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The Marketing and production of Pajero Zeep is launched in Bangladesh.

The only vehicle manufacturing and marketing organization of Bangladesh Government, Pragati, has started marketing of Pajero sports Zeep CR-45 with the assistance of Mitsubishi, Japan. The information is released in 14th September 2011. The Pragati industries ltd has moved one step ahead of progressive manufacturing with this. A growing hope is enlightened to assemble Sidan Car from next year (2012) with the continued effort. The Mitsubishi motors company has been monitoring on regular basis to check the quality of the CR-45 Model Zeep of Pragati. The pragati has re-assembled more than 30 pajero sports C-R-45 zeep and more than 15 zeep has been sold to the various government organizations. As per the deed with Mitsubishi Corporation, the responsibility of selling zeep in Government organization is for Pragati, and the responsibility of selling in private sectors bestowed to Rangs Limited. There is a target of manufacturing of 300 pajero sports zeep in each year. The facilities of Mitsubishi pajero sports CR-45, manufactured with the most modern technology, is far more than the facilities of Pajero V-31. The fuel expenditure is less and this is more comfortable comparatively. Bangladesh Government has been trying to transform Pragati Industries ltd into a profitable vehicle manufacturing organization with proper management to export vehicle in abroad after fulfilling the domestic need.

Mitsubishi motors have the following acknowledgement as the following in their website.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Starts Production & Sales of Pajero Sport SUV model in Bangladesh

Tokyo, August 9, 2011 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announces that it has started local production and sales in Bangladesh of its new-model Pajero Sport SUV. The Pajero Sport is being produced at the Chittagong plant of Pragoti Industries Limited (PIL), MMC’s business partner in Bangladesh, and will be sold through PIL’s domestic sales network.
PIL is a state-owned automobile assembler operated by the Bangladesh Ministry of Industries and has had operational ties with MMC, assembling and selling MMC models in Bangladesh since 1977. PIL has produced and sold MMC’s previous-generation Pajero since 1995 and with the addition of the new-model Pajero Sport SUV is seeking to strengthen its lineup and expand sales further. Initially the company expects to produce and sell some 500 Pajero Sport models annually.”

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