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ABC is a non political and volunteer organization for Social development. This organization was established in 01-01-19.. with the keen interest of some like minded social workers in (District name)….., a (south-western) bordered district of Bangladesh. The work of ABC was limited to literature, cultural activities, Sports activities and other social activities in the beginning. ABC was started the journey toward advancement since 19..  with some precise activities and administrative structure as project based development organization.

ABC has been working by implementing various activities in the areas of human rights and good governance by promoting gender equality, education, health and sanitation so as to empower and ensure the security of the livelihood of the backward poor people of the society. At present, ABC is implementing various development programs with success in … (District names).

ABCregistered with –
*      Department of social service, Government of Bangladesh No. (…..), dated (01,01, 19..)
*      NGO affairs bureau, Government of Bangladesh No. (…..), dated (01,01, 19..)
*      Department of Youth Development,Government of Bangladesh No. (…..), dated (01,01, 19..)

Establishing Justice based poverty free, democratic and non-fundamental society.

Ensuring better life of people by ensuring sustainable economical development, good governance, human rights, and gender equality and equity.

Equal participation of both male and female in durable development programs, poverty elimination, fulfilling of basic needs ,empowerment  and a right to live with justice.

Main objectives:
ABC has been implementing few development programs with little scope under Five large sectors by keeping eye on the local demand specially for the development of grass-root level population.  These sectors are 1. Good governance and human rights, 2.Education, , 4.Livelihood and 5. Water and sanitation .

The ongoing sector based programs are as follows-

Sector Programs Location Donors
1. Good Governance and Human Rights a. …… …… ……
b. …… …… ……
c. …… …… ……
d. …… …… ……
e. …… …… ……
2. Education a. …… …… ……
3. Health a. …… …… ……
…… …… ……
c. …… …… ……
d. …… …… ……
4.Livelihood a. …… …… ……
b. …… ……
c. …… …… ……
d. …… …… ……
5.Water and Sanitation a. …… …… ……
b. …… ……
c. …… …… ……
d. …… …… ……

Implemented Programs:

Sectors Programs Duration Donors
1.Good  governance and human rights a. ……. …… ……
b. …… …… ……
c. …… …… ……
d. …… …… ……
e. …… …… ……
f. …… …… ……
g. …… …… ……
h. …… …… ……
i. …… …… ……
j. …… …… ……
2.Education a. …… …… ……
3. Livelihood a. …… …… ……

1.Good Govenance and Huaman Rights

  1. Movement to advance women’s right & gender equality

The unequal rights of men and women are the barrier for entire development. The torture of women and the subordination of women is the huge barrier for equity and development. ABC has been implementing this program since 1998 with the assistance of Steps towards Development through local network – XYZ Development Forum (CDF) as the member organization. This program is implemented under this program through various activities on social issues by forming gender change activists, women activists from grass-root level women, Student volunteer group from secondary level and Students facilitators group from higher secondary level and by improving their skill.

v      Decreasing the rate early marriage.
v      Decreasing the rate of family torture.
v      Decreasing the rate of sexual harassment in organization level.
v      Increasing the presence of women in the process of decision making in politics.

 b.Establishing and Protection of Rights of Vegetable Producing Farmers (EPRVPF)

Bangladesh is a agro-based country. Almost 85% people of this country are engaged with agriculture either directly or indirectly. Agriculture is the main economical sector due to the availability of cultivation worthy land, availability of labor, own local market etc. But the farmers of our country is neglected, cheated and deprived in various ways. The agriculture sector is under threat despite the availability of scope for development. The farmers are enslaved to the agriculture based local and foreign marketing companies of fertilizer, seed and pesticides. ABC is implementing this program through Action in Development (AID) with the finance of the organization, Manusher Jonno Foundation to preserve the right of the farmers, to achieve the right of the farmers, and to protect the status of the farmers.

v      Establishing the Good governance in Government organization through establishing transparency.
v      Ensuring economical and livelihood safety by establishing the access to Government service and technology.

c. Promoting Pro-Poor Policy Reforms and Public Services for All (2010-2012)

No program can play fruitful role for the development of the people by keeping the ordinary people out of the development process. Bangladesh government had already made principles and taken programs, and implemented the programs to reduce poverty, hunger, inequity, depriveness, unemployment and illiteracy and poverty elimination. But no program can play effective role for entire development. For this reason, there is a need of increasing public participation in development process and capacity building for the grass-root level people. In order to achieve this goal, SUPRO (Sushasoner jonno pocharavijan) has been implementing campaign program in national and grass-root level. ABC, as a coordinator of XYZ Distict committee organization, is implementing the program – “Promoting Pro-Poor Policy Reforms and Public Services for All (2010-2012)”.

