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Muslima Akhter, a name of Bangladeshi born license holder Master Scuba Diver in Australia

This is not so easy for a Bangladeshi girl to become a diver, especially for a girl born in rural village in Bangladesh. But Muslima showed that she could make this happen after getting necessary training. As a result, she took herself in a level of providing training to divers in Australia. She has been taking so many interested people to deep see water and and showing the phenomenon of nature under sea water. She has been serving as a diving trainer in an international training center, called, Padi. She is residing in keyern’s of Queen’s land of Australia.

Muslima Akhter (Bengali: মুসলিমা আক্তার) is a Bangladeshi, born in Kapasia sub-district under Gazipur district. She is in the 4th position among her 5 brothers and sisters. With great surprise, she had studied in a Madrasa, Digab Amjadia senior kapasia madrasa and completed her Fazil certification (equivalent to master degree) in 2003. Later she had decided to go to India to get training on food and drink in 2005. She had joined in Jevenia hotel of Hydrabad, India after her training and worked there for two years. Later she had flown to Maldives from India. She had worked in an organization with food and drinks, named, Fariba in Maldives. Later she was prompted there as an accountant. She had started dreaming to explore the deep region of the ocean and kept saving money to get training during the period she worked there. In the meantime, she had started getting training and completed 3 special training in 6 months for becoming Scuba diver which resulted her to became Pedi master Scuba driver.

The life of Muslima is no different compare to the equal age girl of the rural villages of Bangladesh. She became a victim of early marriage in her early life. With various social barriers, she continued her studies. The marriage which gave her a daughter, Jerin, had not lasted for long.

The girl who started her education in Madrasa, later became victim of early marriage, got separated with a daughter, had not broken-up with ups and downs of life, but tried her luck in different professions in different country which resulted her a respectable peaceful life in Australia with a challenging career as Scuba (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) diver and trainer.

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