Barrister Akhlakh, first Bangladeshi criminal judge in Britain

Barrister Akhlakh (Bengali: ব্যারিস্টার আখলাক) has been appointed as the judge of criminal court of England and Wells. This is the first ever Bangladeshi born lawyer who got appointment in criminal court as a judge. Before this, some Bangladeshi born lawyers got appointment as an immigration and family court judge.
Barrister Akhlakh is a specialist lawyer in employment, business protection, public and information law, and criminal law.
He had worked as the defense lawyer in favor of the Heringe council for the case of Baby Pee, a highlighted case throughout Britain. He is the Chambers and partners and got the recommendation as a regular specialist lawyer in Legal 500.
He enjoys the popularity as the specialist by working in various cases in Employment law regulatory act, city institution, various offices of local government, trade union, police authority. He had worked in various multi million pound cases in favor of employees and employers. At present, He has been working in the cases related to disability, race, sex, and religion discrimination. His father, Azizur rahman, is one the founder of First Masjid dawatul islam, Scotland. He is acting as the founding chairman of Glasco Bangladeshi association.

Barrister Akhlak

Barrister Akhlak

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