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Lengthy bridge of bamboo has been made-up with the effort of the people of a remote village in Bangladesh

This is a story of local contribution, effort, and entrepreneurship of rural villages of Bangladesh. The location is in the village of Choudonto PurboHati, Adampur union, Oshto gram upazila, district Kishoreganj.
A bridge with 255 feet length and 6 feet width has been made-up with bamboos with the entrepreneurship of local people. The choudonto Govt. Primary school is located around 300 feet west ward, and Mohontola High school is located around 1 mile west ward. There is no medium to communicate except on foot in the hot summer and small boats in the monsoon. As a result the village people as well as the students have to go to schools and come back from there with life-risk. However, the students have to spend at around the cost of 40 kg rice as a boat fare with fixed boat to go to schools in the monsoon. The small kids of the schools fell in various troubles like stopping of going schools in the rainy and windy day. As if there is no one to extend hand to the people of this remote area.

This bridge has been made by collecting contribution like donation from each family of the village in this year. Every one is passing the road with ease now. The school going kids are happy with this bridge though it is only made-up of bamboo.

Bambo Build Bridge in Bangladesh

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