First Bangladeshi actor in Hollywood

For the first time of its history, A Bengali and Bangladeshi born actor, Golam Sarwar Haroon (Bengali: গোলাম সারওয়ার হারুন), is going to act in the film of Hollywood, titled as The Reluctant, directed by Meera Nair.  He will be acted as an important role of mad type person featuring of the noble of Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid written in the background of Lahore, Pakistan. He was acclaimed by the acting in South Asian Theater in the area of Bangladesh community drama in New York before acting in this international level film. This actor had been acting with reputation in the area of drama in Bangladesh too before leaving for America in 1995. He was acclaimed by his acting in the Bangladeshi movie JanataR Sotru, Ajker Protibad, Shilpi and TV serial SongSoptok, Kothau Keoy Nei, Kono Ek Kulsum and in the famous satire Gitthu by Molier. This is noteworthy that Shaheed kapoor, prominent actor cum Hero of Bollywood will be acting in the main role of this film-The reluctant.

First Bangladeshi actor in Hollywood

First Bangladeshi actor in Hollywood

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  1. Sorry to break your heart but YOU ARE WRONG!!!! This Golam Sarwar is NOT the first Bangladeshi to act in Hollywood movie. I can’t remember his name at the moment, but watch “DANGEROUS MINDS” (Michelle Pfeiffer) released 1995. This Bangladeshi actor, whose role was a “student” also had a dialogue in Bengali. This same actor also played a role in Married with Children- (a TV sitcom) as Bud Bundy’s friend.

    So, please gather your info first before you print it.



  2. yea….the first bangladeshi actor in hollywood was Mr. Ibrahim Rahman ( The Big B) in the movie DANGEROUS MIND


  3. hollywood movie blogs in bangladesh


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