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Mor Thengari , The name of the first movie in Chakma language in Bangladesh

There is a saying that let a hundred flowers bloom! Once upon a time, people of this country had to fight with Pakistan which was originated when the right of mother language was being denied by the state. The country whose independence had inspired or influenced by Language movement is susceptible to the right of other language. Hundred of flowers let bloom in this country. One of the examples is the making of the movie, Mor Thengari.

Mor Thengari (Bengali: মর থেংগারি), is the first movie of Bangladesh which used Chakma as the language. In English, Mor Thengari means my bi-cycle. The director of the movie is Aung Rakhain (Bengali: অং রাখাইন).

This movie was first shown in February, 2015. This movie was shown in different countries as well. Even it was shown in ‘16th Rainbow Film Festival’ in London on 25th, May, 2015. The one hour and four minutes long film portrays the life and struggle of Chakma society. 10 Chakma persons including a woman were the debutant actors in this legendary movie.

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