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Write E-books and get circulated with ‘Fund for Bangladesh (FB)!

Anyone (Resource Persons) interested (and capable) in writing e-book (not formal book), disseminating or selling those through Fund for Bangladesh (FB), Please contact them. A PowerPoint Presentation will help you to understand more. Please click here to download the presentation.

All the books should be in Bengali or English. In the case of writing a book in other languages (recognized by Bangladesh Govt., say, Chakma, Tripura etc.) should have an English or Bengali equivalent transcript. The e-book Should be related to NGOs, INGOs, Development organizations. They are giving few examples, though, the lists are not exhaustive-
List of E-Book Example - Final2

Organizational Management
● The Operations or management of Non-Govt. Organizations (NGOs) / International Non-Govt. Organizations (INGOs);
● Tips and Tricks of NGOs/INGOs;
● Effective Strategic Plan for NGOs/INGOs;
● Successful strategy of effective advocacy in Bangladesh;
● How to make NGO/INGOs effective in terms of the development perspective of Bangladesh;
● Women participation in the development process of Bangladesh; Orthe perspective of Gender equality in Bangladesh;
● Effective strategies for volunteering (Recruiting and Managing);
● The effective strategy of Project Implementation of NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh;
● The role of Management of NGOs/INGOs and the strategy to be successful;
● Successful ways to maintain solid relations with Govt. and other influential actors of the society (country);
● The recovery plan of NGOs/INGOs for transition period;
● Effective framework for urban development;
● The impact of development of NGOs/INGOs in rural areas of Bangladesh;
● How to start a NGO or INGO or Research Organization in Bangladesh;
● Laws and barriers for NGOs and INGOs in Bangladesh;
● Laws and barriers for different fields like Good Governance and Human Rights, WaSH, Housing, Education, Health, Micro-Finance, Disaster Preparedness, Livelihood, Climate Change, Urban and Rural Development etc. For NGOs and INGOs in Bangladesh;

Project Proposal Development
● Tips and tricks for brainstorming new ideas for development;
● Developing Log-frame (Logical Framework) and anatomy of its each component;
● Developing Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and anatomy of its each component;
● How to write / design successful Project Proposal (PP), Concept Note (CN), LOI, RFP etc.;
● How to prepare effective budget;
● Anatomy of Project Proposal (PP), Concept Note (CN), LOI, RFP etc.;
● Step-by-step ways to prepare Log-frame (Logical Framework), M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation);
● Effective ways to conduct problem and objective (solution) analysis (Design and Diagram);
● Illustrating basics for developing Project Proposal (PP), Concept Note (CN), LOI, RFP etc.;
● Illustrating basics for preparing budget for donors, budget for organizations;

Development in Photography
● Development experiences (Photographic view included) in NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh (In the eye of Foreign Nationalsor Bangladeshi Nationals);
● Project Implementation experiences (Photographic view included) in NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh (In the eye of Bangladeshi Nationalsor Foreign Nationals);

Project Implementation
● Effective ways to conduct FGD, Different Assessments, Lesson Learnt Report, Case Studies in the perspective of Bangladesh;
● Different training manuals on different issues related to NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh;
● Manual of Design and Diagram for Housing, Shelter etc.;
● Effective procurement strategies of NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh;
● Tips and tricks of planning and designing successful Implementation Plan;
● The ways of marketing products of NGOs/INGOs: on-job experience explained;

Donor Relations, Resource Development and Communications
● Ensuring effective relations with donors;
● Effective relation with different stakeholders including local Govt.;
● Tips and Tricks for winning project for big donors (eg. USAID, UKAID, DFID, DFAT, DANIDA, JAICA, UN Organizations, KOICA etc.);
● A guide to develop resources for NGOs/INGOs;
● Guideline to prepare HR Plan, Financial Plan, Office Management, and different policies of NGOs/INGOs;
● How to prepare FD-6, FC-1 etc. of NGOAB of Bangladesh Govt.;
● Tips and tricks for writing donor reports;
● Tips and tricks of analysing data provided by different stakeholders (Govt., Field data, UN data);
● Effective Communication Strategy of NGOs/INGOs;
● Successful ways to attract donors;
● Successful ways of documentation for NGOs/INGOs;
● Effective ways to explore Local and International donors;
● The strategy of influencing corporate donors;

● Effective ways to ensure transparent compliance for NGOs or INGOs;

● Effective ways to perform successful research;

● The Financial Management of NGOs/INGOs;
● Basics of Finance in terms of the operation of NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh;

Human Resources (HR) and Admin
● The Effective Human Resource (HR) Management for NGOs/INGOs;
● Tips and tricks for winning interview (Written and Viva) in NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh;
● Rights of NGO/INGO workers in terms of the law of Bangladesh Govt.
● Effective ways to handle issues of Admin of NGOs/INGOs;
● Handling security issues of NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh;

Information and Technology (IT)
● The Networking fundamentals of NGOs/INGOs;
● Tips and Tricks of NGOs/INGOs;
● The use of Computer (Software (SPSS, Outlook etc.), Applications (Desktop & Web), Network, Hardware etc.) in NGOs/INGOs;
● The use of Internet for NGOs/INGOs;
● Effective use of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) for NGOs/INGOs;
● How to write e-book for NGOs/INGOs;
● Effective ways to write email or communicating through other media of communication;
● Implementing successful Management Information System (MIS) in NGOs/INGOs;

The lists are specified just to flourish your ways of imagination. You can make your own choice to create your own Topics for the e-book. Please bear in mind that your text should be relevant to Bangladesh and supports the Development agendas of Govt. (Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) or Vision-2021), UN (SDG) and Other Development concerns.

This is merely starting of thinking. They can discuss more about this. They will be discussing about revenue sharing through formal/informal discussions.

Enjoy writing!
They will help you all along your journey!

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