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The impact of world cup football in Bangladesh

The craze of football was in all over the country on the occasion of world cup football 2014. Bangladesh seemed to shivering with the fever of football. From capital to the remotest villages of Bangladesh, this was only football and world cup, people were talking and thinking about. An unofficial competition was started from the very beginning of the world cup among the supporters. The competition was for hoisting flags of favorite football playing nations participated in the world cup. Some of supporters started competition with each other with the length of the flags as well. The country seemed to be a country of flags. Millions probably billions of flags were flying in the sky of the county. So many supporter groups were formed physically and virtually. People were divided in supporting into two major football playing nations of the world-Argentina and Brazil. A noteworthy number of people supported Germany and some other participating countries of the world cup. Even the world cup influences on the country and village politics. Football was the much talked issue in almost every discussion. The second most attention was behind wearing jerseys of favorite teams after flags. Jerseys were sold from street shops to huge shopping complex of the country. Thus the jerseys had different range of prices depend on quality and location of purchasing. Selling of Jerseys and flags became popular seasonal profitable business. Street hawkers got a potential portion of sales for both Jerseys and flags and obviously an alternate income source for their livelihood. Hawkers were found everywhere in Bangladesh selling flags and Jerseys. The city, even the villages were decorated with new look-new flags and colorful jerseys. Young generation showed their enthusiasm through painting walls of their houses of the areas they live with flags and pictures of favorite players.

Some kind fellow facilitated with Television (TV) and giant TV screen for watching football almost in notable areas throughout Bangladesh. People were gathered in front of the TV and giant screen to have the taste of live telecast of the world cup matches. There were huge sales of television like previous world cups as usual. Young generation were engaged physically everywhere in Bangladesh and virtually on facebook and other social media. Supporters of the different football playing nations of the world cup were criticizing the opponents in some cases with fun. Sometime that was even violated the spirit of the sportsmanship. Even there were reports of clash, death, sometimes killing, even suicide of supporters. This is noteworthy that Bangladesh is not a participating country in the world cup, even never got such opportunity in the history of the country in this context.

The noteworthy fact is that young girls or women had showed their craziness in this world cup both physically and virtually along with boys from the country itself. Different Govt. and private TV channels telecasted live football matches and programs on world cup. Newspapers provided supplementary pages on world cup. Poets or columnist wrote columns or articles. Musician or singer released new songs on the occasion of world cup. Models wear jerseys in favor of their favorite teams. People were found putting flags of their favorable team in their vehicle they ride and in the roof-tops of their houses they live.

Unprecedented incidences were reported everywhere in the country in favor of the favorite teams. Most importantly, Bangladesh garment sector got a greatest boom on the occasion of world cup. They got big deal of order from different buyers of the world. The vendors offered different price discounts, raffle draw and lucky coupons to attract the customers on the occasion of the world cup. Local and multinational companies declared special offer for world cup. Big billboards with the presence of world cup slogan and picture of celebrity footballers of the world were found in the city heart. Various news papers and online media declared quiz competition and distributed prizes among the winners.

The situation of the country was changed after the huge defeat of Brazil to Germany. New waves of support were seen in favor of German. A German supporter, farmer Amjed honored the country with his extra ordinary thinking of making lengthy German flags which was acclaimed in the local and world media and got much attention from all concerns both locally and internationally. The country experiences some unprecedented events centering to the world cup. The world cups found the following for the first time of the history of the country-

  1. Banglalink organized the country’s first football carnival “Brazil in Bangladesh” to celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2014;
  2. The first ever Football app ‘Plaantik’ of the country was launched;
  3. Bangladeshi fantasy football manager; Ishtiaque Amin won the first ever Premier League Player Exchange (PLPE) fantasy football competition whipping thousands of participants all around the world;
  4. A farmer of a remote village, Amjad made a 3.5 KMs long German flag by selling his cultivable land;
  5. Great boom for garments factories to prepare world cup related export items;

The craze of football was duly balanced in all the media of Bangladesh. Despite this is not a complete of combining all, but a try of summarizing all potential news so that the future generation can understand the craze of football especially on the occasion of world cup 2014. This article confess the contribution of all the reporters, writers of online and print media for their valuable effort in bringing the news in to the attention of readers locally and globally.  Despite this is not a complete effort of combining all in to one, more potential news / concerns can be updated further upon merit.

Getting started:
The news of Mr. Atique Anam on Daily star reported the arrival of the world cup trophy to Bangladesh prior to the world cup. Probably this was the starting pace of the race of football craze for a football crazy nation, Bangladesh. The report titled as World Cup trophy lands in Dhaka on December, 18th, 2013. The news detailed the incidence as

“…The original FIFA  World Cup trophy never toured Bangladesh before — well, not before yesterday, when it came for its maiden visit to our country as part of its 267-day journey around 89 countries ahead of the 2014 FIFA  World Cup in Brazil. The trophy spent a hectic first day in Bangladesh yesterday. It arrived from the United Arab Emirates on board an MD-83 aircraft — liveried in the colors of Coca Cola and the 2014 WC host nation Brazil — which touched down at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport at 12:35pm and was received by the Bangladesh Football Federation president Kazi Salahuddin and other BFF officials. After a short photo session, the trophy paid a courtesy call on the President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Advocate Abdul Hamid at his Bangabhaban residence and later paid a visit to the Prime Minister’s residence, Ganabhaban. As per FIFA protocol, only a head of state and the national football captain of a country can touch the gilded trophy on these tours. So at Bangabhaban the president laid his hands on the trophy while at Ganabhaban Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her family took pictures with the trophy. Salahuddin and national football coach Lodewijk de Kruif were also present on the occasion. The trophy was then brought to the Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel in the evening where it was officially unveiled before the media. The biggest prize of them all will spend the night at the hotel and will be on display at the hotel from 9:00am to 6:00pm today for ticket-holders.”

Probably this was the most recent news which caught the eyes of the football crazy nation before starting the world cup football 2014. As per the report of Raihan Mahmood in Dhaka tribune on May, 16th 2014, this was known that BFF gets 228 FIFA 2014 WC tickets. To select the eligible candidates for the tickets, the BFF has formed a committee led by senior vice president Abdus Salam Murshedy. Here is the details-
“World football governing body FIFA has assured the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) about providing 228 World Cup tickets and the federation has already received around 600 applications for the elusive tickets of the greatest show on earth. To select the eligible candidates for the tickets, the BFF has formed a committee led by senior vice president Abdus Salam Murshedy and it has finalized a list containing 140 names that include ministers, members of parliament, leading businessmen, members of the federation, journalists and well-off citizens of the country. “The BFF actually scrutinized the applicants’ capability and their football involvements. After that we finalized the list,” said BFF general secretary Abu Naeem Shohag. The total number of purchasable tickets is currently estimated at 29, 89,608 (80.4% of gross capacity). The total number is calculated by deducting the complimentary tickets, VIP and media tickets from the seating capacity. Among the 228 tickets the BFF has been assured of, 45 are first-round tickets, 81 belong to the second round, 80 for the quarterfinals, 18 for the semifinals and only four for the grand finale in Rio De Janeiro on July 13. The cost of first-round tickets is priced at $495 and $330, second-round tickets are priced at $220 and $165, tickets of quarterfinals are priced at $330, semi final tickets are set at $760 while each final ticket will cost the applicant $990. The BFF has imposed an additional 10 percent service charge on the tickets to meet the expenses of shipping. A World Cup ticket does not necessarily assure the ticket-buyer of a visa for Brazil. The buyer will have to obtain a visa from the Brazilian Embassy in order to travel to Brazil. The BFF will not take any responsibility for the assistance in the process of obtaining the visa apart from acknowledging the ticket buyer as a genuine one. “

Uncertainty over Telecast:
This was until May 2014, 3 weeks prior to the world cup, when the people of the football crazy nation, Bangladesh had to pass their days with worries as there was a battle between agencies here over telecasting football matches of the world cup in Bangladesh. The fan of different world cup playing nations of Bangladesh had to pass days with uncertainty over the telecast of the world cup. News published in Dhaka Tribune on May, 21st 2014, said,
A status quoorder provided by a Dhaka court has thrown the FIFA World Cup, Brazil, 2014’s live transmission in the country in jeopardy. This was known from the news that A local consortium – Total Sports Marketing (TSM) – signed a primary deal with the Sony TV’s appointed agency – Seven3Sports – on March 25 with $1.41m and they have given 50% of the money immediately. A satellite channel Gazi TV is also the partner of Total Sports marketing consortium.Seven3Sports has also given green signal for start the marketing and other promotional activities in first half of April. According to an e-mail correspondence, Abhishek Saklani, a senior executive of Seven3Sports, told the TSM: “Please go ahead and float your sales or Marketing packages in Bangladesh Market.” But soon after some other Bangladeshi interested satellite channels contacted with Seven3Sports.They wanted more money over the contract, sources informed. In the meantime, Seven3Sports also sent a mail to Gazi TV and TSM which said the termination of the deal was based on a false claim of “mutual consent” .Later, Gazi TV and TSM went to the court on Thursday. The Dhaka district court asked to the respondent “Why the defendants shall not be restrained from the termination of the agreement and from entering into any agreement with any 3rd party relating to the broadcast of 2014 FIFA  World Cup in Bangladesh Territory.”The respondent have 25 days time to respond this notice, order also passed. But sources of the consortium also informed that they will involve Bangladesh Football Federation with the process and if needed will go to FIFA also. Another source informed that every state owned television channel reserve priority to telecast FIFA world cup with a concessional rate and Bangladesh Television (BTV) will have it though private satellite channels are busy with legal battle.”

The uncertainty of cloud over telecasting world cup matches had gone away with the following news of the English daily, The New Nation later, published on June, 12th 2014. The people of the country got assured once again for watching live matches of world cup on television.
The much-awaited 2014 FIFA World Cup will be broadcasted live in Bangladesh on Gazi TV, Maasranga TV and BTV from June 12 gaining the green signal of FIFA. Total Sports Marketing (TSM) contracted with BTV in due course.  Prior to uncertainty amongst GTV, Maasranga, TSM, Seven3Sports-agent of Sony MSM to broadcast FIFA World Cup matches in Bangladesh TV channels live aroused due to some misunderstanding obtained a ‘Status Quo’ order from a Court in Dhaka restraining broadcasting the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Bangladesh. But, President of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) Kazi Salauddin’s initiative to the resolution of all differences between the parties and the signing of the definitive agreements about FIFA  World Cup live broadcasting issue through tripartite discussion brings the satisfaction to all parties and the nation. Finally TSM has unconditionally withdrawn its suit in the Court and the ‘Status Quo’ order stands vacated.