  Objectives-v      Creating accountability on government expenditure in the public service sector and establishing economical justice through creating consciousness and skill of active social civil society on participatory budget.
v      Increasing the accountability of Government for this by transforming essential service sector specially health and education sector as the basic need.
v      Making awareness among the strategy maker to submerge the climate change into development program. And improving the capability of civil society so that the pressure is created on Government to cancel foreign debt.
v      Strengthening the campaign program in order to disburse 0.7% fund of the GDP of the developed and rich countries.
v      Involving with the international citizen movement in order to collect the fund of climate change.
v      Increasing the organizational capability of SUPRO to evolve as the Pressure group from civil society.

 d. Strengthening Local Governance through Participatory & Responsive Public Service Project:
It is necessary to provide autonomy and strengthen local government to ensure good governance in all cases. The local government of Bangladesh seems to be potential, but this organization is ineffective in reality despite the initiatives taken by the government to strengthen local government and effort of implementation.  This is very important to make awareness in local areas by eliminating the birth time weakness of local Government and by making the government service related organization more accountable and effective. ABC is implementing this program in XYZ Sadar Upazila with this goal with the assistance of Wave Foundation and Governance Coalition and with the financial Aid of DANIDA.

The main feature of this program is to make the better quality service in local government service related organization by keeping eye on the demand of people through forming and activating the local citizen organization LoakMorcha and to make the local government more accountable and people oriented.

v      Improving the quality of Government services through the improvement of knowledge and skill of Union Parishad and LoakMorcha.
v      Improving the transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of the representative of local government through man to man effective contact with people, LoakMorcha, Union Parishad, local civil society and the government employees.
v      Establishing connection in small and large scale. And strengthening the policy advocacy in local and national level regarding good governance locally in local areas.

e.  Legal Aid Program:
The act of torture against women and children, murder, rape, dowry and divorce is happening on regular basis also in XYZ like other district of Bangladesh. The main victims of this situation are mainly women and children of distress family. Most of them can not take legal aid due to the torture, pressure in the society and family, harassment, ignorance about law, and scarcity of money. In this situation, ABC has been supporting legal aid to the women and children victims from the very beginning. The legal aid and education program was implemented with the help of Bachte Sekha, Jessore at first and BDPC later on. At present, this program is implemented through civil organization LoakMorcha with the own initiative of ABC.

v      Reducing the ratio of women and children victims from the society through the assistance of legal aid and counseling.

 2. Education

a.   Education & Self reliance Program for Development of Cowboy & Child Labor:
The illiterate population is one of the reasons of barrier against the entire development of a country. But this is unfortunate but true that the literacy rate of Bangladesh is very poor. Most of the poor, neglected day labors of villages are illiterate among them. The children of these families are engaged in various works due to the poverty from childhood. But there is no scope of education for them side by side of their work. As a result, there is a strong need of arrangement of part-time education with income generating work beside the formal and regular education in order to bring them under the net of education.  Moreover there is a need of creating awareness activities widely to resist child labor and drop-out from the school with this. At present ABC is implementing this program with the assistance of Bangladesh NGO Foundation.

v   Bringing the deprived, dropped-out cowboy, working children under the net of part-time education.
v   Awareness building to re-admit the dropped-out children from the school.
v   Creating awareness to the mass people of the region including guardians, working children, child cowboys on various issues like dropped-out from the school, children and women trafficking, early marriage prevention, child rights, birth registration, bird’s flue, HIV/AIDS, sanitation, and preservation of nature.
v   Providing training to the earning children/cowboy and their guardian regarding the rearing of Black bangle goat.
v   Providing partial training to buy a black bangle goat to create the opportunity for earning children/cowboy.
v   Building the habit of savings among the cowboy and working children.
v   Assisting the cowboys to engage in home-gardening in order to make self reliant and to meet-up the demand of nutrition. And encourage them to plantation of forest and fruit trees in order to preserve the balance of environment.

3. Health and Sanitation

 a. Safe Water & Sanitation project:
It is necessary part for public health and environmental safety to ensure safe water, sanitation, care for personal health.  These are the issues directly involved with the development. The situation of public health sector is still in alarming conditions due to the unequal distribution of wealth, improper guidelines and absence of planning. The conditions of healthful sanitation are still far backward from the satisfactory level from the perspective of healthful latrine coverage. XYZ district is no different than this. For this reason, ABC, with the assistance of NGO Forum, is playing a vital role for achieving the goal of sanitation coverage by establishing a village sanitation center. ABC is implementing this program to create the awareness for safe water distribution and the activities of sanitation and to help to set-up alternate technology for arsenic free safe water side by side.

v      Ensuring safe water and sanitation system for rural population.
v      Creating awareness regarding personal health care.
v      Assisting to set-up alternate arsenic free safe water technology and cooperating for this.

