About the project:
At the time of the research on housing in slum, Nusrat Jahan felt that the residents of slum should have houses of new type that will be built with some modules so that the modules can be transferred to somewhere if there is some kind of eviction anytime anywhere. The module of her project is designed in such a way that the user of the house can fix the south window in the east. The unit of the house can be extended by joining side-by–side (horizontally) or by joining in top and bottom (vertically) in the case of need for a family with many members. Emphasize has been given on common kitchen, bath house and toilet. Thus a community can be built gradually by arranging modules after modules. The full module has been developed with local indigenous materials like bamboo, wood etc. The full model should cost between BDT 19500 and BDT 23000.

She has been awarded for her academic and professional achievement throughout her career and studies. The awards of her achievement are as the following-

  • ARCASIA Architectural Students’ Design Competition 2010- awarded 3rd prize among 14 entries of different countries of Asia.
  • Berger Best Portfolio Award 2010
  • Honorable mention in Design Charrette , national competition held at BRAC University  in 2009
  • 6th position on Idea category of Holcim Green Built Bangladesh Contest. (it was a group submission with  Prof . Shamim Ara Hasan (BUET) and Sajal Chowdhury (lecturer CUET).
  • “Girl In Excellence” award in 2006 given by Viqarunnisa Noon School and College Science Club
  • Award given by BSB foundation in 2006 for outstanding performance (GPA-5) in HSC examination -2006
  • Award given by Viqarunnisa Noon School and College for excellence in Academic result in HSC examination- 2006
  • “All-round Performance Award -2003” given by Viqarunnisa Noon School
  • Award given for outstanding performance (Golden GPA- 5) in SSC examination -2004 by Viqarunnisa Noon School
  • Award given by Rafiqul Islam Foundation for Golden GPA-5 in SSC
  • Academic Awards in different classes for securing merit positions.

The project:




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