Uncertainty over flags hoisting
Another uncertainty started with Heart-breaking news for the crazy fans of different nations participating in world cup spread in Bangladesh and the world media termed the news as Bangladesh Red-Cards World Cup Flags.  The news sends negative signal to the world inebriated with football craze in the name of law and enforcement. The situation became complex, one of the minister of the Government said, the hoisting of foreign flag is breaching of law of flag hoisting. The authority did not realize the spirit of the nation and law that law is made for human being, human being is not created for law. The news delivered by AFP in the website of NDTV on June, 10th 2014 which was detailed as-
Authorities in western Bangladesh pleaded with football fans on Tuesday to remove tens of thousands of Brazilian and Argentinean flags from their rooftops as World Cup fever grips the normally cricket-mad nation. Ahead of Thursday’s big kick-off in Brazil, many Bangladeshi towns and cities have been turned into seas of either yellow and green or blue and white in a reflection of the huge support for the South American giants. But Mustafizur Rahman, government administrator of Jessore district, which is home to 2.7 million people, said the mass display of support for the tournament’s two favorites was disrespectful to Bangladesh’s own flag.”With the World Cup knocking at the door, we have become a nation of Argentina and Brazil. Everywhere you see flags of Argentina and Brazil are on almost every rooftop,” he told AFP.”We don’t mind people wearing jerseys of their favorite teams or use billboards or banners. But it does not look good when flags of foreign nations flying on your rooftops.”Appeals had been issued through newspapers for fans to take down their flags while local government officials were driving around villages in remote areas with similar appeals, Rahman added. Although Bangladeshis are better known for their love of cricket, football matches can draw big crowds here. Bangladesh spent $4 million in appearance fees to host a friendly between a Lionel Messi-led Argentina side and Nigeria in September 2011.Despite never qualifying for the World Cup, the South Asian nation first developed its obsession with Brazil and Argentina in 1982 when television began broadcasting the tournament matches live across the country. During the 2010 World Cup, when power cuts hit television coverage, riots erupted and factories were ordered to close to avoid further blackouts.”

 With the good news, the authority realized the spirit of the nation soon; turned back from the decision; most importantly, law was not a barrier; the fans of different football playing nations representing in the world cup got the opportunity of flying the flags of their favorite team. The question is if the law was not supporting the supporters of flying the flags of other countries earlier, how come the same law defended the flying of flags later. And who will take the responsibility of the damage cause by this premature decision which gave a slap to the face of this football crazy nation.

 The supreme of the state, Seikh hasina, realized promptly the damage caused by this premature decision through her GOVT authority of the region and took prompt decision in favor of allowing the supporters of flying flags of different football playing nations throughout the country. Interestingly country law was not a barrier when she spoke in favor of the million flags wavers of Bangladesh. Her damage saving words, why the people will not wave flags of the county they support, was not challenged by anyone of the country, either by law enforcer or by law maker. This gave true victory to the football loving fans; the craze of world cup football 2014 knew no boundary in expressing their Joy, love, passion for the game except few instances.

Deaths, clashes and disputes
Bangladesh was not a participating country in the world cup. But the country supporters were divided mostly into Brazil and Argentina. However, some of them still have support for Germany, England, US, UK, Spain, Italy etc. Most interestingly there were report of deaths in the disputes among different supporters of different countries in Bangladesh. Some of them were dead while flying flags for their supported courtiers. Even some of the deaths were due to the heart attack and suicide followed by the failure of favorite teams! The football craze won over life and death here in Bangladesh! Probably Joseph Allchin  of Time magazine on June, 19th , 2014, judges correctly in the headline, You’ll Never Guess Where Some of the Most Fanatical Fans of the Argentina and Brazil Soccer Teams Can be Found. Here are some more-

  1. One of the few instances was brought in The Associated Press Posted on June, 20th 2014 as the news headlined as World Cup sparks clash at Bangladesh school-

5 students hurt in dispute over viewing matches. The news detailed as the following-
A top public university in Bangladesh has closed indefinitely after students clashed over whether to cancel classes to watch the World Cup. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in Dhaka asked students to leave dormitories by Sunday to calm the situation, said Habibur Rahman, pro-vice chancellor of the university in the capital. The decision was made late Saturday after at least five students were injured in violence between two groups of students. One group demanded an early summer vacation so they could watch football on television without any tension. They asked other students not to attend classes or take tests and locked the university’s main gate, prompting clashes with senior students who wanted classes to continue. No date has been set for when the university will reopen. Earlier this month, hundreds of angry football fans smashed vehicles in Dhaka after power outages interrupted live TV broadcasts of a World Cup match between Argentina and Nigeria…”

  1. A similar kind of report was reported from Barisal by the correspondent of Dhaka tribune on June 10th, 2014. The report said that 11 injured in Brazil-Argentina supporters’ clash; the report detailed as-
    “At least eleven fans of Brazil and Argentina football team have injured in a clash at Barisal Government Polytechnic Institute. The clash was initiated over a crazy brawl over football at dining room of institute’s hostel around 11pm on Saturday night. Witnesses said two groups of supporters of Brazil and Argentina team led by BCL cadres Chhoto Reza and Mahmud Hasan engaged an altercation over the Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ effort in Argentina’s 1986 World Cup quarter final match with England. At one stage Argentina’s supporter Reza slapped on Brazil’s supporter Mahmud Hasan while he chanted Maradona’s goal as ‘illegal’. The angry supporters of both groups locked into a scuffle after the indecent which left eight Brazil and three Argentina fans injured. Later, police rushed to the spot and controlled the situation. Additional security men were deployed on the campus as tension remained high. Mosharraf Hossain, principal of the institute, told the Dhaka Tribune that there was some misunderstanding between the supporters of Argentina and Brazil. The FIFA World Cup 2014 – the greatest show on earth– shall commence on next Thursday. Most of the Bangladeshi football fans are passionate about the two Latin American powerhouses.”
  2. The Correspondent Dhaka tribune in Kishoreganj reported an incidence of death on July 6th, 2014. The report, titled as, Argentina fan electrocuted while hoisting flag- Fire brigade personnel have rushed to the spot and recovered the body. The report detailed as-
    A football fan has been electrocuted while trying to hoist Argentina’s flag in Karimganj upazila of Kishoreganj on Sunday morning. The deceased was identified as Sabuj Mia, 16, a class nine student of Jafrabad High School, hailed from Beparipara village under Karimganj upazila. Md Aktaruzzaman, officer-in-charge (OC) of Karimganj police station said Sabuj came in contact with live electric wire while he get on a tree to hoist Argentina’s flag around 11am, leaving him dead on the spot. On information, fire brigade personnel rushed to the spot and recovered the body.”
  1. The correspondent of Bangla news was reported Death news on June, 12th The reports detailed as the following-
    “Md. Azim (35), resident of Della area of Demra of the capital missed the chance of watching world cup. He was died on Thursday night at the time of repairing the switch his television to watch the inauguration match of the world cup. Syed, brother of Azim said, Azim was repairing the switch of his television to watch the inauguration match of the   world cup between Brazil-Cortia at night. He got electrical shock at that time. He was taken to Dhaka medical college at once with critical condition. The acting doctor confirmed his death at 10.20 PM. Mohammad Azim was the son of late Hazi nurul haque of Della Bank colony area. He was a repairer of mobile by profession. Mozammal haque, the officer- in-charge of Dhaka medical college police camp confirmed the death. The dead body was kept in the morgue of emergency “
  1. Another death was reported on Kalerkantho on June, 08th 2014. The report said,
    “A youth, Mohammad Sajal (23) was dead by electrocuting while hoisting the flag of Argentina. The incident was reported to happen in Bibirbagicha area of Jatrabari at 11 AM of Sunday. He was the son of Abdul jobbar of Koratitola of Syedabad. Salahuddin, uncle of the deceased said that Sajal was working in a workshop, Dulal enterprise adjacent to Gate no. 2 at Bibir bagicha of Jatrabari. He was fallen down after electrocuting at the time of his attempt to hoist the flag in an iron pipe on the tin shed roof of the workshop. He was taken to Dhaka medical college after rescuing from the place and the doctor confirmed his death at about 12 PM.Bikash Chandra sarkar, the acting camp officer- in-charge of Dhaka medical college hospital confirmed the incidence.”  
  1. Another death was reported in online news portal Bangla news as published on June, 01st The news reported another death as the following-
    “A youth, Md. Nazim (18), died in the capital of Bangladesh, by electrocuting at the time of his attempt to hoist the flag of his favorite team, Argentina. The incident was reported to be happened at Adabor Sunibir housing area of the capital on Sunday, 1st June, 2014; 11 days prior to the world cup. The uncle of the
    deceased, Giasuddin informed that Najim was climbed to a cornice of a neighboring house to fix a banner in a road of the area. He was then electrocuted and injured severely. He was taken to Dhaka medical where he was died at 6 PM. Najim was belonged to Gangapur village of Borhanuddin Thana of Bhola district.”
  2. A death of Brazil supporter in Noakhali was reported in Just news on July, 09th The news detailed as-
    “A supporter of Brazil was died after Brazil lost to German with huge difference in World cup semifinal. Manabbor hossain swapan (60) of Binnaguni village of senbag municipality in Noakhali was died of heart attack in Wednesday morning. He is a Govt. employee. The members of his family informed that Swapan was an extreme supporter of Brazil football team. He got heart attack followed by the defeat of Brazil to Germany by 7-1. He was taken to the hospital where the doctors declared him death.”
  1. Another death due to the clash between the supporter of Argentina and Brazil in Hatibandha of Lalmonirhat was reported in Bangla news on June, 18th 2014. The report detailed as the following-
    “Milon hossain (18), a hotel worker was dead while attempting to stop the clash of the supporter of Argentina and Brazil at Hatibandha of Lalmonirhat district. Five more people were injured in the incidence. The incidence was happened on Wednesday evening. Milon was the son of Abdul hamid of Kasaitari Botetoli area of Tongvanga union of Hatibandha sub-district of Lalmonirhat district. The witness said, there was a debate between the supporters of both the country on Evening at Botetola on the occasion of world cup football. At one time, the clash was started between two supporters groups. Each of the group was thrown stones to each other. In one stage, 6 persons including Milon were injured with the big stone thrown to them while attempting to stop both the groups. The locals rescued the injured people and took them to hatibandha sub-district health complex where responsible doctor declared Milon as dead. The police personals were rushed to the location and taken the situation under control. Anwar hossain, the acting officer-in-charge (OC) of Hatibandha Thana confirmed the incidence.”
  1. This time the incidence of clash between the supporters of Argentina and Brazil was reported in Manab zamin on July, 12th 2014 in Gopalganj. The report detailed as-
    “A clash was reported between the supporters of Argentina and Brazil in Gopalganj in which 20 people were injured. The incidence was happened in Kotali para. 20 people were injured in the clash. Seven persons including Tota sikder (50), Bacchu sikder (28), Sufia begum (65), and Hasina begum (50) were admitted in Kotalipara sub-district health complex. The incidence was happened on Friday night at 11 PM in Uttar para village of the sub-district. The eye-witness said that Mijan sikder, a supporter of Argentina frown to Idris seikh, a Brazil supporter, against Brazil after the Ramadan prayer (Tarabi). Two supporter groups were engaged in clash due to his comments. … There was no case filed against this incidence. “
  1. The world cup made deep trouble in a family which resulted murder of a husband by his wife! This time the report of the incidence was published in Daily Amar desh (online version) on June, 19th The report detaied as –
    “A husband was killed by his wife due to the altercation of watching world cup without sleeping overnight in Boraigram sub-district. The incidence was occurred in Uttar para of Boraigram municipality on Wednesday morning yesterday. The deceased was identified as Selim hossain (22). The officer in-charge (OC) Mohammad Ibrahim of Boraigram Thana said, Jesmin begum (20) was caught due to the murder of Selim. He added, the neighbor of Selim heard of shouting at 6 AM. The neighbor rushed to the scene and found Selim with critical injury. He was dead while taking to Boraigram hospital for treatment. The neighbor caught Jesmin for this incidence. The officer in-charge (OC) through the neighbor Kholilur rahman,said, Jesmin confessed that she chopped her husband with sharpen indigenous knife (Hasua) in the shoulder of Selim as she was not able to sleep whole night for the reason Selim was watching world cup football match overnight. There was a quarrel between them for switching off the television. In one stage, she chopped her husband…..”

