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Dr. Humayun Kabir, A Bangladeshi serves as the Chief Executive of a world renowned charity organization, CASA REHA in Germany

Dr. Humayun Kabir (Bengali:হুমায়ুন কবীর) moved from Bangladesh to Germany after completing his Higher Secondary(HSC)in Rajshahi Cadet College in 1975. He had completed his education in Economics in renowned Humboldt University and completed PHD in economics in Freie university of Berlin.

While doing his PHD, he had worked as translator and other jobs. Afterwards, he had worked in different German and US owned agencies. He had joined in a German health based organization, ‘CASA REHA’ in 2000. This organization is providing health care to the aged person in Germany. This organization has 71 old aged home with 10,000 seats.

An estimate says that the population of Germany is 8 crores 17 lacks which will be reduced by 2 crores nearly 45 years later by 2060. About 70% of the senior citizens of this country still reside with the family. For the remaining 30%, old homes are the solutions. An estimate says that 12 thousand old homes are available in Germany. Different organizations like Red Cross and Caritas and individual owned old homes serve the need.

CASA REHA was a small organization when Mr. Humayun Kabir joined in 15 years back and the sales values of the organization was 2 crores of Euros which now turned to 89 cores. Under his leadership, CASA REHA already got the award as one of best 10 work places in Germany.

Considering the huge demand for this type of organizations in Germany, he began to think for five thousand more beds in the next three years in Germanay which requires more than 45 billion Euros.

A visionary, Mr. Kabir was born in Comilla in 1957. Now he is working as the ‘Chief Executive’ of the organization.


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Mor Thengari , The name of the first movie in Chakma language in Bangladesh

There is a saying that let a hundred flowers bloom! Once upon a time, people of this country had to fight with Pakistan which was originated when the right of mother language was being denied by the state. The country whose independence had inspired or influenced by Language movement is susceptible to the right of other language. Hundred of flowers let bloom in this country. One of the examples is the making of the movie, Mor Thengari.

Mor Thengari (Bengali: মর থেংগারি), is the first movie of Bangladesh which used Chakma as the language. In English, Mor Thengari means my bi-cycle. The director of the movie is Aung Rakhain (Bengali: অং রাখাইন).

This movie was first shown in February, 2015. This movie was shown in different countries as well. Even it was shown in ‘16th Rainbow Film Festival’ in London on 25th, May, 2015. The one hour and four minutes long film portrays the life and struggle of Chakma society. 10 Chakma persons including a woman were the debutant actors in this legendary movie.

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