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From elected public representative to street beggar – An honest politician, Tahir uddin remain reverse against the tide

From elected public representative to street beggar
An honest politician, Tahir uddin remain reverse against the tide

There is a common belief that a politician means the evil segment of the society. They do all harm to the society. And they do all for their own interest. And all of their development intends at fattening the balance of their bank account and wealth. Despite this can not be refused for many instances, there is still exception in the politics of Bangladesh. We always overlook such politicians who is working silently and burning with his/her poverty slowly. In our focus, we intend to put spotlight to such a politician in this case.

The name of the politician is Tahir uddin, two times elected union chairman of Monsoor nagar union of Rajnagar upazila under Moulvibazar district. He was elected as chairman in the year of 1983, but failed to take oath for 5 years due to the bar of court for planned case regarding election. He was not disheartened with this failure to take the charge of chairman. He contested again in the year of 1988 for the post of chairman and elected. But the complexities of law and administration restrict him from taking charge of chairman in this time again and this last till 1996. The complexities were over with the intervention of the then Chief election commissioner. And he was able to take oath and charge of chairman by 5th August 1996 and remain as chairman for 22 months as two times elected chairman. Tahir uddin, an octogenarian politician of Sikka Modhupur village of Rajnagar upazila, left his lone son, Giasuddin in 1996 in a disease (Jondis*). A number of 6 dependants (his wife, son’s wife, grand son, grand daughter) remaining on the head of Tahir uddin, force him begging person to person on the street. He has a land of just 1.5 Bighas that is not enough to run his family.

The story behind Tahir uddin is quite surprising.

He had been serving as dofadar (Security) in Monsoorpur union of Rajnagar upazila for 20 years since 1962. He had resigned from his post by 1980 followed by a conflict on moral question with the then UP chairman Late Mojnu miyan. Tahir uddin was elected as chairman by challenging and defeating Mojnu miyan in the election.

The “Minor” level passed (in British period), Tahir uddin, termed, the post of UP chairman as the balancing post between morality and corruption.

From elected public representative to street beggar

From elected public representative to street beggar

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