 b. Prevention of HIV/AIDS among young People in Bangladesh (GFATM):
It is HIV and Aids which is spread as pestilence disease that ruined the life of human beings in the world. This virus is also spreading throughout Bangladesh slowly. One third of the total population of Bangladesh is young. They have no idea regarding the infection of HIV and AIDS. As a result, this risk has been increasing day by day and this becomes the obstacle to build safe and developed life for the youth. We need to think about the risk of spreading HIV/AIDS among the youth. In order to achieve this goal, ABC has been implementing this program with the assistance of Ad Din welfare centre, Jessore.

v      To provide HIV/AIDS prevention information, skills and services to the young people
v      To increase coverage, quality, and comprehensiveness of interventions for vulnerable populations at highest risk of HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh.
v      To collect data necessary for informing the development of national policy and programs for the prevention and control.

c. Disability & Development  Project:
The matter of disability comes to a place where the difference of status between men and disabled men is huge. The status of disabled person in our country is in neglected situation not only in the society but also in the family. The disabled person in the society and family is not only the symbol of unrespectableness but also the symbol of superstitions and religious vagueness. As a result, the disabled person got the impression of the mind-set of self-distructive thoughts regarding themselves and thus looses all of their work skill. The prerequisite of the disabled person is to remove this barrier of the society and taking the measures of preventing the cause of creating disabled person anymore. At present, ABC is implementing various programs to develop the socio-economic situation of the disabled persons and their barriers with the own initiatives.

v      Improving the socio-economic situation of disabled person.
v      Improving the skill of disabled person.
v      Creating the scope of education for disabled children
v      Preventing the social barrier for the handicapped person.

d. Reconstruction and up gradation of 6 Eco-san toilets and 3 tube wells at 3 schools. 1 eco-san training and 15 class sessions for awareness and 3 advocacy meeting:
This is an important part of public health to ensure safe water, sanitation and personal health. The condition of healthful sanitation is still far backward from the satisfactory level from the perspective of healthful latrine coverage.Our children spent most of their day time in the schools side-by-side. But the sanitation facility of those schools is in worried situation. In this situation, ABC had taken the initiative to ensure safe water and hygienic toilets of 3 rural village schools through the upgradation and reconstruction with the assistance of Japan Water Forum. Moreover, an initiative had taken to ensure an important issue like health education with the guardians, teachers, and other concerned stakeholders with the scope of the project.

v      Ensuring safe water system for rural primary students.
v      Ensuring hygienic sanitation system for rural primary students.
v      Creating awareness regarding personal health care and hygienic sanitation for rural primary students through skill development of teachers.
v      Ensuring sustainable development through advocacy meeting with local government, Education department, and school management committee.

4. Livelihood

a. & b. Rural Micro Credit and Urban Micro Credit:

ABC has been working in the field of Micro credit since 2005. The main goal of the micro credit of ABC is to create the opportunity for self-reliance and promoting durable development by providing the financial and technical assistance and training for income generating activities by organizing the poor people specially women residing in village and urban areas. ABC is providing micro credit aid with flexible conditions to its member as per their demand in order to implement income generating and job creating programs and forming capital for the future by savings in order to make the backward poor people self-reliant. At present, ABC is implementing the activities with a view of following objectives-

v      Creating the opportunity for micro credit and improving the skill of the poor people specially women of the village.
v      Assisting the potential micro credit consumer to become the entrepreneur for durable development.
v      Assisting the small business man of urban areas to survive in the competition by creating own capital.

c. The provision of development support services to women under the vulnerable group development (VGD) programme for 2011-2012 cycle:
The vulnerable group development (VGD) programme is the largest social safety net programme of the Government of Bangladesh that exclusively targets ultra poor households. About 750,000 direct ultra-poor participants across the country receive monthly food ration for the household and a development support services (inclusive of life skills and income generating skills training, savings and access to credit) for a cycle in 483 upazilas. To ensure sustainability of development results and to provide women with opportunities to further improve their livelihoods VGD participants are mainstreamed into regular NGO development programmes after completing the cycle.

To ensure sustainability of development results and to provide women with opportunities to further improve their livelihoods, ABC , with the assistance of the department of women affairs of the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, has been assisting to implement this program in the upazila of Niyamatpur and Patnitola of Naugaon district as a partner organization.  . At present, ABC is implementing the activities with a view of following objectives-

v      To make ‘positive change in livelihood of ultra poor women with attention to protect further deterioration of living condition’

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring is the essential techniques of management authorities to analysis the current activities of ABC on regular basis. This procedure acts as the medium of supplying information to the management authorities regarding the real situation of the ongoing programs. ABC is monitoring its programs in order to determine the effectiveness of the activities and to survey the development or advancement.  These procedures help the management in order to realize the difference between the target and the achievement of the activities. The monitoring procedures have collected the information from the perspective of quality and quantity of creating fruitful steps of the activities and implementation.

