The expact blogs-a great way of visiting other countries through the eyes of energetic persons of the world

Sometimes mirror gives us a second thought. Why do we use mirror? The most common answer that circulates through our mind is that we want to see how we look in the eyes of others. Most probably beauty is that what admires by others! A significant time of our life (if we don’t bring even the gender issues here!) we spent to present ourselves in the eyes of others. Will this be wrong if we say this is to the persons of opposite sex or gender?

Likewise probably so many persons of us or probably other part of the world also want to know how our / their country looks in the eyes of the expatriates or foreign nationals. Probably this is the reason from where the concept of ‘Expat Blogging’ started. People of different countries living abroad write their experiences, love, discovery and many more through their writing. Not only this opens our eyes about our surrounding or overlooked happenings around but this gives the taste of visiting other countries in the eyes of enthusiastic travelers around the globe.

Bangladesh is a country with long cultural history and rich heritage of centuries. World famous traveler like Heuyen Sang, Ibn Botuta, James Tailor and many more also enriched this country with their footsteps from ancient period of time. The following list covers a tiny portion of Bangladesh. But definitely, many enthusiastic people will find them visiting different beautiful countries of the world through the lively and pictorial blogs of some superb and energetic persons of the world.


Other Countries of the World:

*Note: We will update the list gradually country wise (To be continued)

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