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Honesty pays off for Abdul Halim in Dubai

Abdul Halim (আব্দুল হালিম), 31, a Bangladeshi origin driver working in Dubai awarded as Dubai excellence award for his unprecedented work of returning valuable goods like ornament and cash money left by a passenger of the vehicle he drives.
The goods returned were as much as 2 lacks dirham in cash and the ornament worth of 10 lack dirham that equals to an amount of Tk. 2 Crores and 52 lacks in the currency his country, Bangladesh. This is noteworthy that his monthly income is as much as around 3,500 dirham a month.
The money and the valuable ornaments were left by an Egyptian businessman who got into his vehicle from Al mass tower of Jumia lake towers (JLT) area along with another passenger. On the date of the occasion (June 25th 2013), He started cleaning his cab after finishing his duty and found two bags and the ornaments and the money while opening the bags in curiosity. This was the first incident he experienced during the period of working for Dubai road and transport authority for two years. He rushed to the nearest police station and handed-over all he recovered. As per the rules of the Dubai a driver has to return the goods or money to the nearest police station if anyone finds anything valuable left by passengers in the vehicle. His brave work leaded him to get certificate, financial assistance by the Dubai taxi authority. Moreover, the chairman of the road transport authority of Dubai, Mr. Mattar Al Tayer assisted him with money. The higher authority of higher government officials of Dubai awarded him too. In his personal life, he is the father of two sons.

A small message from the brave Bangladeshi person,” Be honest, everything good will be with you, Look at me! I returned the bags and I am awarded”.

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