These were just isolated instances of incident during the world cup. There was other side of the coin of Joy and celebration. In different news published in Daily Sun on June, 24th 2014 from its correspondent Mohmud Ullah with a headline, FIFA World Cup festival on DU campus. The report detailed as-
“The University of Dhaka and its surroundings remain in festive mood at night since the opening ceremony of FIFA Brazil World Cup-2014, as a large number of DU students as well as visitors gather at TSC every night to enjoy watching football matches on the big screen. The university authorities have installed two big screens in the area – one in front of TSC main gate and the other in front of Raju Vaskarjo – for the football lovers. With the sun going down, students as well as common people begin to come to the TSC area. The festivity starts when the world cup theme song ‘we Are One (Ole Ola)’ is played, which is composed by American rapper Pitbull along with American entertainer Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte. Hundreds of people then begin to dance wearing football jerseys, waving flags and chanting slogans for their favourite football teams. The festival continues till late at night. The gates of several residential halls, including A.F. Rahman, Haji Muhammad Mohsin, Zahurul Haque, Surya Sen and Jagannath halls, have also been decorated with flags and banners of several football teams, especially Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain. And the female dormitories have also been adorned with flags and paintings. Though the university is now closed on the occasion of the summer vacation, most of the resident students are now staying at the hall. Some resident students of the hall collected money from the students to decorate their respective dormitories. Flags of Brazil, Argentina and Bangladesh are flying at the gate of Kabi Jasim Uddin hall. Supporters of Brazil and Argentina bring out processions on the campus at least once a day wearing the jerseys of their respective football teams.  Some students have even opened fan pages on Facebook to extend their support to their favorite teams. Aminul Islam, a third-year student and resident of Kabi Jasim Uddin Hall, said, “This year I am enjoying the World Cup a lot. I am waiting to see my favorite team Argentina in the world cup final.” Reja Akash, a fourth-year student and resident of Mohshin Hall, said, “This is the first time I am enjoying the World Cup football on the campus. I am really thrilled to be here on the campus instead of going home.” Alongside students, teachers, too, are gripped by the World Cup fever. Soccer is now the topic of conversation at the teachers’ lounge and Dhaka University Teachers’ Club. Proctor Amzad Ali told daily sun, “We have installed a big screen at the club to watch the World Cup together.”

Beside this, some other news caught in the eyes of the reader. The news written by Muhammad Zahidul Islam in Dhaka Tribune on June, 14th 2014 and which was headlined as “Banglalink Football Fiesta to celebrate FIFA World Cup 2014” and detailed as-
To celebrate the FIFA  World Cup 2014 Banglalink organized the country’s first football carnival “Brazil in Bangladesh” with partners Brazil Churasco, Magnito Digital, Melonades and Plaantik where country’s the first ever Football app ‘Plaantik’ was launched, a press release said Saturday. The fiesta is going to reach the mass audience through social media, viral video, a brand new app, football festivals, football talk show and match screening. The football carnival took place on the 12th of June, 2014 at Brazil Churasco in the capital’s Gulshan area. Leading up to the event, a quiz competition was held on banglalink’s Facebook page where 100 winners won 2 entry passes to the football carnival held 6pm onwards. The carnival had games and activities such as a freestyle zone, foosball, penalty, a PS3 FIFA tournament etc. There were a meet and greet with ex and current national footballers of Bangladesh. There were stalls of football clubs including club merchandise. Also, famous street magician Max Mystel performed his magic at the venue. There was an exhibition of rare football photographs, food stalls and a concert by Nemesis. All of this was topped off with the mega screening of the first match of this year’s World Cup. Other than this extremely eventful opening, there will be match screenings of all high voltage games at Brazil Churasco, and there will be an expert analysis show, prior to the match on Facebook and YouTube called Football Studio, where celebrity guests will be sharing their views on the world cup. 14 high voltage games other than the first match will be screened based on selection. From June 28 onwards sehri will be available during match screening, and there will be quizzes and gifts during match nights. Sharfuddin Ahmed Chowdhury, Head of PR & Communication, from Banglalink said, “During the Football World Cup the face of the world changes as everyone comes together in unity to share the spirit of the game. We are proud to organize such a multidimensional football carnival for the country’s football lovers. This is a game that is meant to be enjoyed with people, and this carnival which is a first of its kind in Bangladesh will surely bring everyone together for the games.”

Another news supplied by Saleque Sufi in bangla news on June, 14th 2014, said,
 “Banglalink organized the country’s first football carnival “Brazil in Bangladesh” with partners Brazil Churasco, Magnito Digital, Melonades and Plaantik where country’s the first ever Football app ‘Plaantik’ was launched. The fiesta is going to reach the mass audience through social media, viral video, a brand new app, football festivals, football talk show and match screening. The football carnival took place on the 12th of June, 2014 at Brazil Churasco in the capital’s Gulshan area. Leading up to the event, a quiz competition was held on banglalink’s Facebook page where 100 winners won 2 entry passes to the football carnival held 6pm onwards. The carnival had games and activities such as a freestyle zone, foosball, penalty, a PS3 FIFA tournament etc. There were a meet and greet with ex and current national footballers of Bangladesh. There were stalls of football clubs including club merchandise. Also, famous street magician Max Mystel performed his magic at the venue. There was an exhibition of rare football photographs, food stalls and a concert by Nemesis. All of this was topped off with the mega screening of the first match of this year’s World Cup. Other than this extremely eventful opening, there will be match screenings of all high voltage games at Brazil Churasco, and there will be an expert analysis show, prior to the match on Facebook and YouTube called Football Studio, where celebrity guests will be sharing their views on the world cup.14 high voltage games other than the first match will be screened based on selection. From June 28 onwards sehri will be available during match screening, and there will be quizzes and gifts during match nights”.

The globalvoicesonline supplied different yet interesting news about the celebration of world cup. The news reads as “This Street in Bangladesh Has a Colorful World Cup Celebration to Rival Brazil” on June, 25th 2014.
What was before an ordinary lane in the Bangladeshi capital’s historic neighborhood Old Dhaka is now a vibrant strip of street art celebrating the 2014 FIFA World cup?  A group of about 200 volunteers transformed the street in less than 24 hours as part of The World Cup Goal-E, collaboration by youth organization One Degree Initiative and advertising agency Zanala Bangladesh, to spread enthusiasm for the World Cup. Goal-E sounds like goli (lane), which is a common feature in Old Dhaka. Bangladesh didn’t qualify to play in the 2014 tournament, but the country’s football fans have caught World Cup fever nonetheless. Many are cheering for either Argentina or Brazil. World Cup Goal-E documented the effort, which included a flash mob dance, in a YouTube video: The project’s Facebook page has several photos of the transformation as well”

Youtube link:
Facebook page:

Financial sector
The world cup football makes not only craze over the people of Bangladesh, but brings good luck to the economy of Bangladesh as well. The impact of world cup football on the economy of Bangladesh is multi-dimensional. The AFP termed the impact of world cup football on the economy of Bangladesh on July, 09th 2014 with a headline- $500m World Cup boost for local garment maker. The news detailed as-
Bangladesh garment manufacturers bagged at least $500 million in export orders to sew World Cup jerseys for fans across the globe in a major industry boost after a string of disasters, officials said Monday. The acting head of the Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA) said the country’s shipment of garments grew around 14 percent this year with World Cup orders playing a key role. BKMEA is a group of around 1,000 factories, which mostly make T-shirts. “Some 100 of our factories got orders to make jerseys for World Cup fans. We don’t have an accurate figure of the total value of the World Cup related merchandise exports. But it will be between $500-$1,000 million,” Mohammad Hatem told AFP. Hatem said Bangladesh’s shipments of garments would hit a record $25 billion in the fiscal year ending this month, up around three billion dollars than the previous year. “A big part of the growth came from the World Cup merchandise,” he said. Hatem said the Bangladeshi plants supply clothing to the sportswear giants like Puma and Adidas and made jerseys for fans of almost all the World Cup’s 32 teams, thanks largely to its low-cost reputation. Bangladesh is the world’s second largest clothing maker after China. The garment industry is the economic mainstay, making up 80 percent of the nation’s annual exports and providing jobs to more than four million people. “My factory alone made 250,000 World Cup jerseys for countries like Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy and Portugal,” he said. One of the Bangladeshi suppliers of Puma bagged orders of three million dollars to make jerseys for football supporters of Brazil, Argentina and Chile, the company’s owner Rezaul Hasanat told AFP. “If you take into account all the World Cup related merchandise that Bangladeshi factories have made this year, I won’t be surprised if the figure touches one billion dollars,” Hasanat, of Viyellatex Group, said. Many factories made products like flags and caps and did the shipments through small buying houses, whose figures are not usually monitored by major garment trade groups like the BKMEA and the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). The orders came despite a series of disasters to hit the Bangladesh garment industry, including the Rana Plaza factory collapse in April 2013, which left at least 1,138 people dead. The World Cup kicks off on June 12 in Sao Paulo, where 65,000 spectators are expected for the opening fanfare that pits hosts and five-time champions Brazil against Croatia.

Arun Bikash Dey from port city Chittagong of Bangladesh in Daily star on July, 09th 2014 reported increasing sales of television in the city indicate booms in television manufacturing, assembling and marketing of television. The news headlined as World Cup boosts TV sales in Chittagong which detailed as the following-

With Chittagong gripped with FIFA World Cup fever, sale of television sets has been on the rise in the port city since the last two weeks. Urmila Tripty, a diehard supporter of Brazil, convinced her husband to buy an LED (Light Emitting Diodes) TV as she wanted to enjoy all the matches of her favorite team on a clear screen. However, Urmila’s husband Kishore Chowdhury, a banker, supports Italy. Talking to this correspondent at an electronic showroom in Muradpur on Thursday, Kishore said he will not miss even a single match of Italy. To cash the people’s enthusiasm centering World Cup football, different electronic brands have launched month long promotional sale offers including tour packages for 32 countries participating in the world cup and also discounts up to 100 percent through lottery. Shahedul Azam, a resident of Bakalia area, also went to buy a LED TV from GEC area on Thursday. Shahedul said he already has a 21 inch CRT TV but his family wants to enjoy the matches on a bigger screen with a clearer view. Many people wait for the World Cup season to buy new TV sets as they get discounts and other promotional offers. Alok Paul is one of them who availed a discount by buying a 21 inch TV set on Thursday. Meanwhile, officials of different electronic brands are also happy as their sales have increased significantly. Mohsin Uddin Chowdhury, Chittagong zonal sales manager of Transcom Electronics, said their sale has increased by 60-70 percent after they announced promotional offers for the world cup. He said they have LED TVs from 19 to 65 inches in 12 showrooms in Chittagong region but the 32 inches are in more demand. Santosh Kumar Das, Chittagong area sales in-charge of Sony Rangs, said their sale has increased by 50 percent in the last one week. “A 32 inch Sony LED television originally costs Tk. 37,900 but we are giving discounts and prizes,” he added. Sales of other brands like Butterfly, Singer and Walton are also soaring.”

