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Nasheet Zaman, the promising Bangladeshi origin first-generation American worked in an Oskar winning movies Frozen and Life of pi

Nasheet Zaman (নাশিত জামান), a name of a Bangladeshi origin first-generation American worked in a Oskar winning movie, Frozen, as a Lighting Artist.  She had worked on another Oskar winner movie, Life of pie.

She was born in 26th April 1982 in Columbus Ohio in United States of America. Her father who is working in Walt Disney was a man from Cox’s bazaar, district of Bangladesh.

She had graduated from Hilliard Davidson high school in 2000. She pursued double major in Computer Science and English at Cornell University with a special interest in 3D animation. Later she had chosen art, photography, animation and computer graphics through 3D animation to express her power of fantasy. She had completed her thesis with a title, “a sketch based interface for parametric character modeling”.

The summer after her graduation in 2004, Nasheet zaman traveled to Culver City, CA for an internship with Sony Imageworks. She returned to Cornell the following fall to begin her work at the Program of Computer Graphics, which culminated in 2006 with this thesis.
She had transformed a Mayan faced sketch into 3D by Wakom tablet.  She had done her 3 months intern in Sony motion pictures and film industry from June 2004. She had worked as lighting artist in Oskar winner film, Frozen and Life of pi.

Lighting & Compositing Demo Reel:

The thesis is available in the following link-

The work and her contribution are listed in the following-

Credited As
Frozen 2013 Visual Effects Lighting Artist
Life of Pi 2012 Compositor (Rhythm & Hues Studios)
The Smurfs 2011 Digital Artist Lighting and Compositing Artist(Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc)
Tangled 2010 Visual Effects Look Development TD
G-Force 2009 Animation Director Lighting & Compositing TD(Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc)
Beowulf 2007 3-D Artist 3D Color & lighting


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