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Moriom Shely-A Name of struggle, a symbol of women freedom…..

Moriom Shely-A Name of struggle, a symbol of women freedom…

The common picture of a woman in the second largest Muslim populated country is a woman whose full appearance is covered with a black veil. Very interestingly all the bodies including the hands, legs, head, even the eyes are suppressed under the cloths of veil. This article is not intended to defame the women in veil; rather i honor the dignity of the women under veil who knows her pain best!

Let’s come to the point. In a country like Bangladesh, This is very unusual to see a woman carries her Handy Cam on hand with no veil at all and no cover on head! This picture is even very rare in number in Dhaka, Capital of Bangladesh. But the people of Chuadanga are experiencing the bold appearance of such a women roaming all over the city and rural places either with Camera or Handy cam in search of News, News and News!

This can not be said that there are no obstacles at all. But this is Moriom Shely (Bengali: মরিয়ম শেলী), a born fighter, Journalist of the newspaper-Daily JaiJaidin and TV Channel-Boishaki Television, who knows how to tackle the problems and how to overcome the challenge.

Journalist is not the only identity to present for these qualitative women. If we bring the brilliance of these women on focus, we need to peep into her life for a while.

The following lines have been collected from the inquisitiveness of our findings of to bring the news of Bangladesh origin person with no or less focus at all.

Her journalism starts from the hobby. This was happened in 1992 through Daily SutroPat of Kustia district. Later she has been working in various newspapers based on Kustia, Khulna, Dhaka and other regional newspaper.

She had told while describing her life as journalist, “Once upon a time the incident of murder was happened on regular basis in chuadanga. The deaths were ferocious. This was the year of 2003. I was working in Daily Pratidin KhashKhobor. I had to awake in almost all the night. Once i came to know at 3 PM in night that two persons were killed by chopping. There was no one except me, editor, and Computer Operator in the office. I as well as my editor was decided to go to the hospital. I had seen two death body wrapped with cloth on a rickshaw Van in the corridor of Hospital. I have felt that there were no head but the body of the decease just after opening the cloth even in the night.  Later i discovered that the head of the headless dead body was kept in between the legs. The head has to be fixed with the body if i wanna take the photographs. More or less i have taken the photograph of the dead body by holding the axed head by tress to join it with the body after closing my eyes.”

Think! How dangerous moment of a journalist not only in Bangladesh, but in the western world as well.

She had participated in Salma sobhan fellowship in journalism in the year 2004. As part of this, she had participated in writing various news including feature in the national news paper Daily Prothom Alo. This was continued till January 2006. Later she had joined in Daily Jaijaidin in March of the same year. She was appointed as the district correspondent of Desh TV in the year 2008 along with the news paper. She worked there till June 2011. She was joined in Boisakhi media Ltd. as the district correspondent in July of 2011. This is redundant to say that Moriom shely is the first women who had been working as the journalist for long period in a Crime zone area like Chuadanga. She did not confine herself in time barrier. Either this is 3 Pm or 4 PM, She moved to the incident place in search of news whenever the newsworthy incident happens. There is hardly any village left in chuadanga where her legs did not reach yet. She knows nothing but news, news and news. Her thought is full of news collection and delivered to the related department after making is deliverable. This is journalism which is her profession and hobby as well. She did not involve herself in any other profession even after completion of her graduation. Even she did not have any try or willingness for any other job. This results her name as brand of journalism district wide, even in the villages of Chuadanga. Moreover, she got the opportunity in various newspapers like Desh Bangla, Lal Sabuj, Daily Mathabhanga, and Monthly Sargam. She got the recognition as award for his writing from various organizations like Article 90, BRAC etc.

She did not confine herself in just with the identity of journalist. She had even included herself in Reciting poetry, Reciting training, drama acting, drama directing, and with various social and cultural organization.

