human chain Chuadanga 20.10.10-1

human chain Chuadanga 20.10.10-1

human chain Chuadanga 20.10.10-1

human chain Chuadanga 20.10.10-1

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  1. Friendship
    To Our Friendship your impact in this world of ours cannot be overlooked, Friend In your own friendly way you meet and greet people. I’m so glad you’re the way you are; you have a special talent for making others feel at home you’re friendly. Open ways are much appreciated and draw others close here’s to our friendship. So solid and unending Together or apart through good times and bad you are always my friend Friendship Day is a time for showing our Friends what they mean to us Friends are dear to the heart. Friendship Day gives us a chance to express our gratitude to our friends, who have been there in our dreams, in our sorrows and joys, in our jokes and stories. Friends are our precious assets. With true friends, our Life is like a flower that blossoms in the sunshine of happiness! You love Friend. But you’re No Name. Friend Life begins when any will so lat go mast But new friend. COLL BACKNOW+8801725949720,8801985750039RANGPUR,


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