Dhaka tribune reported increasing sales of television in Dhaka as well. The report said, World Cup football pushes up TV sales. The report detailed as-
“As the biggest football event approaches, television sales have increased substantially. Mainul Islam, a university student in Dhaka, was looking to buy a television set. He lives in a house with three other fellow students. As there is no TV set in their room, they are desperate to get one within their affordability before the FIFA World Cup begins on June 12. “We have arranged Tk. 12,000 for a television. If you watch (matches) together, there will be more fun,” he said while choosing TV sets at Bangabandhu National Stadium Market yesterday. As the biggest football event approaches, television sales have increased substantially, according to the vendors who are trying to cope with the rise in demand. The LCD and LED TV sets have witnessed a particularly increasing demand, the market insiders said. Visits to various TV showrooms in the city found that people of different income brackets thronged to purchase TV sets ahead of the World Cup which has already started dominating daily gossips. To attract the customers, the vendors have offered different price discounts, raffle draw and lucky coupons. There was a particular demand for comparatively cheaper local brands like Walton and Marcel among the customers who are mostly young. “New designs (of TV) have been launched keeping prices within affordability of our consumers,” said Marketing Director of RB Group of Companies Emdadul Haque Sarker. RB Group is the producer of Walton brand products. “We have seen 41% hikes in May sales of TV sets from the previous month. Our usual stock of TV sets is Tk. 40,000-50,000, but due to World Cup it has been increased to 1.5 lakh,” he said. The demands of the imported TV sets have also marked big rise before the World Cup. Importers said the sales are much higher than expectation. Foreign brands suppliers are also making lucrative offers to bring the customers to their stores, which include, among others, free travel to one of 32 participating countries after the end of the World Cup. There will also be a regular discount of Tk. 1,000 in every product and “the customers” will even enjoy 100% discount rubbing scratch cards, said Sabbyasachi Haque, sales executive of Electra International which is the supplier of Samsung TV in Bangladesh. Sony Bravia and Rangs televisions are offering five blue-ray home theaters to five “lucky customers” through participation in raffle draw. “World Cup has really boosted our sales,” claimed Md Mohiuddin, an official from of Rangs Electronics.  Rangs supplies both of the products to the Bangladeshi customers. The prices of CRT television now ranges between Tk. 5,000 to Tk. 11,000 while it is over Tk. 10,000 for both the LCD and LED television sets. The whole Banganadhu Stadium market was seen buzzing with TV customers selecting “best offers” and “best TV sets” for them. All were in festive mood and would start counting down to football extravaganza just after grabbing a TV which is much-coveted at least for the time being. ”

Probably Promiti Prova Chowdhury had written a the most important article in Dhaka Tribune on June 12th, 2014  with a title, Bangladesh’s name in Brazil’s game  – The World Cup means big business for local entrepreneurs. The report detailed as-
Bangladesh is playing a big role in this World Cup. Although the much awaited FIFA World Cup 2014 kicked off last night in faraway Rio De Janeiro, we too have made our mark on the grand event by exporting millions of jerseys to Brazil and other European countries. Bangladesh has always been a regular supplier of sportswear to brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Umbro, and Reebok. This year, ahead of the World Cup, production at garment factories skyrocketed as they hustled to meet high demands both locally and in the export market.

RMG goal: Buyers started placing orders as early as last June, and exports began in September, according to Abdus Salam Murshedi, former chairman of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association and current director of the Bangladesh Football Federation.  “Although Bangladesh is not a participating team in the World Cup, its participation and contribution have been ensured with the jerseys carrying the Made in Bangladesh tag. Football fans will wear them and cheer for their teams at the gallery. This is a huge matter of pride for us,” he said. Echoing Murshedi’s sentiments, Mohammad Hatem, first vice-president of Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association, said: “Jerseys worth $1bn were exported to European countries, America and Brazil. Around 250,000 pieces for both men and women were exported from my own garment factory [MV Knit Fashion].” However, despite such high sales, both officials said the last year was volatile for business. With political unrest and the Rana Plaza collapse, the rate of export did not reach the level targeted, even though exports increased by around 30% compared to the 2010 World Cup.

 Local market: In addition to the exports, both RMG owners and local businessmen have been raking in profits in the last 15 days, as football fans have been on a shopping spree, buying jerseys and flags of their favourite teams. The footpaths of Motijheel, Mouchak and Gulistan are overflowing with makeshift shops carrying a range of sports uniforms, flags and different items of fanfare. People have also come to Dhaka from all over the country to do business ahead of the World Cup, seizing a golden business opportunity. So far, they have expressed satisfaction with sales. Besides jerseys and flags, there is a range of other souvenirs that bring the celebratory mood of FIFA to the local markets and footpaths, such as watches, mugs and wristbands. Bakeries in cities around the country are also busy making cakes specially designed for World Cup.

Flags of our heroes: “We delivered a 100ft Brazilian flag upon order,” said Abdur Razzak. Abdur is a sales executive at Joy Sports, a wholesale shop of sportswear and sports equipment situated inside Gulistan Sports Market. Unsurprisingly, he said Brazilian and Argentinean flags were their best selling items. The prices of standard flags vary from Tk80-290 depending on the size. They can even be customized. You can add an image of your favorite player or the logo of your favorite team for an extra cost of Tk60-70. There are a number of wholesale shops selling such items inside the Gulistan Sports Market. Jerseys cost Tk200-300 depending on the quality of the garment. Abdul Matin Babul, proprietor of Joy Sports, says the price of football jerseys has increased by an average of Tk100. Local jerseys that used to sell at Tk120 are now being sold at Tk200 or higher. The Chinese kits cost Tk500-600, which are sold for Tk350 during the year.

A festive Dhaka: Babul says the eve of FIFA World Cup is as exciting as Eid. “We are struggling to meet the demand of customers. We have our own factory, and even then we had to take help from other garment factories. People’s buying capacity has increased from previous years, and they are in a much more of a celebratory mood than ever before.” In the capital’s Belpotti area, hundreds of tailors were seen busily stitching flags from dawn to dusk outside the wholesale market in Shomobay Twin Tower. The ever-present rivalry of teams is alive even in these busy markets. In between their work, the tailors often argue about which team is the best. “Hey don’t disturb me! I cannot ruin the Brazilian flag!” said fierce Brazil fan Md Akash, while tailoring a 45ft Brazilian flag. The rest of the year, he is a tailor of ladies’ wear. Akash is one of the many tailors, of different ages and gender, seated in rows, continuously operating the sewing machines in the lanes of Belpotti. Akash charges Tk. 500 to tailor one flag sized around 30ft. He has made a flag 90ft across, which he plans to sell for Tk. 5,000. However, the staunch Brazilian supporter in him is not all desperate to see it go.  “If it is not sold,” he said with a grin, “I will hang it in front of my house on the street in Sonargaon.” ”

Another important news was written  by Tazlina Zamila Khan in Dhaka tribune on June,05th,2014, titled as, Brazilian, Argentinean flags, jerseys on top of sale –Footpaths in Motijheel, Mouchak and Gulistan areas are crowded with buyers who are roaming around and buying sports uniforms. The report added-
As the FIFA World Cup 2014 is knocking at the door, football fans are buying jerseys and flags of their favorite teams and both the garment factory owners and local businessmen are making huge profits. Footpaths in Motijheel, Mouchak and Gulistan areas are crowded with buyers who are roaming around and buying sports uniforms. Many people from different districts have already come to Dhaka to do business ahead of the World Cup. These people are getting opportunity to make profit and they would invest it in business in future. Mohammad Jasim Mia comes to Dhaka from Begumganj of Noakhali before every world cup and sells flags. He has been doing this business for last 4-5 years. He buys flags at Tk65 (5 feet), Tk45 (3 feet), Tk15 (2.5 feet) and Tk10 (2 feet) and sells them at Tk160, Tk. 120, Tk. 70 and Tk. 40 respectively. Jasim said: “I buy these flags from Kawran Factory in Tongi and make profit of Tk. 1,000-Tk. 1,200 per day.” He came to Dhaka on May 29 and would sell flags till June 15. After that, he would invest this money in agriculture. Jasim said: “The flags of Brazil and Argentina are on top of sale.” Another seller Mohammad Jahangir who came from Shibchardanga village of Madaripur said: “I make profit of Tk. 2,000 per day and buy these flags from Gazipur. The flags of Brazil are on high sale.” Kawran Factory Production Manager Imtiaz Rahman said: “Before every world cup, we make flags. This time we have produced around 20,000 flags.” One Rajib Chakrabarti was seen buying a jersey for his son in Gulistan area. He said: “My son asked for a jersey. Prices vary from shop to shop, but it is quite cheaper in Gulistan than other areas.” another seller Nur Uddin said: “Other days I sell T-shirts and pants, but during the world cup session, I sell jerseys. The uniforms of two countries — Brazil and Argentina — are on top of sale. I buy these uniforms from Bangabazar area.” He said he made a sale of Tk. 150,000 yesterday. The jerseys are being sold at Tk200 (large), Tk180 (medium) and Tk150 (small) while these are being bought at Tk160 (large), Tk150 (medium) and Tk100 (small). Different garment factories in Keraniganj, Gazipur and Narayanganj areas are making jerseys locally. Nurul Islam, a trader, said: “During the world cup, we make huge profits. I made a sale of Tk. 60,000 yesterday. ”Besides, these jerseys are being exported to different countries. After Rana Plaza disaster, the reputation of ‘Made in Bangladesh’ got ruined, but the garment owners became successful in regaining their status, said Shahidullah Azim, vice-president of BGMEA. He said: “In 90% cases, we have overcome the bad reputation related to ‘Made in Bangladesh’ brand.” Around 100 of factories got orders to make jerseys for World Cup fans, he added. Kamruzzaman Nahid, managing director of Fakir Fashions, told the Dhaka Tribune: “We exported 257,000 pieces of jerseys worth Tk. 1,000,000. These were exported to America and European countries.” Mohammad Hatem, first vice-president of Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association said: “Around 500m jerseys worth $1 billion were exported to European countries, America and Brazil. Around 250,000 pieces were exported from my garment factory (MV Knit Fashion).” “Buyers could get clothes in cheaper rate from us than other countries, so they don’t have any alternative yet,” he added. The World Cup will begin on June 12 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.”

