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The Boat Series

Some pictures can speak more than the text. This year we will bring such photos to satisfy the thirst of the visitors.
Here is the effort to draw such activities.
A hearty thanks to the photo contributor.

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The Boat Series
Bangladesh is a riverine country. The river is the main source of water in Bangladesh still. And still the need of boat is not lessen at all.  The picture of boats were taken on 10th August 2013 from the river of Padma near Aricha Ghat (wharf), some 18 KM away from Manikganj District (50 KMs away from Dhaka).  Aricha Ghat (wharf) is one of the most important ferry terminals in Bangladesh. It is situated in Manikganj District.

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Education boat in the extensive fen of Sunamganj

This is another success story of the entrepreneurship of Bangladesh. The extensive fen of Sunamganj, a district of Bangladesh is always inundated under the water. As a result, Most of the children of this region can not reach to the formal education. BANGLADESH RURAL ADVANCEMENT COMMITTEE (BRAC), A Bangladesh origin organization but reputed in the international arena for microfinance, poverty reduction etc. has taken the initiative to bring the education to this students who have limited or no access to education.

This is branded as the education on boat. Recently two education boats were inaugurated in Bissomvorpur and Jamalpur upazila of Sunamganj. The primary level education will be continuing in this boat. This is known that the stand-alone village separated in the water of the extensive fen area is familiar in the local dialect as the Hati. ‘A boat will cover 3-4 such Hatis. The boat will carry the students from the Hati. A school madam will teach the students in the boat itself. At the end of the class, this boat will carry the students to their Hati. They can get the opportunity to participate in the annual exam as like the other formal primary schools available in Bangladesh.

100 more boat turned schools are expecting to come into existence soon



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