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The annual report of 2017!

Another year left to give the space for a new year-2018. Again new opportunities knock at our door steps. Never again we expect the bad memories of the past years. Again and again, we expect good news for our beloved country. Even we expect more happiness and peace for the rest of the world. The good memories impact on our lives same as the bad one does. Murder, extra judicial killing, undemocratic environment, the rise of fundamentalism or so called fundamentalism, or set-up violence and situation surrounding impact on the lives of everyone. Disappearance is another social or political evil that restricts our footsteps. Overall, all the unfavourable environment disfavours writing or creativity. Being a part of the society, we can’t ignore all of these. But even with the presence of all, we want to hope, we want to keep faith on the situation creators for good judgement or better judgement. Or even the country demands best judgement right now and right today to drive the nation ahead and ahead.

Here we want to flash back to the year, 2017 like all the years of the past since our starting. We would like to give a scenario of our visitors for the last year. In part of this effort, we continue providing the statistics of top country views of for the year of 2017 to give the visitors of the site an impression of reaching our effort to every corner of the world like earlier years. Most interestingly, most of our visitors came from United States of America (5600+), India (2100+), United Kingdom (530+), Canada (350+), Malaysia (340+), Germany (250+), Australia (2401+), Saudi Arabia (210), France (160+), United Arab Emirates (150), Singapore (125+) along with Bangladesh (((13800+))). With our no surprise, the information or articles were continually used as reference in different sites easily accessible through Google. We feel really happy to notice such references, but still aware of unreferenced content of our site.

In 2016, We’ve got about (((32,500+))) hits compare to 23,500+ in 2016, 19,000+ in 2015, 14,000 in 2014, 8,500 in 2013 and 8,800 hits in 2012 without proper SEO and advertisement at all followed by the state ban on wordpress domain in Bangladesh for some part of the year. WE ARE FACING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES FOR WHICH WE CAN NOT UPDATE THE SITE PROPERLY LIKE BEFORE. AS A RESULT, WE ARE UNABLE TO UPDATE TEXT, COLOR, PICTURE properly which hampers regular updating and traffic for this site for a certain period of the year. People of this part of world have been using wordpress site in alternative way with restricted and limited facilities.

The Facebook page of this site (Facebook pageFrom the Heart of Bangladesh) has been started to spread its wing. This page ended with ((((105+))) likes at its childhood and now ready for more and more like! Please note that many fake ids were deleted from this ‘like’ list automatically by Facebook!  If you like, like with genuine ids!

We have covered the following in this year-
● The expact blogs-a great way of visiting other countries through the eyes of energetic persons of the world
● Fund-Hope for Millions of people of Bangladesh
● Fund for Bangladesh (, the first funding website in Bangladesh with hundreds of funding opportunities
● Explore improved ‘Fund For Bangladesh’ with versatile categories of funding now!

Photographic Series:
The Wall Art at Dhaka University

The Baliati Jamidar bari alias the Baliati Palace, an unexplored and less known attractive place Near Dhaka, Bangladesh with aesthetic beauty of nature, remembrance of British colonial era of 19th century and royal heritage of the ancestors of Bangladesh
● The Lalbagh Kella alias the Lalbagh Fort-an exceptional place in old Dhaka, Bangladesh with aesthetic beauty of nature, remembrance of Mughal emperor and royal heritage of the true ancestors of Bangladesh

The annual report of 2016!

The site was reached to (((131))) countries in all throughout the world!

Thanks and Courtesy:,,,,,,,, etc.

Wish everyone of the world a very hearty thanks and warm greetings from the inner part of heart, the heart of Bangladesh!

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