The world cup football impacts on the sales of multinational companies operating in Bangladesh. They came up with different sales promotion on the occasion of world cup. Dhaka tribune reported on May 25th, 2014 that Singer launches FIFA World Cup offer-The campaign starts today and will remain valid till the end of the tournament, on July 13th. Here are the details-
“Singer Bangladesh Limited recently launched its new campaign ‘Singer Bishwa Kapano Offer’ targeting FIFA  World Cup Football Brazil 2014. The campaign starts today and will remain valid till the end of the tournament, – July 13. Under the campaign customers can win cash discount, scratch cards, gifts on purchase of its products from Singer Mega, Singer Plus and Singer Pro outlets all over the country.

Readers of Bangladesh found different news hits the news stand. The Dhaka tribune reported with a title, World Cup: Bangladeshi orders curry from England to Brazil
“Azim, originally from Bangladesh, pays more than $7,117.25 for curry dishes to be flown from restaurant in England to Brazil. We know of (some of) the lucky Bangladeshis who’ve made it to Brazil for the world cup. But one Bangladeshi has spiced it up (pun intended) to a whole new level after ordering curry in Brazil all the way from England. Mustafa Azim, who is originally from Bangladesh, has paid more than $7,117.25 for traditional curry dishes to be flown from Chilcha, an Indian restaurant in Sussex, England, the New York Post has reported. Azim, director of Imperial Air Salvage, ordered food for 12 of his colleagues all the way in Brazil. Mohammed Wahid, owner of Chilcha (and now sitting on a handsome sum of money for some 12 dishes), said at first he thought it was a joke. “I couldn’t believe it. In the beginning it was a little bit funny for me. I said how cans this happen?” he told the Worthing Herald. But it did. And here’s New York Post’s detailed account of how the $7,117.25 was broken down: Curry: $2,038. Return flight to Brazil: $3,056. Chartered flight to Shoreham to collect takeaway: $1,697.84. Car and hotel costs: $339.01 Azim first became aware of Wahid’s culinary creativity on the set of Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster “The Edge of Tomorrow” at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, where Wahid provided catering services, the Worthing Herald has reported. Imperial Air Salvage provided planes to be blown up on set. “We are from Bangladesh and on a regular basis we eat curry and rice, and fish is part of our diet. There’s not a single restaurant in Brazil that does it,” Azim told the Worthing Herald. Azim (unsurprisingly) has tickets to the World Cup final, and will fly into Shoreham Airport on a chartered plane to collect the dishes on Wednesday.

This write-up ought to be incompleted without mentioning the differences. The people of Bangladesh are crazy of football indeed, yet some people have different thinking as well. A letter of Mr. Mashudul haque to the editor of the daily star on July, 09th 2014 with a heading – Our madness about World Cup football says a lot of his differences that is worth mentioning in this context-
With the World Cup Football 2014 approaching, the supporters have started hoisting their favourite team’s national flags on top of their houses, shops, sports clubs and even vehicles. Most people of our country are just going with the stream hoisting flags, showing over-enthusiasm for football. Well, there is no harm in supporting any football team, but going overboard with it does not just seem right. We wonder if any other country of the world other than Bangladesh does such things.

Dhaka tribune with the report of Raihan Mahmood brought different news on June, 13th 2014 to the attention of its readers. A Bangladeshi sold national team jerseys of Brazil in Brazil!
“…It was a different start to the morning of a weekday in Sao Paulo yesterday. To mark the inaugural day of the FIFA  World Cup the government had earlier declared a public holiday across the state which made the millions of residents stay back at home instead of rushing to their work – leaving the busy roads and metro stations quite empty. There was however no short of business on the day as the garment sector, the retail shopping complex at the center of Bras, the hub of garments trading in Sao Paulo, cashed in by selling team jerseys. As I was strolling, I wasn’t much surprised to find the Brazilians buying their national team jersey, but I was quite surprised to find a Bangladeshi immigrant selling them. Khairul Islam, the Bangladeshi trader was enjoying a very busy time. He said: “I sold about 2000 jerseys in three hours, for the last two days the trade was getting warm but it reached the peak today, Bras is the center of garments trading and I have sold my products in both retail and wholesale forms, the jerseys were sold on 10 Reis each.”Khairul said they have produced the jerseys from their own machines and own infrastructures. Brazilians prefer T-shirts with the jeans and do not prefer shirts as day to day costumes. Khairul said they only concentrate on making T-shirts. The shopping malls were also doing brisk business with people buying Vuvuzela’s, Brazilian flags, jerseys and the yellow and green wigs and slowly Brazil seemed Brazil – a crazy football loving nation – as the atmosphere slowly built up with the occasional sound of fire crackers (which was actually pretty damaging for my eardrum).Claudia, a Bras resident who was out in Brazilian color with her friends, was gearing up for the opener and said in her broken English that she hoped Brazil win big against Croatia. The roadside restaurants and cafes in the area had already arranged live music shows till mid-night for the people who stopped over either for a bear or light snack. There were arrangements in line in Sao Paulo, that has a population of over 30 million, to celebrate a Brazil win, but any result apart from a win might see an all together different reaction…. ”

Different professionals of different professions expressed their true support to their favorite team of the world cup. This does not necessarily actors or columnist, lecturer or students, there were no limitation. But news was differently caught in the eyes of Bangladeshi people as the diplomats of different countries to Bangladesh were united with the spirit of all Bangladeshi crazy football loving people. The Dhaka tribune reported on June, 04th 2014 with a headline- Ambassadors revel in World Cup joy which detailed as-
Flags of Brazil, Spain and the Netherlands being flown atop the roof of countless houses in Bangladesh elated the respective ambassadors of the country and they duly appreciated the passion towards the beautiful game that exists in the football-mad country .Wanja Campos da Nobrega, the Brazilian ambassador, Gerben de Jong, the Netherlands ambassador and Luis Tejada, the Spanish ambassador in Bangladesh jointly inaugurated the 10-day countdown of the FIFA  World Cup 2014 Brazil at the residence of the Brazilian ambassador yesterday. The house was illuminated with green and yellow lights resembling the flag of Brazil and a festive mood prevailed at the residence as US ambassador Dan Mozena, deputy high commissioner of the British High Commission Nick Low and other diplomats also enjoyed the countdown celebration with the greatest show on earth scheduled to kick-off on June 12 in Sao Paulo. Deputy Minister of the youth and sports ministry Arif Khan Joy, Bangladesh Football Federation senior vice president Abdus Salam Murshedy, vice president Tabith Awal and general secretary Abu Naeem Shohag were also present on the occasion. Wanja Campos upheld the Brazilian spirit of the World Cup. “Brazil is a beautiful country and the World Cup will be more beautiful as it is hosted by Brazil. Brazil will demonstrate its rich culture, passion towards football and the rich history to the world with the World Cup. Bangladesh has a great support for the Brazilian team and I feel excited with it,” said Wanja Campos. Luis Tejada, the Spanish ambassador said he feels happy to see the Spanish flags in the capital. “I love the passion. Spain is far away from Bangladesh but football has created a fantastic connection between the two countries. It is the global appeal of football and Bangladesh is not out of it. Bangladesh loves football,” said Tejada. Gerben de Jong also echoed the same theme. “Football unites all. The World Cup will connect the world in one rhythm and that is why we are here. The Netherlands also has a good support base in Bangladesh and the two national coaches are from the Netherlands. I hope Bangladesh continues to develop the game and reach the top level,” said de Jong. The hosts will take on Croatia in the World Cup opener on June 12 in Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil.

Political parties of Bangladesh are not found possessing same view on any issue in Bangladesh. But news of Rashidul Islam published in daily Manab zamin on June, 13th 2014 brought different view at least on the issue of world cup. However, there is some common perception among the people of Bangladesh is Both Prime minister Seikh Hasina of Awami leage and her opponent former prime minister of Bangladesh Begum Khaleda Zia is the supporter of Brazil football team. The following report was quite interesting despite the report was in the context of Khulna, divisional city of Bangladesh.
“The divisional Khulna city is equally in festive mood aligns with the world. The public representative and politicians is also not so back ward to support in favor of their favorite team. The leaders of Awami league and Bangladesh nationalist party (BNP) was united at least one issue. The mainstream leaders of both parties of municipality and district are the strong supporter of Brazil. The president of Mohanagar Awami league, Talukdar abdul khaleq and the mayor of Khulna city corporation (KCC) and General Secretary of mohanagar BNP, Mohammad moniruzzaman moni said, “I am the supporter of Brazil from long since. The general secretary of Khulna mohanagar Awami league, Alhaj Mijanur rahman mijan, MP, said, “I prefer the playing of Brazil. Najrul Islam monju, president of Khulna mohanagar BNP said, this is Brazil who will win the world cup. The general secretary of Khulna district BNP, Adv. Shafikul Islam mona said, the valiant of Football culture, Brazil will win the cup as world cup organizer.”

Bangladesh Football foundation
Bangladesh football foundation did not confine themselves with just watching world cup football by sitting idle in front of TV/Giant LCD screen. Instead they had taken an initiative of releasing songs for world cup for spreading football craze all over Bangladesh! The news was published in Daily Manab zamin on June, 13th 2014.The Daily Manab Zamin reported making of a song on the occasion of world cup which is detailed as-
“…Bangladesh football federation (BFF) was taken an initiative to prepare a song of awaken (Jagoroner Gaan) to spread the craze of football all over the country which is titled as Dol LagE Dol PranE PranE Dol, PayE PayE Chondo PranE football (‘দোল লাগে দোল প্রাণে প্রাণে দোল’ ‘পায়ে পায়ে ছন্দ প্রাণে ফুটবল’). Bijoy mamun gave vocal on the song which was composed by Sazzad hossain and the music arrangement was done by Ayub Bacchu. Mahi B. choudhury, the owner of Air media, produced the video in different locations of the country including Bangabandhu stadium. The senior vice president of BFF, Abdu Salam Murshedi inaugurated the video of Jagoroner Gaan in BFF bhaban on Yesterday in a press conference. The producer of the song, Mahi B Choudhury said, we have produced the song in shortest time with the assistance of BFF. Now this is BFF whose responsibility is to telecast the song in all over the country for creating football awaken”

