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A book of a Bangladeshi writer, Humayun Kabir Dhali, enlisted as the academic book in Greece

A book of a Bangladeshi writer, Humayun Kabir Dhali, enlisted as the academic book in Greece

A book of a Bangladeshi writer, Humayun Kabir Dhali (Bengali: হুমায়ুন কবীর ঢালী), enlisted for the department of English as the academic book at 9th state primary school of Yannitsa in Greece. The name of the book is “A cowboy and a magic mango tree”. A letter signed by the Head master Mr. Barbara Osmangikido and English Teacher Mr Stefanos Ioannides of the school confirmed the incident by saying in letter as “This is to confirm that our English Teacher Mr. Stefanos Ioannides, used the short story ‘A COWBOY AND A MAGIC MANGO TREE’ written by Mr. Humayun Kabir Dhali, of Dhaka, Bangladesh, in the teaching of English at our school in may 2012”.

This is noteworthy that Humaun Kabir Dhali  is a renowned child writer and journalist in Bangladesh. The number of his published books is around 50. These books are fiction, non-fiction story and novel books. He started his writing in the late 80. Despite he started his writing for elder, most of his current writing concentrated on younger child. Some of his noteworthy publications are O AngelEr bondhura(ও এনজেলের বন্ধুরা),Classmate (ক্লাসমেট),Dushthu cheler golpo (দুষ্টু ছেলের গল্প), Nil groher rohosso(নীল গ্রহের রহস্য),Tiye pakhir JonmodinE (টিয়ে পাখির জন্মদিনে),KaloMurti rahosso (কালোমূর্তি রহস্য), Rakhal of Jadur Aamgach(রাখাল ও জাদুর আমগাছ), Tomar chokher jol(তোমার চোখের জল)etc. His book was translated into English, Oria, Police, Philipino language. His book was translated from Rakhal o Jadur Aamgach (রাখাল ও জাদুর আমগাছ) to  ‘A COWBOY AND A MAGIC MANGO TREE by Faroha Sarwardi. Both the Bengali and English version of the book were published from Bangla prakash. Moreover, he is the founder of a library called, “Amader library” which is said in English as “Our library”.  He was awarded as Atish Dipankar gold medal.

Humayun Kabir Dhali was born in 30th October 1964. His parent resides at SikirChor(সিকিরচর) Village of Motlob Uttar(মতলব উত্তর)of Chandpur (চাঁদপুর) district. The book may be found online from the following link –

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