Human Resource Development

Development of staffs:
The most valuable asset of ABC is its own skilled workers.  That’s why ABC emphasizes with highest priority on the development of the workers. For this reason, a human resource policy is available for the organization. As per the human resource policy, various procedures are continuing in order to strengthen the skill of the workers, qualification, and accountability. So ABC emphasizes on the development of workers through the development of organizational management of the workers, planning of the programs, conquering any difficulties while implementation in reality. There are 3 skilled trainers available in this organization and three more trainers are made from the citizen organization side by side. The necessary training for on going programs is provided by them. Some Rich training modules are available in order to provide training on various subjects.

 Development the skill of local leaders:
Another important resource of ABC is the local citizen organization in the procedure of program implementation in the work area of ABC. This is our thought that there is no alternative to social entrepreneurship in order to make positive change. This is the reason ABC is giving highest importance on the development of the skill of the citizen organization. There are various training, orientation are provided for the citizen organizations established in the union, Upazila and district level in order to implement the activities of the organization and various activities are taken in order to improve their skill by their participation in meeting and seminar.            

 National and International Day Observation

Various national and international days, matching with the goal, objectives and activities of ABC, are observed often either with government and private organizations or other networks by altogether or by alone.

Training Room

There is a training room available in ABC enough to train-up 25-30 persons. The training and meeting of this organization and the training of the citizen organization concerned with ABC , the training of the volunteers group are held in this training room. This training room is also given on rent beside the organization.

Cultural Activities

ABC has been arranging cultural activities from the very beginning of the establishment as part of the continuous work. The fundamental goal of ABC is to make a non-communal Bangladesh by practicing and evaluating domestic culture. These cultural activities are the main fundamental strength for implementing public awareness campaign on various social development programs of the organization.  At present, the cultural activities are directed in various angles for creating awareness in all the implemented programs of the organization. There are two cultural teams are formed in 2 unions under the program of the achievement of the rights of vegetable farmers and preservations. Two sets of musical instruments are provided to two cultural teams. The skill is increased by providing training to them.

 Network Members:

Ø      Governance coalition, Dhaka.Ø      Sushaner Jonno Procharavizan (SUPRO), Dhaka.Ø      XYZ development forum (CDF), XYZ.Ø      National Forum of Organazaition working with the disabled (NFOWD), Dhaka.

Ø      Centre for disability and development (CDD), Dhaka.

Ø      NGO Forum, Jessore.

Ø      Bangladesh Manobadhikar somonnoi Parishad, Dhaka.

Ø      Credit and development forum-CDF, Dhaka.Ø      Bangladesh sishu odhikar forum, Dhaka.Ø      GanoSakkhorota Ovijan, Dhaka.Ø      Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh-ADAB.

Ø      Bangladesh NGO Foundation, Dhaka.

Ø      Gender policy
Ø      Disable development policy
Ø      Savings and Credit policy
Ø      Organization management policy
Ø      Human resource management policy
Ø      Financial management policy
Ø      Child protection policy

Total Staff: 59

Regular Staff     : Male: .., Female: ..Total: ..
Voluntary Staff: Male: .., Female: ..Total: ..

Executive Director
Phone: ……………
Mob: ………………
E-mail: ………………………….
Web: http://www. …………………. com



 Members of Executive Committee
Duration: ../../09-../../…
Sl. No Name Designation Father/Husband Mother Address Profession
01 President
02 Vice president
03 General Secretary
04 Trasurer
05 Executive member
06 Do
07 Do

Donor List:
Ø      Steps Towards Development  through XYZ development forum-CDF
Ø      Manuser Jonno Foundation through Action in development -AID
Ø      Sushasoner Jonno Procharavizan -SUPRO (Campaign for Good Governance)
Ø      DANIDA through WAVE Foundation/ Governance Coalition
Ø      Bangladesh NGO Foundation
Ø      NGO Forum
Ø      GFATM FUND (Ad Din welfare centre, jessore)
Ø      UNMC through WAVE Foundation/ Governance Coalition
Ø      European Union through WAVE Foundation/ Governance Coalition
Ø      The Asian Foundation through WAVE Foundation/ Governance Coalition
Ø      ARD Bangladesh through WAVE Foundation
Ø      MISEREOR, German
Ø      USC Canada, Bangladesh
Ø      National Social Welfare Council
Ø      National Disability and Development Foundation
Ø      Bangladesh Development Partnership Center (BDPC)
Ø      Banchte Sekha, Jessore

 Ongoing Working Area:

Project Name

Name of District

Name of Upazila

Name of Unions



XYZ is bordered district of Bangladesh. This is a southern district of Bangladesh.

Hours of operation:
8 hours
Tel: ……………
Fax: …………..
Email address:

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