Various renouned columnists wrote article on world cup

  1. ওয়ার্ল্ড কাপ ফুটবল ২০১৪ : ঝুকি ছাড়া দেখার ১০টি উপায় : ঝুকি নিয়ে দেখার ১টি উপায়,শফিক রেহমান (World cup football 2014 : 10 ways to watch risk free : 1 way to watch with risk, by Shafiq rahman), Daily amar desh online, June, 13th 2014;
  2. অরণ্যে রোদন – কেন ব্রাজিল কেন আর্জেন্টিনা: কেন নয় ,আনিসুল হক (Weeping in the forest-Why Brazil, Why Argentina; why not, by Anisul haque) , Prothom alo, June, 13th 2014;
  3. ‘আমরা ক্রিকেট খেলি আর ফুটবল নিয়ে পাগলামো করি’রংপুরের ‘বাহে’র মারাকানা দর্শন, আনিসুল হক, ব্রাজিল থেকে  (We are playing football and becoming crazy with football-The visit of the fellow brother of Rangpur in Markana, By Anisul haque from Brazil), Daily prothom alo, July, 06th 2014;
  4. ফুটবলের কাব্যসত্তা ,মোহীত উল আলম (The poetry of football, by Mohit ul alam), Prothom alo, June, 13th 2014;
  5. বাঙালির ফুটবল উন্মাদনা ,শামসুজ্জামান খান (The craze of football by Bengalese, Shamsuzzaman khan), Prothom alo, June, 13th 2014;
  6. If it’s football, it’s Brazil by Mohammad Ali Sattar, July,02nd, 2014;
  7. ফুটবলকে ভালোবেসে ,শাইখ সিরাজ, (With the love of Football, by Shykh Siraj), Bangladesh pratidin, June 16th 2014;
  8. FOOTBALL FANATICS, by Md Shahnawaz Khan Chandan, June 10th , 2014;

Many poets wrote rhyme on world cup

  1. দেশ এখন দ্বিখণ্ডিত নেইমার আর মেসিতে | আলেক্স আলীম (The country is devided into Neimar and Messy!), Bangla news, June, 13th 2014;

TV media
Private and Govt TV channels telecasted different programmes on the occasion of world cup

  1. Kick off , Dabur Meswak Football Mania on Gazi tv;
  2. Football fever and Brajuka Brajil on Machranga television;
  3. Bisshokaper mathE on Desh TV;
  4. Road to Brazil on Channel 9;
  5. Nitol Tata Ultimate World Cup” at 8:30pm today on Channel 24 ;
  6. Krishoker bissocup football (The world cup of the farmers)on Channel i;
  7. Football based drama, Jersey number 10, Channel i;

Journalist visited Brazil

  1. Utpal suvro
  2. Sohel sarwar chanchal

Music industry:
The music industry was not so calm on the occasion of world cup! A Music video was released on the occasion of the world cup. Bangla news reported on June, 09th 2014 which detailed as-
“Shafik tuhin produced a song on the occasion of world cup. The music video of the song was produced by Yamin Elan. The music video was produced on June, 9th 2014 at Mirpur Sher-e-bangla stadium. A drone camera was used in producing the song. Every words involved starting from football match to the end was used in the song. The wording of the songs are as, Hoi Hoi Roi Roi Dorshok Ullash / Taan Tann Uttejonai Dirghoshas / Keoy jetE Keoy HarE / Keoy HasE Karo ChokhE Jol/Football, Bissocup football (হৈ হৈ রই রই দর্শক উল্লাস/টান টান উত্তেজনায় দীর্ঘশ্বাস/ কেউ জেতে কেউ হারে/কেউ হাসে কারো চোখে জল/ফুটবল, বিশ্বকাপ ফুটবল’). The lyrics and the composition were created by Shafik tuhin and the music arrangement was done by Rafi…..”

Dhaka tribune reported on July 3rd, 2014 with a headline-Deshi Shakira sings the World Cup song. The report detailed as-
“La la la … parle dekhao” Tishma, the so-called Rock Princess of Bengal, has released a Bangla version of Shakira’s thumping World Cup 2014 song “La La La.” The video blends footage from fans and players in Bangladesh with shots from the World Cup, bringing them together into one unified experience.
You can watch it here:
the lyrics may very well get stuck in your head: La la la… parle dekhao (If you can, show them). Dekho prithibi kemon kore eki chonde je mete roy (Look how the whole world rejoices to the same rhythm). For those of you who don’t know Tishma, she made her debut with her album “Tara” as a child artist in 2002. And as she has made obvious in the last few years, Tishma is highly inspired by the Colombian singer-songwriter and dancer Shakira. She has “rocked” quite a few other Shakira numbers, including “Waka Waka,” the official anthem of the last World Cup. For a full dose of Tishma, check out her Youtube channel.”

The Prothom alo reported on June, 21st 2014 on another song produced on the occasion of world cup. The news detailed as-
“A celebrity football tournament is going to be arrangement by Channel i. The tournament will be held on June, 27th at Mirpur indoor stadium. To encourage the celebrity and to entertain the audience, a special song is produced. Farid ahmed has arranged and composed the music of the song, titled as, Hoi choi hottogol/GolemalE GolmalE hoyE gelo goal/ goal, goal, goal, bajau bijoyer dhamadhol” (‘হৈচৈ হৈচৈ হট্টগোল/গোলেমালে গোলেমালে গোলেমালে হয়ে গেল গোল/গোল গোল গোল, বাজাও বিজয়ের ঢামাঢোল). The lyrics of the song were written by Major (Retd.) Anis-ul-Islam.  The vocal was given by Channel i serakantha, KhudE gaanraj o sur doria opar epar artist Monir, Mehedi, Saran, Pranti and Jakir etc. …”

 A bangla music video was produced on Messi. This was reported on Bangla mail on July, 11th 2014. The lyrics of the song is as Dekhini ami Pele-MaradonaR khela/Jonmo hoini tokhon tader bela/Ami aj boro dhonno/Lionel Messi ar jonno/Tar Khela mugdho korE/Tar jadu te hridoy vorE/Tar hasitE bissa HasE (‘দেখিনি আমি পেলেম্যারাডোনার খেলা/জন্ম হয়নি তখন তাদের বেলা/ আমি আজ বড় ধন্য/লিওনেল মেসির জন্য/তার খেলা মুগ্ধ করে/ তার জাদুতে হৃদয় ভরে/তার হাসিতে বিশ্ব হাসে‘) which reads almost as I did not see the match of Pele-Maradona/I was not born at their time/Today I am so thankful/For the sake of Lionon Messi/His playing enchants us/his magic fills our heart/his smile makes the world laugh! Is Messi aware about this? The report detailed as the following-
“…Argentina reached in the final or world cup after 24 years. The major credit behind this is Messi. A song was sung by Sajal, Kornia and Masum for this Argentine genius. All the singers came from the competition of channel 9 power voice. The lyrics were written by Tarek ananda. The music was composed by Sajal and music arrangement was done by Rejwan seikh.  All three artists were participated in the music video of the song. The video is available on Youtube and telecasted in various TV channels. This is known that the audio version of this song will be on mix music album, ‘Prem Josna’ to be released on Eid. This will be brought by CD choice”

Film industry:
There was no report yet of producing any film over world cup football. But local celebrities still showed their support to different countries by wearing jerseys and came to watch games in public. Dhaka tribune reported on June, 07th 2014; one of those with a title-Ananta and Barsha cheer FIFA  World Cup- Ananta has braced himself to support the game as the following-

“Much-talked about celebrity couple Ananta Jalil and Barsha will appear in “Nitol Tata Ultimate World Cup” at 8:30pm today on Channel 24. The talk-show features celebrities who are enthusiastic about football and in this episode; fans of Ananta and Barsha will see the couple cheering for the phenomenally popular sport. A buzz of excitement is in the air as the 2014 FIFA World Cup draws near and like any other football fan; Ananta has braced himself to support the game. With many tags in his career, the actor, director, producer and business tycoon is producing World Cup jerseys for the FIFA fans. The AJI Group is making jerseys of seven countries which will be available for the spectators of the World Cup in both home and abroad.

 Another different story came into limelight. Most popular social site facebook was engaged with the crazy football fan with pictures, text, share, comments, frown etc. A facebook based community attracted the people here differently. The news sayid, the first goal of Honduras in World cup will be dedicated to Bangladesh. The report of Bangla news by Asif Aziz detailed as-
“Three Bangladeshi youths are running a facebook fan page officially ‘we are crazy fans of Honduras football team from Bangladesh’ from Bangladesh. When most of people of Bangladesh can not think except Argentina and Brazil, such an arrangement for Honduras got much public attention in social media communication.  Not only in facebook, had they uploaded a video for Honduras. The strong opponents of Honduras in Group-E are France, Switzerland and Ecuador. But the supporters are not bothering about this. More than 33 thousand fans joined in the page….another news to be noted that Honduras did not stop by thanking the fans of Bangladesh, they express good luck for Bangladesh cricket as well.”

Strange but true!
Daily prothom alo reported different and interesting news on July, 07th 2014 which reads as the following- house colored as the flag of Brazil in Narayanganj. The report detailed as the following-
…To express love for favorite team, Jonal abedin faruq alias Tutul of Lalpur area of Fotulla sub-district in Narayanganj district painted his 6 story building with the color of the flag of Brazil to make an example of the love for his favorite team. Mr. Tutul who worked in a private organization did the same in the world cup of 2010. At that time the house was two storied. But his neighbors were not considered this positively. Some of them tried to discolor his house. Some of them termed him as Mad. But his love for Brazil was not reduced at all. Now his house grows up to 6th floor. And he colored full of his house with the color of the Brazil flag in this time too.  Moreover, flags of Brazil hoisted in the top of his roof. People from other areas are paying visit to see his house

But situation was not so favorable like this everywhere for Brazil. Some of them even showed hard re-action when Brazil was failed in winning the world cup. Such news was found on Deshe Bideshe on July, 10th 2014 with a title, what a whim of Brazil supporter! The report was quite interesting and detailed as-
“There were various surprises centering on football. A strange incident was done in Bangladesh by a Bangladeshi. Moshiur rahamn monju (40), a supporter of Brazil turned to the supporter of Argentina by signing on stamp of Tk. 50 and Tk. 100 after going to the notary public office. The incident was happened on Wednesday noon through the advocate of Narail judge court, Adv. Alok Bhattacharjo with full consciousness and according to his belief. He has taken this decision with heavy heart followed by the defeat of Brazil against Germany on Tuesday night. Monju declared in the affidavit, ’from the beginning I was the supporter of Brazil, one the important team of world football. I am acknowledging after fighting with my mind for long time that, I am now a supporter of Argentine football team. This is the final declaration from me….”

