The Fund for Bangladesh (FB)-A Place for Progress, Development and Opportunities!

The Fund for Bangladesh (FB) is an online initiative. This site has started its journey since 21st, February, 2017, International Mother Language day. This site has been trying to keep eyes on the donor trends, funding opportunities of all over the world. Since inception, they have analysed hundreds of funding opportunities of home and abroad. The focus was on ‘Bangladesh’, justifying its name, Fund for Bangladesh (FB).

This is not redundant to say that they have updated 1500+ donor opportunities till date. What was not there! Starting from ‘Grant’, the list can be enhanced to Competition, Fellowship, Award, Prize, Partnership, Material Support, Seed Grant, Start-Up Grant, Investment, Loan, Scholarship, Small Grant etc. (and many more). And who can’t apply! Starting from ‘Individuals’ the list can also be enhanced to ‘Development organizations (Profit and Non-profit, GO and NGOs/INGOs), Private Organizations etc. (and many more).

This was tried in this site to gather information of opportunities in such a way that an individual can apply, organizations of any categories can apply, and even Govt. (Institutions) can apply. Information of opportunities were tried to gather in such a way that a donor can fund, even a donor in need can seek fund. Here, this is relevant to say that most of the opportunities were not for Bangladesh alone, those were also applicable for other countries of the world, as donor prefers.

The attraction was the simplicity in presenting the information with a very ‘Brief Summary’ Format (Word-1PDF-1 Or Word-2, PDF-2). This was done in keeping mind that a decision maker (Individuals or Management of the organizations) can gain overall impression of the opportunities without losing himself/herself in the ocean of information/web pages/lengthy docs of guidelines.

This is better to say that this site became an ‘eye catcher’ within a small period of time. Without any entertaining content, or advertisement at all, the visitors of the site were gradually increasing not only from Bangladesh, from influential and other developing countries as well. A short brief statistics can help to understand the trends of the visitors. They have updated 624 posts in 2017 which brought 22242 visitors in 2017, 658 posts in 2018 which brought 60502 visitors in 2018, and 237 (more information of opportunities upcoming) posts in 2019 which brought 43912 (+7500 x 3 =22500 more in next few months, on average expected) visitors in 2019 (till September, 2019). The graph was high in terms of visitors though the WordPress domain in which this site lives on was blocked by the authorities for a significant time of the year in Bangladesh!
FundForBangladesh-Chart of Visitor (2017,2019, 2019 (Upto Sept))-Final
In this span of period, the site was the ‘true bearer’ of the contents of donors in home and abroad.

The site has been running completely as ‘Not-For-Profit’ basis till date. Skills and expertise were volunteered so far for this site. Based on the need and demand, A number of services have been brought which really can be handy for development practitioners or organization seeking further development and promotion. The next few posts will help you to understand how you can be benefited through the services and where they stand on now! Thank You All!

● ‘Fund for Bangladesh (FB)’-A PowerPoint Presentation on the unique journey all along!
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● Advertise with ‘Fund for Bangladesh (FB)’ and reach your Organization / Brand / Information of Opportunities all over the globe!
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Avail different opportunities  for individual(s) or your organisation(s) offered by different donors worldwide with different professional services of ‘Fund for Bangladesh (FB)’! 
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● Write E-books and get circulated with ‘Fund for Bangladesh (FB)!
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● Buy Customised Templates (PP, Budget, PIP, Report etc.) developed by ‘Fund for Bangladesh (FB)!
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● Explore improved ‘Fund For Bangladesh’ with versatile categories of funding now!

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● Fund for Bangladesh (, the first funding website in Bangladesh with hundreds of funding opportunities
Link: Click to view
● Fund-Hope for Millions of people of Bangladesh
Link: Click to view
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Quick link of the site:
● ‘Fund For Bangladesh (FB)’ with versatile categories of funding information!
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● Advertise with Us (Them)!
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● E-Books
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● Services
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 All Post in 2017:
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Project Proposal Templates

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Project Proposal (Paid)
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PowerPoint Presentation
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Thanks and Courtesy: Donors, Google, Facebook and Many more (To be updated soon)FundForBangladesh-BorderVisit all Funding opportunities: Click to view
Visit all funding categories:  Click to view

Advertise with ‘Fund for Bangladesh (FB)’ : Click to view or Click to view

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