Montu Miyar Bagan bari-Hotel inside

This is a bit surprising that a resort is not well known by its official name, Mozaffar Garden & Resort, rather it is well known and popular with different name, Montu Miyar Bagan bari(মন্টু মিয়ার বাগান বাড়ি)), that may read as The resort of Montu Miyan.  This time our camera follows over the resort of Montu miyan. This is located at Kharibil of Satkhira district under Khulna division of Bangladesh.

Photo Courtesy:
Thanks for the assistance: Helal, Meherpur and Monoj Das, Khulna
The photos were taken during the period of 14th, 15th and 16th December, 2012

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The resort of Montu Miyan (Montu miyar bagan bari alias Mozaffar Garden & Resort, Satkhira, a unique place can’t be ignored….
Montu Miyar Bagan bari-Natural beauty Inside
Montu Miyar Bagan bari-Statue inside
Montu Miyar Bagan bari-Architecture
Montu Miyar Bagan bari-Mosque
Montu Miyar Bagan bari-Lighting
Montu Miyar Bagan bari-Road inside
Montu Miyar Bagan bari-Marsh-Pond
Montu Miyar Bagan bari-Tree Inside
Montu Miyar Bagan bari-signboard
Montu MiyarBagan bari-Toward Resort
Montu Miyar Bagan bari in photographs-Zoo
Montu Miyar Bagan bari in photographs

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