The situation was harder as per the following report of Bangla news on July, 9th 2014 which was titled as, the match of Brazil was relinquished, Television demolished! The report detailed as-
“The supporters of Brazil in Lokkhipur relinquished the game of Brazil to reach to final once they were behind by 5-0. And the tensed audience of Bamni, Raipur demolished television. The supporters of Brazil switched off the television and giant screen once Brazil were behind by 5-0 in semi final match on Wednesday at 2 PM to avoid the match. This is known from the local football loving audiences that, the match was showed in Lokkhipur happy cinema and Komolnagar Meghna cinema hall. The audiences were rushed off from the cinema hall by seeing the collapse of Brazil. On the other hand, the supporters were relinquished the match in different areas of Ramgoti and Ramganj sub-district. The source said, the supporters of Brazil in Raipura Bamni demolished the television set once they lost to Germany by 7-1…“

The daily Prothom alo brought different news on world cup craze on June, 11th 2014. The report headlined as Oh! Football craze; The report detailed as
“…Md. Rentu Islam, a street vetch seller of Kakonhat area of Godabari of Rajshahi district. He decorated his vessel of vetch and ingredients as the flag of his favorite team, Brazil. Rentu said, he has been selling boiled vetch for 10 years in the bus terminal and rail station of Rajshahi city. He sells vetch of about 700-800 Tk. at average per day. He had decorated his materials as per the flag of Brazil prior to world cup to attract customers. He informed the step of decorating as Brazil flag with the ingredients of boiled vetch. In the first stage (Dala) he had kept vetch, then cucumber. Then he kept slices of green chilly to mark the green color of Brazil flag. To bring the shape of the flag of his favorite team, Brazil in the greenery, he had placed yellow color Chanachur, circle of boiled vetch and slices of cucumber in the centre. Many of the passersby peeped at the selling of vetch due to different style. Various people from children to people of different caste were buying his boiled vetch with curiosity…

These were the one side of the coin, called, Brazil, the other side, obviously, Argentina! The Kaler kantha reported on July, 10th 2014 with a heading, the act of the fan of Argentina: Gopal cuts hair whole the day free for poor children! The report detailed his love and passion as-
“This is Gopal hair cutting saloon shop in front of a mosque in western Agargaon of the capital, Dhaka. A number of 20-22 children were sitting in a queue at 12 noon in the saloon shop. Gopal Chandra shil, the shop owner said, once asked for the reason of queue of children today, “I am the fan of Argentina, I took oath yesterday that I will cut hair free for children by tomorrow if Argentina would defeat Netherland in semifinal and secure place in Final. As Argentina did what I expected, I am cutting hair whole the day for free for the children today.” In response to the question-How many children were served till noon? He added, “I including his deputy cuts hair for 41 children till noon, and 25 more in the queue.” He added further that despite I have decided this due to the weakness of the football, but now I feel that those I cut hair are from poorest families. I am cutting hair free; I will get money for a day, but I am getting pleasure for cutting hair for those. A banner placed in front of the Gopal saloon shop with the text- Free hair cut for whole the day for poor children, a child of 5th grade of Agargaon Govt. primary school, Robiul alam entered into the shop. In response to the question-Do you come too to cut the hair? Rabiul said, one of my class mate had cut his hair, I came by hearing from him. Md. Abu taleb, owner of local Oishi electronics said, they are cutting hair free from today morning in the saloon shop of Gopal Chandra; this is the act of love for Argentina though; this is a very good initiative for humanism. He is cutting hair despite he is getting loss in his business.”

 A young Bangladeshi girl was fasting for Lionel Messi in Bangladesh. Are you hearing, Messi? This is Bangladesh, south eastern Asian country in the world map! Lots of love is for Argentina from millions, probably billions of diehard supporters of Argentina from Bangladesh. The report of Daily prothom alo on July, 15th, 2014 detailed as,
“…Prapti das, of Netrokona district of Bangladesh, was fasting for the winning of Argentina, especially for Messi can win the world cup. She did not start debating with supporters of other country, even she did not try to attempt to make winner of her favorite team overpowering by word. She tried by worshipping to Goddess and attempted to get heaven power with fasting. But the result is not favorable to her. Argentina was not able to win. The dream was not achieved. The world cup sent Lionel Messi, the best player of the planet, with empty hand. She considered that Messi played well despite Argentina lost. Prapti said that she did not have any sorrow; Messi played well than others; this was a respectable defeat. God did what is good.” Prapti is a student of 11th Grade. She was a fan of Argentina from the childhood. She earnestly expected to the see the world cup in the hand of her favorite player. Would all the desire come true? But the love of Argentina or Messi did not diminish at all.”

Different news came in different dailies in Bangladesh. This was about first fantasy football of Bangladesh. The daily sun reported on May, 29th, 2013 with a headline, Ishtiaque creates Fantasy Football history. The report detailed the history as-
“Bangladeshi fantasy football manager; Ishtiaque Amin won the first ever Premier League Player Exchange (PLPE) fantasy football competition whipping thousands of participants all around the world. Manchester United fan Ishtiaque. who is studying BBA at the United International University (UIU), started playing fantasy football from the 2011-12 season of Barclays Premier League. This season, Ishtiaque concentrated more on the Barclays official Fantasy Football game over any other version of fantasy competitions and while going through the official website of Barclays, he found the fantasy player exchange game. The portfolio manager will be handed a VIP trip for two Barclays Premier League match featuring a team of his choice including two nights’ stay, £250 spending money and pre-match hospitality for winning the PLPE fantasy competition. Ishtiaque already had a great season supporting the Red Devils as they went on winning their 20th triumph and now the PLPE winner can not wait for the next season to start as he is planning to give Old Trafford a visit to witness the Manchester derby with his prize eligibility. However, Ishtiaque is not the first Bangladeshi to earn fantasy honors. Quamrul Hassan, who is a journalist and a great football lover, won the espnstar knockout game back in 2009-10 season going past around 260,000 fantasy managers around the globe. Quamrul Hassan is also the founder of the “Fantasy Football Players of Bangladesh” – a facebook group which has helped a lot to nurture young fantasy managers like Ishtiaque and others across the country”.
Player registration:
Fantasy football players of Bangladesh:

This is strange, indeed true that flags of 32 countries are flying in the pond of Moulobi bazar, Bangladesh. Someone strange may mistake the world cup is being organized in Bangladesh near the pond! Bangla news reported on June 21st 2014 which detailed as-
“Flags of 32 participating countries of world cup football including the flags of Bangladesh are flying in the pond of Kusumbag darok area of Moulobi bazar district. It seems that the world cup 2014 is going on somewhere near the pond. A pond near ward no. 9 of the municipality of a house was decorated with these flags. A youth of this house, Emon said to Bangla news that, this different arrangement was done to beautify with different initiative of flying the flags of 32 world cup participating countries.”
Flags, Flags and Flags:
Probably these are flags, flags and flags of different football playing nations flying all over Bangladesh which distinguished Bangladesh from other countries! No doubt, the flags were not for own country, but mostly for Latin Americans.  The people of Bangladesh sent true love to every corner of the world through hoisting flags in the air. Millions and millions flags were hoisted. Very few of incidences were noted here. But a farmer, Amjed of Magura was the top attraction of world media for his distinguished thinking.

  1. The craze of demonstrating flags by the supporter of Brazil reached new height in Faridpur. The daily Kaler kantha reporter on June,07th 2014 which is headlined as the supporter of Brazil brought a procession with flag of 3000 feet and detailed as the following-
    “A procession involving 3000 people was held in Bhanga sub-district sadar of Faridpur district with a flag of Brazil of 3000 feet long. The procession was brought at 9 Am by the initiative of Sonartori club of Dhormodi village of Nurulganj union of the sub-district. The procession was ended at Dharmadi village after going through 20 KMs of road, sadarpur-pukuria regional road and Bhanga sub-district road. Supporters of Brazil welcome the procession with hand claps in different areas. Shahidul Islam, the general secretary of Sonartori club said, ‘we wanted to do something different. So, we had walked with 3000 feet flags for 20 KMs of road. The members of the club including the villagers attended in the procession. Many more people joined with us from the road. The distance did not bother us at all.”
  2. The craze of demonstrating flags by the supporter of Argentina in Mymensingh. Bangla news reported on June, 08th 2014 which headlined as a procession was held in Mymensingh with 250 feet long Argentine flag. The report detailed as-
    A procession was held by about 250 students of Mymensingh medical college with 250 feet long Argentine flag. The supporter of Argentina brought the procession from Mymensingh medical college campus. The procession was ended at Medical college gate after roaming through Chor para more and main road of the campus. This is known that, Samiul awal sakkhor, safat choudhury and Zahidul is the strong supporter of Argentina. They organized other Argentine supporters of the medical and spend Tk. 12,000 to make the 250 feet long Argentine flag. Later they brought the procession in the campus with their leading. Dr. Roman, teacher of Forensic department of the college was present from the teachers…
  1. The craze of demonstrating flags by the supporter of Argentina continued in Natore. The Daily Amar Desh online reported on June, 17th, 2014 with a headline, The Argentine supporters made a 100 meter long Argentine flag. The report added further as the following-
    “The Argentine supporters made a 100 meter long Argentine flag in Natore. The district city, Natore is also shivering with the world in world cup fever. The supporters of Brazil and Argentina are bringing procession with drums and motor cycle procession in almost every day. The fans of Argentina in Harispur area brought a procession with 100 feet long Argentine flags after the first win of Argentina in world cup on Monday afternoon. The flags were the hoisted in the horispur by-pass road after the procession”.
  1. The craze of demonstrating flags reached in different level in Dinajpur. The Just news reported on June 19th 2014 with a heading, 33 flags in one house. The report detailed as-
    … M. A. Ohab Sarkar, former municipality chairman of Parbortipur municipality of Dinajpur surprised the people of his area by hoisting the flags of 33 countries by own. 33 flags including Bangladesh are flying outside of his house. M. A. Ohab said for this matter, the match of world cup is showed here in my house everyday in giant screen. About 800/900 people are watching matches in my house. Among them, not only the supporters of Argentina, Brazil and Germany are watching the matches regularly there but also ther supporters of other 32 countries like Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Itali are also watching. He said, the enjoyment is different when these many people are watching football for long time altogether. Moreover, the relation of co-existence and peacefulness among the people of rich, poor, different religions, caste and classes are improving when all are watching matches altogether.”
  1. Radio German reported the hoisting of half Km. long flag of Argentina in the Alaudddin road of old Dhaka.
  2. The story of a Bangladeshi Farmer, Amjad, Yes, made big boom not only within Bangladesh, But all over the world. He proved love and passion for anything will not be unnoticed and unrecognized. The story of Amjed of Magura spread almost all media of Bangladesh and leading media of the world. The diplomats of Germany, Mr. Von Weyhe rushed to see and recognized him. Even the FIFA recognized his passion by adding the photograph of his 3 KM. long flag of Germany in the latest 15 photos in the website of FIFA . He brought honor to his village and country as well. The preparing of a flag of Germany by selling his own cultivable land adds more flavors to the incident and took the dedication of love for football team in utmost height. German diplomat of the country recognized him with certificates, life- long membership card of German football academy fan club, one football, a Gercy of German football team and other gifts which were never happened in the history of Bangladesh. The incidence influences on Amjad for which he refused to sell the flag asked by a local company which he prepared in years with the money he saved with hard struggle and by selling a land, source of the livelihood of this poorest man. He proved Love and passion can win over poverty or anything. The following reports peeped in detail to the incidences happened with Amjad.
  3. An article written By Marissa Payne on July, 13th 2914 in Washington post was published which headlined as Bangladeshi farmer is Germany’s biggest fan. Here is the detail-
    “Forget about painting your face, a farmer in Bangladesh is taking his fanaticism to another level. Amjad Hossain, 63, loves Germany so much that he sewed a two-mile-long German flag to express his support. The German language news site Bild reports: A 3,500-by-1.15-meter black, red and gold flag is rolled out at the local soccer stadium [in Magura, Bangladesh]. The father of 10 children even had to sell farmland to attain money to afford the bolts of fabric. At times, he had three tailors working for him. He paid over 1,500 Euros ($2,000) to complete the project. But why? Well, according to Bild, German medicine saved Hossain’s life. He had suffered from a serious kidney disease, but recovered by 2006, when he first started to sew the giant flag. As for Hossain’s predictions for the final? “I’m going for a 2-0 win over Argentina, at least!” he told Bild.”
  1. A news of Afp published in Daily Sun on July,14th, 2014 with a headline, Bangladeshi Amjad unfurls 3.5 km German flag, detailed the recognition of farmer Amjad as the following-
    “A Bangladeshi farmer Amjad receives a German jersey in Magura. Germany has honored a Bangladesh farmer and diehard fan for making a 3.5-kilometre-long (2.2 mile) flag of the country in support of Philipp Lahm’s World Cup team, officials said Sunday. The massive flag was on display Saturday at a stadium in the western town of Magura, which the German charge d’affaires, Ferdinand von Weyhe, visited to pay tribute to the farmer. “The 3.5-kilometre-long German flag circled the stadium four times and hundreds of people have turned up to see this amazing sight,” said Ishrat Hossain, a German embassy spokeswoman. She said Von Weyhe handed the farmer, 65-year-old Amjad Hossain, a life membership of the official fan club of the German national team, a football, a team jersey and a certificate of appreciation. The farmer told AFP he became a German fan out of gratitude after he recovered from a gallbladder stone by taking homeopathic medicine made in Germany. “I started making the flag after the 2006 World Cup in Germany. It was extended in the 2010 World Cup and in this World Cup I added more cloth. It’s now 3.5 kilometers long,” Hossain said. Hossain, an impoverished farmer, said he sold a piece of farmland to help pay for the flag which cost 240,000 taka ($3,000). “The flag will be a success if Germany wins the World Cup,” he said.”
  1. The exceptional passion of Amjad was recognized by the FIFA as well. Dhaka tribune reported on July 14th, 2014 with a headline, FIFA acknowledges Bangladeshi German supporter which was detailed as-
    “FIFA has acknowledged the 3.5 km long German flag, made by the Bangladeshi farmer Amzad Hossain. FIFA’s official site has posted the image of that huge flag along with the victorious moments and the celebration of German football team. ”.

