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The resort of Montu Miyan (Montu miyar bagan bari alias Mozaffar Garden & Resort, Satkhira, a unique place can’t be ignored…..

This is a bit surprising that a resort is not well known by its official name, Mozaffar Garden & Resort, rather it is well known and popular with different name, Montu Miyar Bagan bari(মন্টু মিয়ার বাগান বাড়ি)), that may read as The resort of Montu Miyan.  This time our camera follows over the resort of Montu miyan. This is located at Kharibil of Satkhira district under Khulna division of Bangladesh.

Photo Courtesy:
Thanks for the assistance: Helal, Meherpur and Monoj Das, Khulna
The photos were taken during the period of 14th, 15th and 16th December, 2012

Name: Mojaffor garden and resort
Address: Kharibil, 9400 Satkhira, Khulna, Bangladesh
Proprietor: Mr. K.M. Khairul Mojaffor (Montu)
Area: Approximately 120 of Bighas*/40 Acres of land encircled by wall
Location: This is located in the west side of Satkhira district
Working Hours: Mon-Sun, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Little about Satkhira district:
Satkhira is a district under khulna division with an area of 3858.33 sq km, is a south west bordered district of Bangladesh. It is bounded by jessore district on the north, the Bay of Bengal on the south, khulna district on the east, Pargana district of west bengal on the west. Annual average temperature is maximum 35.5°C, minimum 12.5°C; annual rainfall 1710 mm. The soil of the district is alluvial floodplain. Main rivers are kobadak, Sonai, Kholpatua, Morischap, Raimangal, Hariabhanga, ichamati, Betrabati and kalindi-jamun (Banglapedia, 2013).


  • Meeting/conference house and restaurant
  • Guest house
  • Picnic spot (105+)
  • Zoo
  • Wide lake
  • pedal boat
  • sports item for kids
  • Pond/lake of large size (8)
  • Natural swimming pool (1)
  • Fish aquarium
  • Mini zoo
  • Mango tree (625)
  • Coconut tree (720)
  • Mahogany tree (728)
  • Litchi, palm and Boroi or Jujube  tree, Different types of flower tree
  • Toilets
  • Pure drinking water source
  • Tiles made bench
  • various sculpture of animals, birds
  • modern electrification and lighting
  • Two mosques
  • Own security system etc.

The authorities describe the resort as the following in their Facebook link (

The resort is situated on 100 acres of fine property. It is in the heart of Satkhira, only two hours away from the Sundarbans with all the transport facilities, but we are enough away from the crowd of the busy town.
The area is fairly open with numerous trees to provide our customers with both sun and shade and the most desired greeneries and fresh air. We have four resorts for our guests, one of which is very appealing to be situated on a lake and we provide 30 rooms in total under very reasonable price. The rooms are well decorated and furnished with air conditioner, television, intercom, geyser and every other facility of a modern life. We serve excellent Bengali and Chinese food by our well experienced chef. There are walking and sitting arrangements on the grassy land, swimming on ponds to get us some flavor of nature. Our customers can go for boating with paddleboats on the lake or spend some time fishing. Keeping the young guests in our minds, we have created playground, 3D zoo and interesting sculptures. We organized outdoor badminton and indoor table tennis for it is hale and hearty for our customers on their vacation. And there is mosque for both men and women for their most convenience.
Our main attraction is our zoo! It is the biggest private zoo in Bangladesh, comprised of many unique animals and birds in a very healthy and lively environment. Watching them is undoubtedly entertaining for our visitors.

Mozaffar Garden & Resort, Satkhira
Head Office:
93, Sohrawardy Avenue, Baridhara,
Diplomatic Zone, Dhaka
Phone: 01712104439

Mobile: 01719769009, 01191812257, 01712104439

The man behind all the above is Mr. Khairul Mozaffar. He can be found from the following link-

Reference Link:

N.B.: Most of the information are collected and subjected to change if required. That’s why drawing the attention of the viewers to enrich the information of this article.

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Montu Miyar Bagan bari-Lighting
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Montu Miyar Bagan bari-Tree Inside
Montu Miyar Bagan bari-signboard
Montu MiyarBagan bari-Toward Resort
Montu Miyar Bagan bari in photographs-Zoo
Montu Miyar Bagan bari in photographs

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