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Arc Das, A Bangladeshi keeps his foot-print in the path of theater, television and movie in Australia

Citizens from Bangladesh tried their luck in different sectors and got success and recognitions for their work. Not so many people are engaged in film sector internationally. Very few Bangladeshi citizens made this exception.

Arc Das (Bengali: অর্ক দাশ) is one among the very few who made such examples. He acted in ‘Unindian’, a film by Anupom Sharma which was released in 15th October 2015. He acted among the famous Bollywood artists like Tanbistha Chatterjee, Stephen Halter, Gulshan Grover, Supriya Pathak, Salman Khan with guest appearance, world cricket legend Brett Lee etc. Arc Das acted in this movie as the character of Tick, a friend of Will (Bret Lee).

Arc Das was born in Chittagong in 1988. His father is the renowned Columnist and Poet Ajay Das Gupta. And his mother, Dipa Dasgupta is the teacher of Summer Field Tutorial. Mr. Ajay moved to Australia in 1996 when Arc was a student of just 2nd standard.

The acting life Arc started in 2003 in a regional Shakespeare Festival. Arc became the first in the ‘dialogue’ category of the festival in 2004. He also acted in some plays like ‘Reference to Salvadr Dali’, ‘Make Me Hot’. He joined in Ensemble theater of Sydney in 2010. His first short film was ‘Jagodi Ji’. He acted in a play, ‘Animals out of paper’ as the member of this group for which he was selected for the best new face for prize of Sydney theater award. He acted in a play, ‘Beached’ in 2013. He also acted in a TV series, ‘The code’. He also acted as a side role in a movie, ‘Good Morning’. After this he got chance in the movie, ‘Unindian’ where he got a lead supporting role. He also got the opportunity in acting in a Hollywood movie, ‘The Lion’ where he acted with Deb Patel and Nikole Kidman.
Beside this, he was also a co-producer of a joint comedy series, ’The Casuals’. He acted in this series along with directing.

He was acted in Bangladesh in a play, ‘Juta Abiskar” at the time of studying in Summer Field School of Chittagong. This was the very beginning in the path of acting for this ideal of Bangladesh.

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First Bangladeshi actor in Hollywood

For the first time of its history, A Bengali and Bangladeshi born actor, Golam Sarwar Haroon (Bengali: গোলাম সারওয়ার হারুন), is going to act in the film of Hollywood, titled as The Reluctant, directed by Meera Nair.  He will be acted as an important role of mad type person featuring of the noble of Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid written in the background of Lahore, Pakistan. He was acclaimed by the acting in South Asian Theater in the area of Bangladesh community drama in New York before acting in this international level film. This actor had been acting with reputation in the area of drama in Bangladesh too before leaving for America in 1995. He was acclaimed by his acting in the Bangladeshi movie JanataR Sotru, Ajker Protibad, Shilpi and TV serial SongSoptok, Kothau Keoy Nei, Kono Ek Kulsum and in the famous satire Gitthu by Molier. This is noteworthy that Shaheed kapoor, prominent actor cum Hero of Bollywood will be acting in the main role of this film-The reluctant.

First Bangladeshi actor in Hollywood

First Bangladeshi actor in Hollywood

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