This was the year of 1992 when she got the membership as the general member in Chuadanga press club. She was bestowed in various important designations including the membership in Executive committee of the club for her dedication to the work. As the latest, she was elected as the general secretary in the biennial election of Chuadanga Press Club in 01st January 2012. This is noteworthy that she is the first women in the history of 40 years of the club since the independence of Bangladesh when a woman was elected as the general secretary.

Moreover, Sardar Ali Hossain had established Chuadanga Abriti Parshad in 1999 where Moriom Shely, the gold medalist in the reciting competition in national level, had been providing training for reciting poetry for girls and boys of all age-level. This journey is also running smoothly. Evey year hundreds of children, male and female of different age have been learning the introduction to the pure Bangla language practicing-learning exact speaking style, pronunciation, the dignity of talking with people, dialogue, presentation and so on. This is not redundant but true that if anybody asks any name in poem reciting, Moriom shely may be the name to choose to say. This organization had started working with the disabled person of speech. She had strong desire to work in grater scale in the future in this trade. The reciting of Moriom shely is telecasted in different media including Bangladesh Betar (Radio).

This was the story of the year 1994 when various organizations of chuadanga hired women actor from other districts for playing in various role of women character in drama. Moriom shely was defiant to break such situation. She had started acting in drama-A der Dhoriye Din (Arrest them), arranged by Chuadanga Theater. She did not stop there. She is still playing in the theater even while she had to spend most of her time in search of news. She is one of the best women figure in chuadanga. She is acting with no fear along with the male counter part. And this results to fetch award for number of times for acting.

By following this iconic woman, a noteworthy number of women had been started acting in stage play in chuadanga. This is no surprising that Moriom Shely included her name as the first drama director of the district. She was directed the drama-Meraj Fakir Ar Ma (Mother of Meraj Fakir) of National drama personality Abdullah Al Mamun in the year of 2002. And she was the central character of this drama. Moreover, she had established Children theater, the first children drama organization of Chuadanga in order to bring-out the brilliance of children in the year of 2002. The children were playing in drama with her direction.

With a personal interview with Moriom Shely from, she said, “I do not belief with the word talent. The opportunity for all the people is the main thing to consider. And this is very much appropriate for the women. This should be from the family itself first, then from the society and then from the state. I am the instant of this. Whatever i can work, I have a full support from my family. I have a wide and unending support from a man behind me. He is my best and lone friend, well-wisher, and Life Partner-Sardar Ali Hossain. I can not stand if he is not encouraged and embolden me from behind”.

Moriom Shely At a glance:
January 2012: General Secretary, Chuadanga Press Club
January 2002 to October 2005: Executive Editor, Daily Protidin Khaskhabar, Chuadanga
March 2008-June 2011: District Correspondent, Desh TV, Dhaka
February 2006-Continue till date: District Correspondent, Daily Jaijaidin (HRC Group), Dhaka
July 2011-Continue till date: District Correspondent, Boishakhi Media Limited, Dhaka
1992 to 1995: District Correspondent, the Daily Sutrapath, Kustia.
1995 to 1998: Daily Lall Sabuj, Dhaka from
1998 to 2002: Daily Deshbangla, Dhaka.

  • Gold Medalist in National poem reciting competition, Gono Unnon Trust
  • Best Director in child drama competition, Bangladesh Sishu Academy, Chuadanga Branch
  • Best Drama and Director in Child Drama Competition in “Notun Kuri” [Khulna Divisional Stage], Bangladesh Television (BTV)
  • Article 19 Grassroots Women Journalists Fellowship Award, XI Article 19 and Mass-Line Media Centree

General Secretary, Press Club, Chuadanga
Secretary, Chuadanga Abriti Parshad
Secretary, Child Theater
Former Asst. Secretary, Chuadanga Sahitta Parishad
Joint Secretary, Chuadanga Theater
Salma Sobhan Journalism Fellowship, Protichi Trust, BRAC, Daily Prothom, Dhaka

Moriom Shely,
Islami Hospital para (khonic), Chuadanga-7200, Bangladesh.
Mobile: +88-01913-440445

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