Rukhsana Begum, a Bangladeshi origin British became kick boxing, Muay Thai and IFMA World champion

Ruqsana Begum (Bengali: রুকসানা বেগম) is the Bangladeshi origin British who is not only for Britain’s but also one of the world’s most successful athletes. She retained the honor of remaining champion in British kick boxing and Muay Thai champion for consecutive years. However, Muay Thai and kick boxing is a sport with high physical labor.

Rukhsana is the daughter of Minara Begum and Awlad Ali who is from Sylhet, district of Bangladesh. She brought up in East London. Rukhsana got the opportunity to learn Muay Thai, a Thai traditional, from a former world champion, renowned coach Bill Judd in a gym of Bethnal Green area of London.

The first success of Rukhsana came in 2009 when she won a bronze medal at the World Amateur Kick boxing Championship in Bangkok, Thailand as a member of Britain’s national team. In 2010, in her first final, Ruqsana won the British Muay Thai Atomweight Kick boxing Championship Professional title from the Duel at the Dome contest in Doncaster. In 2011, Ruqsana won a gold medal at the European Club Cup Amateur Muay Thai Championship in Latvia. In 2012, Ruqsana was nominated as British Muay Thai Team Captain and won bronze at the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) World Championships in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

In March 2012, Ruqsana got the chance to meet Queen Elizabeth II at Walthamstow Town Hall, during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee tour of the UK. She was selected to be an Olympic torchbearer in recognition of her sporting achievements and community work. In 2012, she carried the Olympic Torch in Greenwich, London. One of her famous words from Ruqsana is that ‘This is not a big thing how many times you fell down, but this is true how many times you have stood up.’

Awards and recognition:
• 2012- Ruqsana was shortlisted for the Muslim Women’s in Sport Foundation Ambassador Awards for the United Kingdom Sportswoman of the Year award held at Wembley Stadium.
• 2012- Ruqsana was named in the British Bangladeshi Power 100 for her work in education, culture and sports. In February 2012, she won a special achievement award at the Canary Wharf Sports Awards.
• 2013- Ruqsana was awarded Sports Personality of the Year at the Asian Achievers Awards.

Championships and accomplishments:
• 2009 – World Amateur Kickboxing Championships Bronze[46]
• 2010 – British Atomweight Muay Thai Champion
• 2011 – European Club Cup Amateur Muay Thai Championship Gold
• 2012 – IFMA World Championships

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