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Shahira Barry, A Bangladeshi origin attracts the attraction of the world media and the eyes of the Hugh Hefner at the age of just 21

Shahira Barry (Bengali: শাহিরা বেরী), A Bangladeshi origin Irish sensation attracts the attraction of the world media with her own merit and sparking beauty at the age of just 21. And gradually she is advancing to cement her place in the world modeling. Even she caught the eyes of Hugh Hefner (86), the legendary of Playboy magazine. Even though she was bold enough to say by indicating the over age of Huge Heffner, “I’m definitely not interested in any man older than my mum or older than my granny or granddad would be if they were still alive

The busty babe has already been compared to Kim Kardashian.

Shahira was set to jet to LA for a meeting with the Playboy team but said she won’t be going nude for the shoot.

She was straight forward to say, “I wouldn’t be up for that so soon in my career. Where would you go after that? I would do implied nude, but I don’t want full frontal.”

Interested visitors may learn about her from the following link:

Shahira Barry
YouTube channel: ‘MissShahira’
Twitter: Twitter@ShahiraBarry
Direct Booking: Email:

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