The Shadhinota Ishtombho alias the independent monument

The Shadhinota Ishtombho alias the independent monument (Bengali:স্বাধীনতা স্তম্ভ)
 Historical grounds of Suhrawardy Udyan, Shahabagh, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Brief History:
The Shadhinota Ishtombho (or Swadhinata Stambha) alias the independent monument (Bengali: স্বাধীনতা স্তম্ভbuilt with a tower of light made of stacked glass sheets surrounded by artificial water body in three of its side built in Suhrawardy Udyan (Bengali: সোহরাওয়ার্দী উদ্যান) is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. This tower is built on the top of steel structure. The height of this tower is 150 feet and the width of this tower is 16 feet in two sides. Crystal glasses are placed on the above of this structure.

The tower is placed in the center of 67 acres-wide Suhrawardy Udyan. The glass tower was built on the place where the commander-in-chief of East Pakistan Army Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi signed the papers of his surrender in 1971.The total cost of this project is Tk. 175 crore or Tk. 17.5 million. A paved floor (Bengali: পাকা চাতাল বা প্লাজা) with 5669 square meter was also built in front of the tower. The rays of the light built in the glass tower is thrown 5 KMs above the tower. The tower looks elegant as the rays of light come out from every single inches of the tower during the night time. The whole tower turns into a white pillar.

An underground museum (Bengali: স্বাধীনতা জাদুঘর) was also built under this tower. A 155 seated auditorium is built top of the museum.The museum includes a mural works, multi-media projection theater, amphitheater, a number of walk ways, marble floors, a water body and other ancillary facilities.The underground museum of the project comprises a total of 144 photographs with historical values. A large photograph of the historical March 7 speech of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and and another large photograph of the surrender of the commander-in-chief of East Pakistan Army Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi is another attraction of the underground museum. Some terracotta murals on war-heroes and the events of the Liberation War, a 2000-seat auditorium, and an open-air theater was also enriched the museum. There is a waterfall in the center of the underground museum which is also attraction of this museum.

The Sikha Chironton alias the Eternal Flame (Bengali: শিখা চিরন্তনী) stands near this tower. A Wall painting was also made based on the history of liberation war.

This tower is built with the cost of Tk. 138 core or TK 13.8 million. The chief architect of Arbana, Kashef Mahboob Chowdhury and Marina Tabassum had contributed the drawing which came through a nation-wide competition. Based on this design, the construction was started back in 1999. The Manager of this project was Md Shahbuddin. This was inaugurated on 26th March, 2015.

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