On the bank of Gorai, Kustia Series-1

Some pictures can speak more than the text. This year we will bring such photos to satisfy the thirst of the visitors.
Here is the effort to draw such activities.
A hearty thanks to the photo contributor.

Photo Courtesy: mahfujalam.wordpress.com
***The picture was taken from the bank of Gorai near Kumarkhali, Kushtia.

The Gorai River series-1

Gorai is a name of renowned river flowed through Kushtia. Gorai was the part of civilization and will remain in the future. Despite most of the river of Bangladesh is threatened by the water blockade by neighboring countries especially India, the nature is still blessing to keep its flow during the monsoon. The civilization made over the century is under threat due to man made crisis like water blockade, barrage, pollution etc. Probably the day is not so far when Gorai may become a history of remembrance. The series over the Gorai River gives the real taste of present flow to the nature lover. And our effort finds its true value if this pictures serve this purpose to the nature lover.

Facts of Gorai River: Facts of the Gorai river may be accessed from the following link-

On the bank of Gorai, Kushtia Series-1

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On the bank of Gorai, Kustia Series
On the bank of Gorai, Kustia Series-1

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On the bank of Gorai, Kustia Series-3

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