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The climate change and the impact of the devastating role of nature in the days ahead.

The climate change and the impact of the devastating role of nature in the days ahead.
No doubt, the climate is changing. The familiar environment of our surrounding behaves strangely. The expected rain either comes early or late. Some times this part of the world experiences heavy or no rain. Most often, a devastating cyclone demolish the localities of millions. A riverine country like Bangladesh experiences short of drinking water.
The water level of the country goes down day after day. The people of some part of Bangladesh have forced to collect drinking water from the rain. Even their tube-well that brings water for them for decades can not bring suitable drinking water anymore. This makes a great concern to the people of all the levels.

So whether a green country like Bangladesh is heading toward land of desert. What will be effect on the species living here? What about the people of the densely populated country like Bangladesh? Whether Bangladesh will turn to be another Somalia of the world? Whether the world is going to hear the death of millions of people within this decade?

The environmental scientists of the world are puzzled due to the strange behavior of the nature of the earth. This part of the world with the remaining part of the world still unaware about the danger of the climate change. No strong voice speaks loudly that we have no time anymore to wait…

***A campaign programme Jete hobe hobe 3000 mile has been started to aware the bad impact of the climate change…Visit:

***The documentary Jete HobE 3000 Mile demonstration was held in the Chuadanga Shilpa Kala Mukto Mancha regarding the change of climate in Bangladesh in 19th November 2011 (Sunday).
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