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Ramjan ali, a driver of Chuadanga delux, made history second before his death by giving the taste of new life to 40 passengers

If the memory does not betray, we can recall the much talked accident of Tarek and Mishuk in few months earlier. Tarek was a rising talented film director of different world rather than so called commercial one who acclaimed and recognized internationally. And Mishuk was a very familiar face in the arena of Journalism in Bangladesh. No doubt, Bangladesh had lost two potential futures of different trends with a mistake of a driver. In that occasion, the killer vehicle was a bus running under the name of Chuadanga delux. The incident was happened in savar, near Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. And the driver of the killer vehicle was Jomir, a residence of Chuadanga, some 200 km away from Dhaka. This was the incident that we wanted to forget and this was the past that we don’t want to see in future. But the following example is an incident we want to see again and again in such circumstances.

“Ramjan Ali (Bengali: রমজান আলী)*** (55), a driver of a bus of Chuadanga delux, sacrifices his life in an attempt of saving 40 passengers. Despite Ramjan Ali experiences heart attack in a running vehicle in an area called Suti para in the Chuadanga-Dhaka high way in between Kalampur-Dhamrai in the early morning of Saturday (14 July 2012), he had taken the speed into own control and fallen into death. The bus was in a speed of 80 km per hour. Despite the victim of heart attack, he tried with all of his effort to control the speed, succeeded, and died.

The bus was started at 9.30 pm from chuadanga to Dhaka. The doulotdiar-paturia ghat (wharf) was full of traffic jam. So they had to wait for long in queue to get ferry to cross Padma River. This took dawn to cross the whart. Ramjan Ali faced heart attack at around 3 AM. He was rolled down to his seat with spasm with little speed. But he had taken the vehicle under his control enough to be safe with die-heart effort. This is surprising but true that he had driven the bus between two large trees to puddle with utmost skill just second before his death by giving the taste of new life to 40 passengers.

***Ramjan Ali was the father of 5 daughters. He had been driving for 35 years. He was the founding couch driver of chuadanga delux. He had faced heart attack 3 years back. A ring was put in his bosom. He had to take Nitroglicerin inhaler that he kept with him all the time. But he forgot to take the inhaler in his last trip from house. And he was unable to buy this in the road due to long jam in the wharf. He was buried at DokkhinKhan graveyard of Doulotdiar at 10 PM in 14th July 2012.

Ramjan Ali_ChuadangaDelux_Driver

Ramjan Ali_ChuadangaDelux_Driver

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