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Arsenic-A great need of attention needed from The world humanity…

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Photo Courtesy: Moriom Shely, Journalist, Daily Jaijaidin, Boisakhi TV

Arsenic-A great need of attention required from The world humanity…
Arsekonesis (Bengali: আর্সেনিক) is a  color, hue and smell less disease. The arsenic found in the water is the root cause of this disease. Chuadanga, like other south-western district of Bangladesh and an adjacent part of India experiences the devastating role of arsenic. A great number of people of this part of the world have been facing this silent killer day after day and moving toward death with severe pain of living. The presence of danger level of arsenic in the ground water make their life a real hell.
once the people of this region heard that Water is life.
But The water with arsenic change their thought to new thought that Water is death too.

Such a news come to our knowledge that people of a certain village moved from their village to other villages due to the arsenic presence in their water.

Think! The people of certain area are leaving their decade long residence only due to the cause of Arsenic. Possibly a day is not far away when people will have to move long way to collect their arsenic-free drinking water from distant area.

So this is high time to pay proper attention to this problem with no delay at all!!!

News link on Arsenic:
1. A meeting was held on Arsenic control in Jiban Nagar

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