Sara hossain, A Bangladeshi girl, received Minister Award by the New South Wells Government’s Department of Education and Training of Australia

A Bangladeshi girl, Sara hossain had received “Minister Award” by the New South Wells Government’s Department of Education and Training of Australia on 30th September 2013 at the Clancy Auditorium of University of NSW. Sara hossain, student of aping west public school of Sydney, is the first Bengali speaking person who received this prestigious award for etymological knowledge on Bengali language. The award is given for the students who excelled at their language and cultural studies at a Community Language School. Despite the Bengali people are residing in Australia for more than 50 years, this is Sara hossain, who received this prestigious award for first time in the history. This is the most prestigious award for learning language in Australia.

Sara had learned writing, reading, speaking and extra-curricular activities in a Bengali school, Bangla academy Australia for last seven years. Apart from this, another three Bengali students studying in different branches Bangla academy, Australia, received commendable and highly commendable award.  They are Sotabdi rashed of Bolkam hills high school of black town branch of Bangla academy, A S M Shahriar Ifti of Waili Pak public school of Lakemba branch of Bangla academy for Commendable award. Apart from these two, another student, Asa hossain, of Horonsbi girl’s high school, aping branch of Bangla academy had received highly commendable award.

The ministry of education of new south wells of Australia awards “Minister Award” to 10 students who had progressed from all corners in language learning from all over North South Wells. The education minister delivers the award. Sara was included in the list of top 10 for this year by competing among 30000 students of 60 different languages speaking community. The other languages of the competition were Armenian, Singolees, Tamil, Portuguese, China, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, and Polish along with Bengali.

Learn more on Bangla Academy Australia and Sara Hossain on the following link
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