This incidence was attracted by the world media as well. Here are some links of the news.

  1. Bangladeshi farmer is Germany’s biggest fan
  2. Bangladesh fan unfurls 3.5km German flag
  3. Bangladesh farmer makes huge German flag

The wave of German:
Despite the supporters of Argentina and Brazil dominated the supporting to world cup participating countries in Bangladesh, German had too! There was a fresh wave of supporting Germany; especially most of the supporters of Brazil turned them to Germany against their rival Argentina despite Brazil lost German by 7-1! Probably farmer Amjad fueled the support of German by making a huge flag for his favorite team. A significant number of German flags were seen flying top of the roofs. Radio German reported on July 12th 2014 with a headline, the tide of German in Bangladesh before the world cup final. The report detailed as-
Germany and Argentina will play the final match of the world cup. The supporters of Brazil overcome the dolor of defeat after extreme disappointment in the semi final. They start thinking that the final match can not be avoided any way; because football is the main concern. As a result, most of the Brazil supporters turn to Germany. The supporters of Brazil do not want to see Argentina as winner though Germany defeated Brazil. Most of the supporters of Bangladesh are Argentina and Brazil. Germany is the next. But Brazil is not reached in the world cup final in this time. So, the supporters of Brazil stand against Argentina in the final. There is huge debate everywhere starting from social media to tea stall, even in the offices, this is very hard to hear in the shop of Mobarok in Estkaton. A Brazil supporter, Abul khayer Rony was found there. He said, he will watch the final on Sunday and he will support Germany. Why will he support German instead of Argentina when Germany defeated Brazil? His answer was straight-Football means the war between Brazil and Argentina. So some happiness will be found if Argentina will be defeated in the final. It does not matter who wins, this is important for him that whether Argentina would be defeated. Neimar wants Argentina would get the cup. With these words, a supporter of Brazil, Sohana rahman of Dhanmondi said, this is the words of courtesy. We want German wins over Argentina. And this is when the supporters of Argentina will stop their mouth. Jemson Mahbub of Karwan bazaar researched to say that Germany would be the winner. This Mahbur was researching to say the Brazil as a winner before the semi final. Despite he got sorrow by the defeat of Brazil, he wants to keep the cup in Latin America. He thought that the football is for Latin America. Football is in their heart. Their heart should not be broken. Some supporter’s forms were released in social site like facebook. The supporters of Argentina and the supporters of German called the disheartened Brazil supporters to join with them. They are showing rational. Comments are flooding on these. The supporters of Brazil are trying to demoralize the supporters of Argentina with rational and saying the spirit of Argentina will be lost in the final also. Another supporter said, they will support Germany even though they will wear the jersey of Brazil. The flags of Germany were seen hoisting, but comparatively less. But the numbers are increasing. Some fans keep the flag of Germany in the vehicle. Some youths are found in Dhaka with German jersey. Such a supporter is a youth, Mostofa Haidar; he is supporter of Germany from the beginning; because German is balanced team, not depended on one or two. He said, the charm of Argentina and Brazil is diminishing and the total supporters of German are increasing gradually.”

The football crazy nation, Bangladesh is mad about the world football. If we consider the domestic football, possibly the captain of Bangladesh football team has the most appropriate and honest observation in recent time.  By the way, how many of us can tell the name of captain of Bangladesh football team all in a sudden? Though there is no data yet in hand, but surely the percentage of capable person in stating the name will not be a handsome one for sure. This is Mamunul, Captain of Bangladesh football team who predicted the destiny of Bangladesh football in an interview taken in Dhaka tribune on June 13th, 2014.
“The question was, “Bangladesh is currently 162 in the FIFA ranking. Its highest ranking was 110 in 1996. How can we climb back up?” The answer was the ranking depends on how many international matches a country plays. We play at most five matches on average a year. But look at how many games other countries play. If we play 20-25 matches every year, our ranking would be around 130-135.”

In the most recent update till date, Bangladesh ranked 163rd out of 208th football playing nations in the top ranking list provided by FIFA , slightly changed from 167th of 207th  football playing nations prior to the world cup!
World ranking of Football: http://www.FIFA .com/worldranking/rankingtable/index.html

This is the true picture of Bangladesh football that will not be dramatically changed within a night in near future. Despite Bangladesh will be crazy again surely after four years in 2018, no doubt.

News and content Courtesy: This article acknowledges the use of news and contents of different sites, newspapers to draw a full picture of the impact of world cup 2014 especially on Bangladesh –

  1. Daily Star
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  3. Daily prothom alo
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Facebook pageFrom the Heart of Bangladesh

Football crazy nation, Bangladesh celebrates the world cup in its own fashion and style

The world cup-2014 is knocking at our door. The world will be inebriated with the attraction of football craze shortly from June 12 to July 13, 2014. Bangladesh is also no difference even though Bangladesh ranked 167 out of 207 football playing nations in the top ranking list provided by FIFA. Despite its absence in world cup 2014, the football crazy people of Bangladesh extends its support to the nations representing in the world cup with own style.

Unlike others articles published in this site, let’s start the article with a sad news and ends-up with some encouraging ones.

A youth, Md. Nazim (18), died in the capital of Bangladesh, by electrocuting at the time of his attempt to fly the flag of his favorite team, Argentina.  The incident was reported to be happened at Adabor Sunibir housing area of the capital on Sunday, 1st June, 2014; 11 days prior to the world cup.

The football authority of Brazil decided to put the tag of “Made in Bangladesh” in all the Jerseys of Brazil in respect to the death of over 1138 people due to the collapse of Rana plaza of savar where workers of 5 garments factories were engaged in garment manufacturing at the time of building collapse.

The third news is handful in terms of Bangladesh economy as it says-

Bangladesh is exporting jersey worth at least USD 50 crores or 500 million. At least hundred garment manufacturing factories got the deal of supplying jerseys for fans of different football playing nations which directly influences on the growth of the demand of ready made garments by 14% compare to the last fiscal year(July’12-June’13). The concerned authority assumes the income of garments factories in the current fiscal year (July’13-June’14) can reach to 25 billion US dollar which is greater by 3 billion dollar compare to last fiscal year.With no surprise, most of the incomes are generated from Jerseys, track suits and many more world cup based items exporting. Some other small companies are also supplying various items like flags, caps etc. prior to the world cup. International garments selling brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas made jerseys from Bangladesh prior to the world cup starting from June 12th, 2014.

With all the factors above, the football fans of Bangladesh engaged in the debate over the winner of world cup 2014. Significant supporters of the country have kept their faith intact on Argentina where the supporters of Brazil still believes they can supersede Argentina or the defending champion and become the new champion. The debate has no end before July 13th when the world will embrace the new champion of the world for next 4 years. The debate here in Bangladesh will be continued to the next world cup over the supremacy of Argentina or Brazil for years even though none of the supported countries become champion or any of the supported countries become champion. However, some of the Bangladeshis will keep their faith on Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, England or so on.

Whatever the happenings, the street hawkers of Bangladesh carry the spirit of football and sell flags to the football fans of Bangladesh and the fans continue debate over supremacy with the support of their favorite teams and show their support in favor of their team through flying flags in tops of houses, streets and where not!

Some facts of Football/world cup:

FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking (June 2014)

Rnk Team Pts +/- Pos
1 Spain 1485 0
2 Germany 1300 0
3 Brazil 1242 1
4 Portugal 1189 -1
5 Argentina 1175 2
6 Switzerland 1149 2
7 Uruguay 1147 -1
8 Colombia 1137 -3
9 Italy 1104 0
10 England 1090 1

*** Bangladesh ranked 167 out of 207 football playing nation in the top ranking list provided by FIFA.

World ranking of Football:

Match Schedule:



World cup match schedule in Bangla (২০১৪ বিশ্বকাপের সূচি):





World cup point table in Bangla (২০১৪ বিশ্বকাপ ফুটবল পয়েন্ট টেবিল):

Official page of FIFA:

Some important mobile applications which will really help you in this world cup:

  1. Pocket world cup schedule:
  2. Real time result of match with Live score application for web, android, windows, ipone, ipad:
  3. Live score of world cup with SOFA application for web, android, windows, ipone, ipad:
  4. FIFA official application for android, ipone, ipad:
  5. Application software to know information For Android:
  6. AFC soccer world cup Apps: 
  7. Adidas 2014 FIFA world (LWP) application for football screen for Smartphone:

Live world cup football on Mobile:

  1. Android:
  2. iOS:
  3. Windows 8:
  4. Xbox One:
  5. Amazon Fire TV:


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The spirit of football craze all over Bangladesh!

The  spirit of football craze all over Bangladesh!
The photos were taken in different parts of Dhaka.

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Facebook pageFrom the Heart of Bangladesh

The hawker of the spirit of football craze!

The hawker of the spirit of football craze!
The photos were taken in different parts of Dhaka.

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