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The making of Bamboo crate Series

Some pictures can speak more than the text. This year we will bring such photos to satisfy the thirst of the visitors.
Here is the effort to draw such activities.
A hearty thanks to the photo contributor.

Photo Courtesy: Moriom Shely, Journalist, Daily Jaijaidin, Boisakhi TV

The making of Bamboo Crate Series
This is the Bamboo Crate (Bengali: বাশের ঝুড়ি) used all over Bangladesh. There is  no real substitute of Bamboo Crate by considering this from the perspective of  low-cost, environment friendliness yet.

A noteworthy number of poor as well as rich families  of Bangladesh still accustom with such environment friendly basket for their daily need.

The maker of this Bamboo Crate still remain below poverty line even though their contribution to the nation and the environment is immense.

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