The Milking Series

Some pictures can speak more than the text. This year we will bring such photos to satisfy the thirst of the visitors.
Here is the effort to draw such activities.
A hearty thanks to the photo contributor.

Photo Courtesy: Moriom Shely, Journalist, Daily Jaijaidin, Boisakhi TV

The Milking Series
This is the common scene of milking of cow (Bengali: দুধ দোহন) all over Bangladesh. The real source of milk is the cow. The local demand of milk fulfill from the supply of cow milk. This is noteworthy that a major part of the demand of Bangladesh is basically depend on the imported milk from China, Australia etc. In the year, Bangladesh faced a crisis of Milk as there were allegation of melamine contamination of Milk in China.

At that time, The need of self-sufficiency in milk sector became a fundamental question in Bangladesh. There were a rush of avoiding powder milk mostly imported from china, Australia. The famous  and well-known brand of Bangladeshi market in powder milk sector experienced a downfall in their business. Mostly this is not fully recovered yet.

Some Bangladeshi brand like Arong, Fresh, Pran etc doing a major contribution to the economy. As most of their collected milk is from the dairy farm of different parts of Bangladesh.

A day is not probably far away when The days of importing powder milk will not last at all.

Though The photographs are taken in the rural villages of Chuadanga, We can mark the cow rearing is a noble profession from the perspective of the contribution to the economy, health sector of the country.

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